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  1. C

    Broken Graphics Card or Motherboard wont boot with card plugged in either PCI slot

    I Have a GTX 780HOF graphics card and one day it just crapped out while playing FO4. I initially thought it was the motherboard but the system works fine while running on integrated graphics. My PC wont boot with the graphics card plugged in to either PCI slot. I am worried if I plug a friends...
  2. Alec Lockhart

    Netgear N600 WNDR3400 Low Performance

    Hello everyone! I am having some trouble with my router and its less than optimal performance. I have a Netgear N600 WNDR3400 router that has a theoretical maximum speed of 300 Mbps over a 2.4Ghz network. I am not getting this performance... For wireless adapter, I have a Linksys AE3000...
  3. R

    Mdr z7 question

    I have a question and I don't know if it's a dumb question or not, ok so I have a pair of headphones (Sony mdr-z7) and I was listening to bass boosted music at a very decent volume. With the headphones on I hear zero distortion at all like it's clear as hell and there litterally shaking my head...
  4. N

    Need help!!! Windowed Full Screen vs Full Screen on a R9 380x

    I just purchased a new xfx r9 380x graphic card to replace a nvidia 460gtx. I uninstalled all nvidia drivers install the new card and installed all drivers. Reboot and start up a few games and for some reason they all run great in windowed full screen but when I switch to full screen not...
  5. G

    I cannot find my hidden folder from desktop

    Hello! I pressed right click on a folder from my desktop, then properties, then at Attributes I pressed Hidden, and it disappeared. Where is it? How can I find it now? I have windows 7. Help me please!
  6. R

    setting up outlook without logging in to the user's account

    Looking to achieve outlook setup without the user logging into the client
  7. D


    Hey guys, so I want to know which processor, hdd, ram and graphic card can I get for the cheapest rate. I will be getting it built from a computer shop near my home or maybe my uncle can do it. Anyway, I will be mostly using it as an entertainment center, watch movies, shows and all that stuff...
  8. N

    Case/CPU/Video Card Fans/LED's start up, no signal detected on monitor?

    BRIEF SPECS: CPU:FX-8320 MOBO:AsRock 970 Pro3 r2.0 VIDEO CARD:Sapphire 280x PSU:Cooler Master v650 Ok, just got my pc up and running, or so I thought. I am a first time builder, like the title says, everything turns on, but I dont get a signal on the monitor using a single link DVI-D Cable. I...
  9. C

    Can I add a GPU to this PC?

    Hi, Is it possible to add a MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G to my PC: Operating System Windows 8.1 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 8,00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard Acer Aspire XC-605 (LGA1150) Graphics SyncMaster (1680x1050@60Hz)...
  10. Q

    Touchpad not please

    Model number: 14-q029wm it's an Hp chromebook 14, my touchpad stopped working and I can't do anything.
  11. S

    My mobo and cpu can OC?

    CPU: Intel Pentium Processor G2030 Mobo: Asus H61M-E LGA 1155
  12. G

    ASRock Beebox Braswell-Based NUCs, A Silent PC For The Office

    ASRock jumped into the ever-growing NUC market with the Beebox series of NUCs, offering silent operation and updated features as a result of utilizing the latest Intel Atom Braswell SoCs. ASRock Beebox Braswell-Based NUCs, A Silent PC For The Office : Read more
  13. J

    Will a GA-78LMT-S2P Motherboard work with a AMD FX8350 Black Edition 8 Core Processor CPU?

    Will a GA-78LMT-S2P Motherboard work with a AMD FX8350 Black Edition 8 Core Processor? CPU - Motherboard -
  14. Vincent Rider

    Dual Moniter , only 1 side works ?

    Hi can i seek help here ! , i have a Acer P203W screennnn and a Philips 170s , AS a dual setup but my Acer works , but not the philips screen . when i replugin the HDMI from the gpu it show NO Video Input .... window never found it at all.. i did once reopen the GPU up .
  15. bauch1234

    Help finding an gpu upgrade

    Hey guys I built my computer about a year ago and I'm wanting to upgrade my gpu I have 500 to spend and I don't care if its used what would be the best gpu to pair with a and fx-6300 black edition and will fit in a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot
  16. Z

    Will this build work?

    Hi again. This is my final build for my first gaming PC. I just want to make sure everything will work with everything. I plan on playing Minecraft, DayZ, SMITE, LoL, and maybe some new releases such as FC4, or BFHardline. I will never run at "High" or "Ultra" settings. I assume I'll be on a...
  17. Y

    i wanna help please

    i have bought a new PC and it is the system core i3 3.30 ram 4GB AMD radeon 5450 2GB the problem is i want to make the best use of my PC in playing modern games because most of the modern game work slowly even NFS most wanted in the best graphic setting please reply
  18. R

    Need HDMI motherboard for dual_core 1.8ghz (e2160) with DDR2 Ram ?

    Need HDMI motherboard for dual_core 1.8ghz (e2160) with DDR2 Ram ? I know it's is awkward combination, but i need it . Any suggestion would be helpful.
  19. jagermain

    Will the GTX 960 card work in my Acer Predator G3620?

    I still have the stock GT 640 that the pc came with it has an I7 and 12gigs of ram but i need to upgrade the video card and i wanted the GTX 760 but I've read people had trouble with the card working properly so will the GTX 960 be ok?
  20. Prawn

    Advice From The Experts

    Hey guys my systems getting on a bit now but I was hoping a new Graphics card would breath a bit of new life into the old bird... Im just looking for some advice on whether or not I could get away with a new 970gtx with my current setup.. Cpu- Stock i7 920 (happy to overclock if need be) ram- 6...