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  1. X

    [SOLVED] Keyboard Spam clicking keys instead of holding

    I find myself a not that competetive video game player but this problem has been with me for 2 months now I cant find any way to fix this problem when playing a video game and i try holding a key like W to move forward it just spams W like if i was typing but when i click a different key while...
  2. X

    [SOLVED] USB keyboard not starting when PC does.

    Hello, I have a USB Corsair k70 RGB rapid fire keyboard that I've had for awhile. Recently the keyboard has started not fully turning on with the rest of my PC when I boot it up. My mouse and monitor both work, and the keyboard is receiving power because the number lock light lights up when the...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Urgent --- Problems with Red Dragon Keyboard

    So pretty much a couple weeks ago, my E button began to cut out sometimes, out of 10 times i pressed it, it would only activate 6 times. But for the past 2 days, my W key has began to act up. I would be sprinting in minecraft using w and would hold the key down, but it cuts out and comes back...
  4. D

    Question Keyboard Problem

    I have a working keyboard and it lights up when I turn on the device But when the device is running, I cannot write
  5. H

    Question External Keyboard malfunctioning when computer gets hot

    Hi! My keyboard is malfunctioning when my computer gets a little heated. USB ports feels a little bit warm and then my keyboard feels like disconnect itself. i have no clue what the problem is, i rather not buy a new keyboard. Never happened to any of my other keyboards so it must be some sort...
  6. O

    Question Computer Case Recomendations

    I currently have a corsair 460x rgb compact with a custom loop inside with the following command center pro 2 RGB controllers (for the RGB strips and SP120 fans) 1 lighting node pro (for the 3 ll120 fans) 2SSD's 1hdd (ALL STUFFED BEHIND THE BACK PANEL) Front of case 360mm slim rad 3 sp fans...
  7. G

    Question how can i connect 3 fans to a PC with only one fan header?

    any help, i'm confused by all the information I've been given.
  8. adooley8

    Question Funny 2700x behaviour

    I’ve had my Ryzen 7 2700x almost a year now and it’s always performed like a champ but lately I’ve noticed some weird behaviours and was looking for a second opinion. So around Christmas I replaced the thermal paste between my CPU and the H100i v2 I have cooling it and since I’ve done so the...
  9. Z

    Question Should I buy vega 7 or 2080?

    I play at 240hz and I'm either getting the vega 7 or 2080. I'll be keeping the card for around 3 years before upgrading. vega 7=£650 2080=£750
  10. P

    Question XFX RX580 GTS Black Edition gets very hot

    I recently bought a XFX RX580 GTS Black Edition and i undervolted it on the vcore and memory but it still hits 89°C when playing something very graphicly taxing like Apex Legends. Before i bought this 580 model i googled alot and looked up many benchmarks and everyone of them where like in the...
  11. C

    Question Motherboard incompatibility with case wires?

    Currently building a pc. I am using a Gigabyte Z390UD motherboard. My case is a NZXT h500. My question is: My wires for my front panel and HD audio for the front of the case audio and usb, do not fit onto the motherboard. What I mean by this is it doesn't connect or align to my HD audio...
  12. DeathByRads

    [SOLVED] PC won't boot, hanging at postcode 72 (PCH devices initialization)

    I have been recently running into issues with my computer, mainly regarding the boot process. I think this may have started when I downloaded drivers for my motherboard, since I had not done that even when I had initially put it all together. One issue that has been consistently happening is...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] Do I need to buy a new win7 disk

    Hello, I am changing the hard drive on a Dell Inspiron 3000 that has windows 7 on it. When I change it I know I have to load windows again but can I use the original disk and product key
  14. P

    Help help help

    I want to install jdk for my pc.. Every time I try to open it won't open.. I have Windows xp
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Any possible improvements?

    I've been doing research and put this build together and i like the price range for the power, i also like that i can possibly upgrade to the 3000 ryzen series once that comes out. But i need to check before i start ordering parts to see if i can make any more improvements...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Questions About Monitors and Refresh Rates! Best deals/cheapest high hz 1440p for?

    Hi I have a couple questions. First off, is it possible to get a monitor that will do 1440p at high refresh rate (120,144hz etc) and also can do 4k at 60hz? And second can you recommend the best deal for a 1440p high refrsh rate monitor for the best price. Thanks And last is it worth...
  17. J

    Rate my improvements please

    I am running a very old cpu and I am looking to upgrade for 1080p gaming. I would like someone else's opinion. My budget is around 375. already have a 500w bronze psu and an rx480 but no ssd.
  18. A

    Vega 64 vs RTX 2070

    Interested in upgrading, want either vega 64 or 2070. I can get a 2070 for about $830 AUD and i can get a vega 64 for $700. What's the better card? Interested at mainly 1440p.
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Power Supply for new pc

    Greetings, Today i want to buy new pc setup but i dont know which power good for this pc i dont know how many Wat required for these hardwares. here is specifications of my new pc: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB Asus Rog Strix HDD:Western Digital WD10SPZX Internal Hard Drive 1TB SSD:Western Digital...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] My 1st Build - Viewer Discretion Advised

    What I will be using it for: I'd like to be able to combine my desktop needs with my everyday movie watching, Netflix and Amazon streaming needs. I would like to do so in 4K without losing any quality in speed or resolution whether I'm playing high quality games (like Witcher 3 and COD Advanced...
  21. B

    Processor compatibility. Dh57jg

    I picked up an lga 1156 mini itx board for cheap and was wondering if i can put a xeon in it like an x3470 or somthing like that as they are $30 vis the $100 for an i7. The website doesn't say xeons. And cpu upgrade says the chipset is only compatible with mobile processors.
  22. 1

    Question Minecraft freezes if I switch from Integrated graphics to Nvidia Card

    So I bought a windows 10 laptop from dell for gaming on the go and for awhile I could play minecraft with the Integrated graphics and the Nvidia gtx 1050. But now it does not work with the 1050. When it loads the main menu it comply locks up but the audio is still playing. When I launch...
  23. S

    Acer aspire HDMI to Phillips 170B moniter dvi issue

    Hey, My Acer Aspire laptop has a stuffed screen so I bought a HDMI to dvi cable to plug into my Phillips 170B monitor. The laptop recognized the screen right away. The issue though is I can only see the display sent to the monitor from the laptop for a split second but then it goes dark. When...
  24. Zombie21

    Why does a normal M.2 Boot quicker than an NVMe M.2 SSD?

    So recently I purchased a new HP Omen Laptop which has a 128GB Toshiba M.2 SSD, 8GB of RAM and an i5 8300H. With no startup processes this laptop boots to windows in around 4 Seconds. My main desktop however has a 256GB Samsung 960 Evo M.2 NVMe SSD 16GB of RAM and an i7 7700k. With no startup...
  25. Remur

    [SOLVED] Why does my 1080 Ti only run at 1480 MHz on League of Legends?

    I have a 1080 Ti, overclocked to 2025MHz, but it seems like whenever I'm playing League it's only running at 1480. What could be the reasoning behind this? Also, I have this strange issue I have yet to figure out: I bought a new PC a few days ago. I have it set so after 30 minutes, my monitors...
  26. A

    Will the RAM work? Will I be able to mix it?

    Hi. I have a HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF and I just bought this RAM: Would it work with my PC? Is it compatible? I'm scared because I heard people...
  27. T

    wich is the better option for this mobo

    hello guys! the thing is im planning to upgrade to an i7 8700k -ASrock z370 extreme ( maybe z390 if this motherboard went out stock) and im very confusing about wich RAM fit better with it , i had 3 options ( maybe more if somebody can tell me): Corsair Vengaence pro 16gb 3200mhz ddr4 Gskill...
  28. D

    Choosing the right one

    Which one is the best 1. Ryzen 5 1600 2. Ryzen 5 2400g I will be using 1060 with this cpu but I will have to wait for few months or maybe a year but no worries....till then I’ll use GT 210
  29. E

    Recently soldered replacement 3.5mm jack to speakers and now static noise coming out of them

    Hello Yesterday I replaced a broken 3.5mm jack on my 2.1 speakers and thought it was working well however when I plugged my headphones into the speakers I could hear a very loud static noise. I can hear audio coming out of them and I can barely hear the static noise when the audio is coming out...
  30. A

    Computer crashing when starting up games.

    Computer crashing when starting up games. Recently my computer has been crashing after trying to load up games like Arma 3, Total War Shogun, Rainbow Six Siege and etc but playing games like minecraft or the older total wars seemed to be fine. Just 3 days ago it was working fine. Specs...
  31. G

    some of the pictures on my SD card are viewable only on my camera

    older pics on my SD card (up to 11/2016) are viewable on my camera and can be viewed and copied to my computers... but my more recent pics (from 12/2016) are viewable only on my camera. I've tried my laptop and my desktop and neither one can show the more recent pics...
  32. N

    Will going above 1.4v on a delided i7 7700k and Kraken x62 be too dangerous?

    i lost the silicone lottery and and i want to hit the 5ghz on my 7700k i think i should be able to achieve it at 1.4 to 1.435 im just a bit iffy about going above that 1.4 mark. my cpu is delidded with thermal grizzly conductonaut. i uses thermal grizzly kryonaut in between the ihs and aio...
  33. A

    Alienware 17 R3, will not power on, Ac adapter box light turns off when plugged in

    Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me with this rather annoying issue. One day when using my Alienware 17 R3 laptop, it randomly shutoff. I thought it could have overheated. The laptop would not turn back on and I noticed that the charger box light was off when plugged into my computer. I...
  34. G

    All microphone jacks suddenly stopped working

    All of the sudden, after un-muting myself to resume playing games with some friends, my microphone stopped working while I can still hear things just fine. I tried just about everything other than buying new parts. I tested both front and back microphone jacks (neither are working), tested my...
  35. D

    SSD to support hardware based full disk encryption via BitLocker?

    Hi everyone: I'm trying to build a new desktop PC and I'm wondering if you can suggest which SSD (and motherboard) do I need to purchase to have it support hardware based full disk encryption with Windows 10 via BitLocker? I'm currently settling on Intel Core i9-7900X Skylake-X 10-Core 3.3 GHz...
  36. P

    Xeon e3 1230 overclockable??

    Im running a b75m motherboard from gigabyte with a Xeon E3 1230v1, If i switch to z77, will the overclocking features work?
  37. C

    Help with Fractal Design Define R6 TG

    Please help, I just bought my Define R6 TG yesterday and today I'm so disappointed because one rivet on the back of the case is missing and I noticed that the rivet holes are not aligned. How can this pass Fractal Design's quality control? I know it's my mistake for not checking the back part...
  38. erifino10

    How to fix blinking and flickering with strange colors (even though the srivers were installed) in a new xfx rx 550 2gb?

    Im just gonna ask because i just bought a new gpu. My screen is making weird stuff. My pc is an old office pc specs: Intel xeon L5410 6gb ddr3 450watt psu Gtx 550 ti(my old gpu)
  39. B

    So many issues due to my HDD

    I purchased a prebuilt gaming computer back in 2014 and since the start of buying it I have been facing so many errors, over the years i have came more custom to computers so I know my around most things but up until recently its probably gotten 100 times worse. I am receiving fatal errors due...
  40. B

    Chassis/Case fan not recognized by BIOS, Speccy and SpeedFan but still working at minimal RPM

    I bought a GPlay Samurai PC recently and several things caught my eye. 1. Since I was dumb enough to enable the "Chassis Intrude" protection it kept giving me that error and locking me out of BIOS. I had to open the case and remove the CMOS battery. 2. When I first started the computer the...