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  1. P

    a question:would the graphic card gt 730 fit on asus p5ld2x/1333?

    would the graphic card gt 730 fit on asus p5ld2x/1333?
  2. A

    Windows may not be genuine.

    Around two months ago, somewhere near the latter part of November, I had to delete a version of windows in order to install the new radeon omega drivers when they first came out. Now I was wondering if I'm able to update windows to the current update, and if so, how do I do it? My internet has...
  3. O

    Wireless Network Card not recognized after hibernate

    I have a NetGear N600 wireless network card for my desktop. It works fine when it has power. However, every time I come out of hibernation mode, the card does not appear to be connected. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it works fine. I was have a problem with my mouse and keyboard doing the...
  4. G

    pc overheating, please help

    Okay so my graphics card and cpu have been overheating since the longest. All my graphics cards have been reaching up to 100c and my cpu goes up to 80c until it shuts down. I have since switched out my motherboard 3 times. changed my cpu 3 times also. All amd chips its the 8350 And i have...
  5. Rubiniwa

    Cpu Upgrade on HM77 Express

    Hi, i have an hp pavilion dv7-7004sl and i want to know if i can upgrade my actual processor. Motherboard: HM77 Express Now i have i5-2450M and i want to upgrade to i7-3612QM . I can upgrade ? Thank you very much !
  6. A

    My 2.1 sound system only plays sound from the right channel??

    I have a Z313 sound system from Logitech and my two stereo speakers connect to the subwoofer which then connects to the computer through a single audio jack. Realtek HD audio manager has no 2.1 option. When sound does come out, it only plays when on the right speaker channel.
  7. olddman

    question on PSU - Corsair HX750i

    hi folks: according to specs on this PSU, it has 3 PCI_E (6+2)connections and 2 CPU (4+4)connections. All are 8 pin connections on the PSU. These 5 connections are all grouped together but only labeled once ( 6+2 PCI-E and 4+4 CPU). They dont distinquish which are for the CPU and the GPU- so...
  8. M

    how to hook up monitor to a lenovo k450e

    I bought a new monitor (an AOC) for my Lenovo k450e. The monitor says No Signal. It's a 15 pronged cable (both ends). The monitor gives me the option of DVI or D-SUB. Neither one works. I read something about a graphic card problem but I don't know where that is, if that even is the problem, or...
  9. A

    Gaming Rig, Final Thoughts?

    Hey guys, thought I would put this up here before I go through the build. I will be using this mainly for gaming (d3, skyrim, wow, lol, farcry, assassins creed etc.), for entertainment (movies, streaming, music etc.). This is my first build and I was hoping to get as much performance available...
  10. T

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare issue , seriously need help @@

    i had this issue in multiplayer mode and this . i had already reinstall the windows with all the necessary driver ( all up to date) , but it still display this ... On single player , it went straight to a black screen ( but i can hear all the sound of the game ) ...any help would be greatly...
  11. A

    How to Enable and Disable Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode

    Incognito mode does not make your surfing completely anonymous, but it does prevent Chrome from storing information about all of the websites that you have visited. It is also possible to browse and manage your extensions while in Incognito. Follow the steps below to enable or disable Chrome...
  12. tlatch89

    Please review my PC parts order

    Updated - Changed motherboard and added wireless card http://pcpartpicker.com/p/6d9Ybv I'm an amazon prime user and will be purchasing all of these components through it. I have windows 8.1, 1080p 24inch monitor, logitech mouse, keyboard, and speakers already. I'll probably purchase an xbox...
  13. A

    motherboard gpu cpu

    So will the m5a99x evo r2.0 be good enough to Oc the fx-8350 to 4.8 ghz? what cpu cooler do you recommend for me. is 4.8 ghz good enough to not bottleneck the evga SC acx 2.0? Thank you
  14. A

    installing stock android on meizu MX4

    hi guys i want to buy the Meizu MX4 but before i want to know if it's possible to install the default android 4.4.2 without that Flyme UI (like the OS on the LG G3). if so, how can i do it? thanks
  15. N.Broekhuijsen

    LG's 31MU97 Monitor Has IPS Panel With 4096 x 2160 Resolution

    LG's latest 4K monitor has a 4096 x 2160 resolution and is aimed at professionals. LG's 31MU97 Monitor Has IPS Panel With 4096 x 2160 Resolution : Read more
  16. J

    PC wont boot, exhausted many options, need help!

    Hi there, I recently built a new pc from scratch, however the pc wont post/beep/display anything on the screen. I have read all the stickies and checked and rechecked all the simple fixes. When i power up all fans spin however i get no display on the screen, and the DRAM led on my mobo stays...
  17. B

    THINGs to consider before buying pre used VIDEO CARD

    tittle says it all .im planning to buy used gtx 780 bought on feb 2013. no warranty . he said if my card broke in month , i can go right to the manufacturer of the card
  18. D

    SSD Cache question

    Mother-in-law baught my wife an ultrabook. ASUS zenbook ux302lg. Originally had a 750GB HDD and a 16GB SSD cache. She had the HDD removed and replaced with a 240GB SSD where the OS (Win8.1) was installed. In reality the store she bought it from obviously talked her into this as I'm certain she...
  19. P

    Frequency Out of range

    My PC works fine at office but at home when i starts my PC it always says Frequency out of range. What does this mean ? is there any problem with Power supply ? i tried using UPS but problem is same. Can anybody help.... ? Please......
  20. D

    New GamingRig Slow

    Hey! I just recently purchased a pre-built iBuyPower Gaming tower off of Bestbuy. Ever since getting it, It seems to be running slow in almost everything I do. In simple games I cannot even go to maximal settings. In games like MapleStory it lags and runs slow. Same for Warframe. What bugs me...
  21. R

    Looking to upgrade from GTX 660

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my GTX 660 to something newer to improve the gaming performance of my PC. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the month BUDGET RANGE: ~500 Before / After Rebates USAGE: Gaming, mostly newer titles CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: MSI GTX 660/Corsair 750TX V2...
  22. The prime mediocre

    To Right the Wrongs of a Budget Build

    Hey, everyone, I'm upgrading my gaming/blender rendering rig. It's in a pretty lowly stance at the moment, with a noisy case, poor CPU, and AMD graphics, which are difficult to use blender with. Here it is: http:// I need: a quieter case, a CPU with more threads, and a midrange Nvidia GPU. My...
  23. M

    Can I switch my hard drive to a new motherboard without formatting it?

    I have a 1tb western digital caviar blue drive with over 600 gigabytes of data on it. I am switching motherboards, so I am unsure if its drivers will interfere so much that it wont boot up. I am getting this motherboard...
  24. gimmigzgy

    Good motherboard for intel i7 4790

    I'm confused on what mobo to buy, if I was to buy an i7 4790 (non-K). I want the motherboard to support all the features of the 4th gen i7 so that I will be able to use it's full potential (without overclocking it). This will be my first time to setup an Intel i processor because my current...
  25. ddbtkd456

    Will This Video Card Support The Following?

    Will a GTX 770 2 GB card support a 1920 x 1080 27" monitor and the following games? Games: Batman Origins Batman Arkham City Watchdogs Thief Sims 2 (All Expansions) Sims 3 (All Expansions) Sims 4 (When Released - All Expansions) Skyrim Need For Speed (OG Most Wanted and Below) Rollercoaster...
  26. M

    installation of yahoo messenger says "not responding"

    The install program for Yahoo Messenger stops responding as soon as install starts
  27. A

    Best Processor For $200

    What is the best processor for around or below $200. Right now I have an Intel Core i5-4570 (http://pcpartpicker.com/part/intel-cpu-bx80646i54570) in my build. Is that the best one for this price? I would prefer Intel.
  28. E

    why my screen goes black for 1 second every time i turn on my speakers!!

    anyone knows this problem? Heres my build.. Asus M4A88T-M LE AMD Phenom II X4 B55 3.30 GHz Kingston 2X DDR3 4GB (total 8GB) inno3d NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1024MB GDDR5. Green Edition HDD 465GB Corsair CX500w
  29. H

    .exe installer files won't run on my computer

    When I attempt to open one of a few installers, nothing happens. Whether I click the installer or right-clicking and clicking Run as Administrator, there is no response. After some searching, I found that it does appear on the Task Manager as a running process that takes up 0.1mbps of memory...
  30. ImPrettyIrish

    Case Question (probably really easy)

    Hi there, I was wondering if there was a case like the bitfenix Prodigy that supports ATX motherboards? Thanks in advance!
  31. M

    HDD won't boot after reinstalling

    I had my mom's laptop that I was using to wipe an old HDD with DBAN. Once I removed that HDD after wiping it I repaced it with the HDD she was using and I get this message: Boot device not found Please install operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk - (3F0) It was running a copy of...
  32. J

    bitcoin mining on a R9 290 4GB Sapphire TRI-X

    im getting 2 R9 290 4GB Sapphire TRI-X for gaming and bit coin mining however as far as i can find at the moment the hash rate of them is only around 800kh/s. Is this true? if so why is a $700-800 GPU only doing that amount? here is the exact GPU...
  33. Q

    Gaming build. Help me out and have a look.

    So I know I tossed on another build here recently but I was way over thinking this. I have been looking at this new build probably more for what I would use it for. I plan on mainly using it for gaming other then that then blu ray movies. Now basically it is a great build but I have a lot of...
  34. J

    Good download and upload speed, but connection generally slow?

    I don't really know what's going on. Speedtests show my DL speed at around 56MBps and upload at around 11MBps - ping is 30ms. So why does it take me forever to load webpages? Why am I lagging in online games? Why is my Skype connection to people so slow? I'm connected directly to the...