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  1. EzTec

    Changing resolution from 1440p to 1080p possible for gaming?

    Hey everyone so I was just was just wondering what type of benefits or maybe what would be wrong with doing this? Thinking between a mid-range card the Rx 480 or the GTX FE 1070 which is double the price I am just trying to determine if I bring my resolution down how would that affect my...
  2. D

    How to recover or make a (dead) HDD bootable so that I can recover my data?

    Guys can you help getting my HDD on track....From my previous PC I had 2 dead HDDs (since they weren't bootable and also wasn't visibe in BIOS). Later I tried to boot those two HDDs on Linux and one of the HDDs worked (or atleast I got to recover my data but it's still unbootable for Windows)...
  3. U

    PC won't start unless I take out a memory stick and put it in again.

    I get put in a boot loop with no post unless I take out one of my two memory sticks, start the PC, put it back in, and start. I have no clue why this is happening. MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 3 RAM: G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL 8GB (2 x 4GB)
  4. G

    Where can I get the cheapest R9 390X

    Does anyone know somewhere I can get a new r9 390x for £250?
  5. balamindin

    Question regarding dual-monitor set up

    Hi Guys, Girls, I'm thinking of getting a G Sync monitor. Nothing too fancy, just a 1080p 24" 144Hz (or 120Hz) G Sync...since they're not too expensive. My current monitor is the same size and an ordinary one at that but I'm planning to keep it since a dual-monitor set up will help me loads...
  6. gumbob3

    Can you get Minecraft on Ubuntu, or just Windows and Mac? (PC Build Included)

    Question is in the title. Thinking about building a Minecraft gaming rig for my friend. I can get 30-80fps on Minecraft with a 2.2GHz AMD Athlon 64 3500+, so I know it doesn't take a very powerful PC. The build is not very refined yet. Just threw it together two minutes ago. I'm wondering if you...
  7. E

    Amd Fx 6300 cpu problem with windows 10

    I've got a custom built computer and I can't seem to run windows 10 64 bit home with my processor overclocked to a point. I'm currently running at 4.1ghz (runs at full usage at around 140F) on all 6 cores with out issues at i think 1.38v. At 4.3ghz (1.38v) the computer bluescreens after long...
  8. T

    Quick question from a noob

    Why is there such a viewing difference between a 15.6" & 17" laptop screen? (Desktop icons & content on a web browser are much smaller on the bigger laptop than the smaller one.)
  9. F

    1st build, any advise?

    PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($259.57 @ OutletPC) CPU Cooler: CRYORIG H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler ($34.50 @ Newegg) Motherboard: Asus Z170-A...
  10. L

    Should I upgrade mobo and cpu, or just gpu?

    Hi all, I'm wanting to upgrade my rig so that I can play Fallout 4 as sexy as possible, and also run Skyrim with Realvision ENB and a ton of other mods including 2k textures etc... My current build is: CPU: FX 6300 - 3.5 STOCK NOT OC MOBO; 78MLT USB 3 GPU: R9 280 (NON X) RAM: 8 GB 1600MHZ I...
  11. T

    wifi not detecting

    Plz can anyone help i have 2 laptops one is way too old and one i just bought recently i download things a lot in my room the old laptop was giving nice speed but the new one connects for like a very very low range if i try to go into my room it would disconnect and will not show any available...
  12. 2


    Given OKI OL400w Printer but cant download driver anybody can advise Please
  13. M

    How much Maximum Memory should be in the boot advanced options of msconfig

    Hello, I put the max memory down to 2048kb to play Vampire The Masquerade but forget what to set it back to. I have 16gb Vengence and tried to put 16084 but it keeps bumping to zero. I know the available memory is less than that but what should i set it to? Thank you
  14. G

    Windows Product Key

    So I think I have a bit of a problem, My hdd failed and I'm sending it back to western digital, so this means my copy of windows is gone with it. I've read that I can reinstall it on the same PC as many times as you want, but I'll obviously installing it onto a different drive, in fact I...
  15. B

    can someone unsolve my best solution pse thanks in advance
  16. bamitscon

    Monitor Signal Help!

    Today I turned my computer on, and after a while my 2 monitors went black, and said "no signal detected" and they both didn't turn back on, my computer is still on at this time, so I have to hold the power button on the PC to reboot the computer, I turned it back on and like 9 hours later it did...
  17. J

    Asus Rampage v Extreme can you use the M.2 if you 3-Way SLI it?

    And anything I should know before getting one?
  18. S

    Help me understand these OCCT results

    Hi, I've been getting restarts which seem to be more frequent when the CPU is stressed. No BSOD (and I have the auto restart option disabled) Ran OCCT CPU test and it always restarts withing a couple of minutes, sometimes seconds.No memory.dmp, no BSOD. Screen goes black, 2 seconds, it...
  19. B

    CMD BCDedit Error - "The system cannot find the file specified". Please help!

    I'm currently having an issue with CS:GO where I'd recieve an error related to an issue with my system. According to Valve, this can be fixed by; enabling DEP, enabling kernal integrity and disabling kernal debugging. However, all of these actions requires the use of the bcdedit function in the...
  20. D

    Help me choose a motherboard.

    I'm building a gaming PC next week and I'm kinda hesitated about which motherboard should I get, I'm building my PC around a red and black theme, my local store doesn't have a wide range of motherboards, so my options are the ASUS Z97-Pro Gamer, and the ASUS Maximus VII Ranger, they're 189$ and...
  21. G

    Bluewhale Technologies Developing 'Fusion' Ergonomic Mobile Gamepad With Power To Spare

    Bluewhale Technologies recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the company's upcoming gamepad, Fusion, which is being developed for mobile gaming. Versions for Apple and Samsung phones and tablets will be available. Bluewhale Technologies Developing 'Fusion' Ergonomic Mobile Gamepad With...
  22. K

    New User Looking to build new PC $400-$600

    Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next week and a half. (June 12-June 23, 2015) Budget Range: $400-$600 (After rebates, Before Shipping if possible) *Can go over by about 50 dollars but I would prefer the stated range* System Usage: Both for Gaming and for College (Research) Buying...
  23. M

    Looking to upgrade GPU for Witcher 3, high settings 60fps

    Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my gaming rig within a few months to run something like the Witcher 3 on high settings, 60 fps. From my research I should only need to upgrade my GPU. Looking at the manual for my MoBo, it only supports PCIe 2.0 but looking at other threads this is fine. I’m looking at...
  24. T

    Free- whats the catch?

    This cant be completely free, and it even cant .. more ... cant-ier to be free for pirated peseants like me.
  25. S

    hp motherboard compatibility

    hello, i just wanted to ask if the coolermaster hyper 212 evo is compatible with my motherboard hp2af7 and won't hit to ram. i'm ok with my case and the only obstacle is the motherboard. thanks in advance.
  26. X

    Can Beats Pill by dr. dre record audio?

    I am looking to buy a headphone with a built in microphone at first. while i was browsing for a suitable headphone i noticed a recommended product. it was beats pill by dr. dre. it seriously got my attention because there was a pretty good discount on it. i noticed it has got a built in...
  27. P

    4K Monitor or Free sync? Help Please!

    Hi Guys So I would like to buy a new monitor for my pc setup and not too sure about what to as my current monitor isnt that great and I would like an upgrade. This is my current monitor Dell Studio S2240L 22" IPS Widescreen LED Monitor and these are my pc specs. Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X OC...
  28. K

    mx reds or mx brown for gaming and school

    hello! I have always used membrane keyboards, but now i i'm thinking of buying a mechanical. i have found out that reds and browns most likely will suit me, but i cant choose between these. i have gone to stores, but i have only found the blackwidow 2014 displayed. i will use the keyboard for...
  29. opio

    Question about SLI and COD:AW

    I have two GTX 760's in SLI but when I'm changing video settings in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare it just says just one GTX 760 under video adaptor and 1956 MB under dedicated video memory when it should say 3904 MB since I have two cards. Anybody know how I can get the game to recognize both?
  30. Z

    How does ram affect my gaming?

    IF i have low ram, like 2gb of ram. what will that do? what is the difference between having 2gb of ram and 8gb? etc
  31. J

    RAM Operating voltage exceeds recommended of 1.5v

    Im aware that there are many questions similar to the one I'm asking. Much of them look like this: The G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-2400 Memory operating voltage of 1.65V exceeds the Intel Haswell Refresh CPU recommended maximum of 1.5V+5% (1.575V). This memory module may run at...
  32. V

    Which ram memory kit should I buy ?

    Hi guys, Im new here and I have considered buying 8gb more ram. The problem is that I already got a 4gb stick (1600 mhz, cl9 and 1 65 v). I have to choose between 2 kits of 2x4gb ram with the same specifications but one difference : one is having 1.5 v and the other one 1,65 v . So is it better...
  33. G

    Deciding on budget monitor

    Hey guys, shopping for monitors currently. Newegg is having a great sale on some nice ASUS monitors but I was wondering if you guys had any feedback or recommendations for monitors to consider. Here are some I'm looking at currently...
  34. G

    What should I Upgrade My GPU to?

    My Specs are - HDD - 500Gb Hitatchi Monitor - 1440x900 Ram - 8Gb DDr3 1600 Mhz (1 stick) GPU - Powercolor AMD Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition CPU - AMD FX 6300 Black Edition (Clock Speed) (Stock Fan) PSU - 650watts I will have £70 in a few days and am selling my GPU for £60 so i will have about...
  35. M

    Do I need a soundcard?

    I currently have an MSI Z87 GD65 motherboard which I really like, but I just bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x's and wanted to know if the on board audio was enough or if I need to splash out for a decent sound card? Specs for MOBO...
  36. G

    Desktop SSD install

    I bought a SSD for my desktop that has a 1TB Hard drive. The computer is only 2 years old and a iBUYPOWER machine. I am adding the SSD for my applications and data. My question, I have the larger extra SATA cable & plug but I don't have an extra small cable & plug for the SATA that plugs into...
  37. T

    Cant boot ASUS laptop from usb

    Hello, I have tried to find a way to boot my Asus model x551ma laptop from my usb so that i CAN RUN NIRESH but still no luck.I installed rukus and that finally enabled the laptop to recognize the usb but not the boot category.
  38. F

    PSU is dying :( I need suggestions!

    So my PSU started pumping out some really nasty smelling burning stench today. Poor guy made it 7 years with me. Now I need some suggestions for wattage and model for a new one. CPU: i5-4770k (not much overclocking, but the potential to would be nice) GPU: GTX 780 ti I've read that 500 is...
  39. G

    Can't change settings in Catalyst

    Hi, I've recently bought a new desktop and Asus monitor, which is plugged in with hdmi cables, and now I'm having issues with black bars on all sides of the screen. I've tried to set underscan to 0% in CCC but I can't move the bar around with the box ticked in. Any help?
  40. M

    Archeage Power Build

    I want to build a system that will crush Archeage when it comes out and be good for the next 3-5 years. Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: End of September/Early October Budget Range: $800-$1000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Only building for gaming, I don't really do much else...