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  1. kenrickandbros

    Can you answer my theories about Nvidia Pascal?

    Introduction: I have two possible theories about Nvidia Pascal. These theories explain why Pascal isn't even more powerful if the GTX 1080 can go to the crazy speed of 2.1 Ghz in an air overclock at 67 degrees Celsius! This clock speed has only been reached previously in a GPU by using liquid...
  2. C

    Windows 10 installation rebooted without warning. Since then been stuck in a bootloop

    Hi. Recently, my windows 10 installation rebooted without warning. Since then, I have been stuck in a bootloop with the occasional BSOD, one about a whea_uncorrectable_error and the latest one complaining of a machine_check_exception. I can't boot into a bootable windows 10 usb as the problem...
  3. M

    will the graphic card support

    i have zebronics 945 motherboard it has pcie 1.0 slot with no locking am looking to buy a decent low budget graphic card which is supported with my motherboard and will can run a little bit good graphic games till now and so on.i have looked for a good card which is in my budget.and can...
  4. J

    Problem with asrock z170 k6

    Hey Guys, I have a question i have Problems with my ram, I have an asrock gaming k6 and an i5-6600k when i try to put one stick of ram in the K6 it doenst post and when i try it on my x99 system it works fine anybody knows what wrong? Here are some pictures http:// http://
  5. V

    Upgraded GPU but no performance difference.

    I recently bought an EVGA Geforce GTX Titan X Hybrid and traded it for my MSI Geforce GTX 980 but i experience no performance difference. Specs are: Intel Core i7 5820K EVGA Titan X 12GB 250 GB Samsung SSD Seagate Barracuda 2TB ASUS X99-A Asus Rog Swift PG279Q I did a clean uninstall and...
  6. A

    Looking for a good zombie base building survival game

    I am looking for a zombie type of game where you have to build a base and defend it from being attacked and you have to hold defences and get people to live in or maybe just live by your self I don't really mind but where you also have to go out and get resources and can go out and kill zombies...
  7. W

    Short Power Failure Before Booting Fine The Second Time

    Hi everyone I've been OC'ing my i7-4790K and got good results. However, there was one annoyance where by powering on my computer (when disconnected from the main for a five minutes or mor), it powers up for a split second, shuts off for another two seconds and then finally boots up fine. I...
  8. S

    Which is the best gaming monitor?

    Which is the best gaming monitor in lowest price???
  9. Lefteris_87

    (Asus Sabertooth X58) PC doesn't boot unless I hold memOK button

    Hi, I'm having an issue with the boot, no Post, no bios nothing, the fans start for a few secs and shutdown then nothing work no powerbutton no reset, no MemOK. Only the PSU led is ON. Then needs to unplug or shut down the PSU until the mobo has no electicity then power the PSU and opens only...
  10. I

    Hard drive and Operative Sytems

    I built my computer a year ago, now I need more memory, so I bought another Hard drive, my question now is do I have to install windows on my new hard drive?
  11. axels01

    What shuld I upgrade now ??

    So I have a budget of around $600 and I want some opinions of what I should upgrade next. next. My build right now is And what I want to upgrade is my motherboard to one that supports dual SLI builds. For that I am thinking one with LGA1150...
  12. T

    Question about clean install on ssd

    Ok so I built my gaming computer last year and have windows 8.1 pro installed on the SSD and all my games and most programs on my HDD, when the windows 10 upgrade comes live, I want to fresh install it on my SSD but would my games still work after that?
  13. M

    Cpu upgrade or overclock help

    Hey guys so here's my problem. Playing gaming such as GTA 5 I've noticed that my CPU is bottle necking my GPU. CPU usage is around 80-100% in the city where as my GPU is around 20-30%. My specs are Amd fx 4300 at standard speed xfx 7870 2gb 8gb corsair vengeance cx 600w corsair psu. Im...
  14. sparrowman

    asus gtx 960 or asus gtx 960 DirectCU II

    Hi i m kumar. I m from india. I want to buy asus strix gtx 960. So i m little bit confused to choose these two graphic cards. So which one is the best. Here is the link: 2gb or 4gb??
  15. P

    Suitable Chipset for my motherboard

    i have an mother board :wolfdale FSB1333 DDR2 667 ...can anyone of u guys suggest any chipset and suitable RAM ? pls..its urgent
  16. J

    AverMedia Live Gamer HD no VGA then Blue Screen

    I just got the AverMedia Live gamer HD and just plugged it right into the PCI slot and when turned my PC on I was getting my mobo's 5 beep error and d6 display meaning no VGA card. After I unplugged it and tried again still didn't work then I tried unplugging the VGA card and plugging it back...
  17. S

    System Booting Help

    So the system I'm planning on building will have no dvd/bluray cd drives. I will temporarily use an external cd drive to install windows 7 professional 64bit. My question is how do i configure the bios so that the external cd drive boots first. Also after I'm done installing, how do i make sure...
  18. E

    Asus won't boot, trying to save pics with usb

    My asus 1005p crashed. It would not boot, so I got rufus and win7.iso put on usb. It finally booted but it wants to reinstall windows 7 and the tutorials I've seen made it look like I could boot then click and drag to copy files. It ended up freezing in "starting setup" anyways. I am not a...
  19. J

    Alert: Stolen iPad 4th Generation Serial No. DMQK22FJF182

    Hello my fellow Apple community members: I am putting up this post to report my stolen iPad 4th Gen, Serial Number # DMQK22FJF182 , taken the week before Christmas, outside the King of Prussia Mall Toys/Babies R'Us. If you by chance purchased it from the guilty party, or were the person who took...
  20. F

    GFX card electric noise issue?

    Hi people. I've recently noticed that my gfx card (EVGA GTX 760 SC ACX2) makes an annoying electric noise when playing games. I've made a video where you can tell the difference between my GFX card electric noise and my PSU sound: I...