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  1. K

    [SOLVED] Why does my TV cause input lag for my PC, but not my PS4?

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting here! Hopefully this is the right place to do it... I'm not totally sure. I tried asking reddit, but didn't get anywhere there. So, I've got my fingers crossed here! I've had my PC for a few years and have always enjoyed it, but wished I had the ability...
  2. T

    Question last vs 2nd gen 240HZ Tn panels and toms hardwares testing methodoligy

    First of all no hate for my name please tom is my actual name. I own a pg258q from asus which uses AU optronics first gen tn 240hz panel, my friend recently got the aorus kd25f which uses a 2nd gen panel. out of curiosity i ran a number of things with the window split across both screens...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] PC sudden performance drop, stalling, freezing etc.

    G'day everyone! First of all I want to say that your community is excellent, whenever I had an issue with my PC this forum was my first Go To. Big thanks to all of you in here. Unfortunately I have encountered an issue that I cannot solve and I am at my wits end. Hopefully you can help me once...
  4. M

    Question rust stuttering

    I am getting annoying stuttering in rust even with a pretty good rig, Ive tried literally every guide there is on youtube about rust stuttering etc, Nothing works, Ive got an gtx 1080 TI and a i7 7700k. I also get a bit of input lag and its really really annoying and just makes the game...
  5. shaikyahiya

    [SOLVED] Will a high refresh rate cause screen tearing too?

    My PC: Processor: Intel Core i3 6098p 3.6 Ghz RAM: 8GB DDR4 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Monitor: 19 inch, 60 Hz I want to upgrade my monitor to 24 inch, 144 Hz, 1ms. On my current monitor, I had noticed screen tearing in FIFA on which I was able to get 100 FPS. The tearing went away after I...
  6. H

    Discussion Vsync and freesync and screen tearing?

    Hello guys, i want a way to remove my screen tearing in games(r6). I tried vsync on game setting but it has input lag and i dont want it, so is there anyway to remove screen tearing? My monitor is 60hz and i dont know it can support FreeSync or not. I heard about amd FRTC but i heard it has a...
  7. Raerayu

    Question Need a PC Genius to Fix This Year Long Problem

    I've had input lag in my mouse for 8 months. On several different pc's with different mice and different keyboards. I used different monitors all at 144hz and tried a different house and still had the problem. I tried all versions of windows as well. Currently im running i7 9700k, RTX 2070, XPG...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] unexplainable input lag

    im getting input lag in all my games and i have no idea why. Ive spent hours looking up solutions and tried pretty much everything ive seen, still have no idea why. All my nvidia control panel settings are set to low and mouse precision is turned off in windows. Xbox game bar is also turned off...
  9. L

    Question Mouse Acting Strange, and Has Been Since I Built my Computer

    Whenever I play an FPS game, I will swipe my mouse and sometimes the mouse feels like it stops accepting input and resists my movements. It has done this since I built my PC about a year ago, but sometimes it is not as extreme, so games are playable at most times. But other times, I can't aim...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] HELP____ fps drops, stutters, input lag

    okay so ive got this big problem with my pc. ive talked to alot of people and nobody has come up with a solution. im runnin a i5 7400 4core 4 thread stock 3.0ghz turbo boost 3.5ghz , and a msi 1060 6gb oc version, h110m-dgs mobo, 8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram, 600w zalman psu and a toshiba 7200rpm 1tb...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Is there any difference in inputlag?

    Hi, Since my 7 year old pc finally died i decided to build a new one. Going with i7 9700k, a rtx 2060 and a msi z390 pro motherboard. My monitor is pretty old and only has a dvi port. Since the rtx cards only have hdmi/dp i would have to connect the display cable directly to the motherboard. I...
  12. Raerayu

    Question Mouse Sensitivity Halfed In Game

    All my games require my mouse to be double their normal sensitivity to be as fast as they used to. For example I was on around 3.95 on Overwatch but now it's unbearably slow, I had to go to 6 just to play the game. On CS:GO I used to play on 1 but now i have to go to 1.4 to be as fast as...
  13. V

    Question QueryPerformanceFrequency Stuck at 10Mhz

    I don't know why its stuck at 10 mhz but I want it lower. What should i do?
  14. Raerayu

    Question Mouse Input Lag Across Several PC's

    I've had input lag in my mouse for 8 months. On several different pc's with different mice and different keyboards. I used different monitors all at 144hz and tried a different house and still had the problem. I tried all versions of windows as well. Currently im running i7 9700k, RTX 2070...
  15. C

    Question Nvidia profile inspector Latency/Input lag

    Hello so basically im playing CS:GO professionally, and would like to achieve the lowest Input lag/latency possible, im using csgo ingame frame rate limiter set at FPS_MAX 300, but recently i heard that in Nvidia profile inspector, frame rate limiter mode changing from default to "Limiter force...
  16. R

    Question Startup issues [mouse lag, low CPU usage, long program startup period, I9-9900k]

    Greetings, I am experiencing new issues with this new i9 build. I9-9900k (stock speeds) Swiftech H360X3 AIO cooler ASRock Z390 Taichi G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 3000 (2x8gb) (XMP, stock speeds) Corsair k70 (iCue installed) ASUS ROG Gladius II (Armory installed) MSI GTX1080 (drivers updated several...
  17. L

    Question Headsets causing lag input in every game

    Hello everyone, I come to introduce you to something very strange that is happening to me, I hope some of you can help me in some way. I'm going to be brief ... For a few years I've got problem with general mouse delay in games, a strange delay in which it makes me look like I'm moving my mouse...
  18. R

    Question running game with GPU+ integrated gpu

    So i recently heard that running integrated gpu with gpu together and installing latest integrated gpu drivers makes cs:go run smoother with more fps, etc... I`ve got i5 8400, and gtx 960 i would like to ask if i should enable my integrated gpu in bios and will i get better results? As this...
  19. Raerayu

    Question Performance Issues/Lag Before and After New PC

    Had input lag for months, put down 2000 dollars for a new pc and I am getting the same input lag back. It is the most noticable in CS and is very inconsistent. It will be completely gone, or impossible to play on. I have an i7 9700k and RTX 2070 with 800w of power and 16gb of ram. Could it be my...
  20. R

    Question Monitor "response time"

    Hello people, need help with adjusting my new LG 24GM79G-B. It has option called "response time" it goes from Fast/normal/slow to OFF. I`m mainly Cs:GO player- Professional, need option witch will give least input lag/ least MS :) Thanks!!! :)