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  1. J

    Question Disappearing picture on the screen as you type or use laptop (horizontal parts)

    Hello, I recently changed LCD screen in my laptop (laptop: Lenovo X270, new LCD: LP125WF2-SPB2 (SP)(B2)). Something is wrong. As you type, use laptop or even don't touch the device, there are disappearing some parts of viewed screen. It doesn't matter in what position is the screen. What can be...
  2. Kree6427

    [SOLVED] After upgrading my memory, my computer won't post.

    I recently bought another stick of Ballistix Tactical ddr4 3000 mHz 1x8gb stick of ram. After putting the new one in the correct slot, my computer would turn on, flash the cpu debug led and then stay on while the monitor would stay black without an input. I've tried multiple things. Taking...
  3. P

    Question Apex Legends - High FPS, framerate/mouse movement isn't smooth

    Hey, I've been having this problem since release and I haven't been able to find a fix for it. It is frustrating to play with, and its annoying enough that its affecting my ability to enjoy playing the game. I'm consistently averaging over 150 FPS, but when I move my mouse around/side-to-side...
  4. R

    System Boot Problems

    I was attempting to run a program off an external hard drive and the program needed an installation of some kind so i quickly installed it without thinking and it turns out it changed the boot drive to the external hard drive. i have attempted through the bios setting to change the doot to to...
  5. C

    Need help finding a new graphics card for my old pc

    My HP P7 1010 is running really slow on alot of games now a days and I need to know if I can get a new graphics card without replacing anything else. Here are my specs : Motherboard - N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix) CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 645 Memory - 6 GB Video Graphics Card - ATI Radeon 4200...
  6. O

    Motherboard for Thunderbolt 3 support

    Buying parts for a new desktop and I'm wondering if it'll be possible to get a motherboard that'll charge my Huawei matebook X pro via Thunderbolt 3. I'm getting the 9700K processor
  7. R

    [SOLVED] Overclock stability suggestions

    Hi guys i overclocked my cpu and motherboard recently to release the bottleneck on my ram and gpu, aswell as trying to get fps up in games. I was able to achieve a fairly stable overlclock and gain a massive performance boost in games, however the game would occasionaly crash, usually after a...
  8. Z

    [SOLVED] Original BIOS RX580

    I bought an MSi Armor RX 580 4GB OC on eBay and am pretty sure my card doesn't perform as it is supposed to. I've checked the clock speed and it reads 1180mhz even though I've looked up what the speed is actually supposed to be at and it's 1366mhz. I'm pretty sure this card has had its BIOS...
  9. L

    Need advice, post - hacked and now my drive is missing

    Alright so, im just gonna be real here and state that i did in fact have teamviewer on. i had it set to a 'random' password, and thats how they were able to get in - i actually caught them in the process of trying to buy a $1499 iphone x.(like 40 minutes ago !!) VERY fortunately, i was able to...
  10. R

    Will this cpu and gpu pair okay with Fortnite battle royale?

    Hey all, I am buying a gtx 780ti graphics card because i am upgrading my pc. i currently have a intel pentium g4400 and was going to pair it with the 780ti. I want to Fortnite Battle Royale in 1080p at high settings SMOOTHLY... i know my cpu needs an upgrade, but im going to do that in July when...
  11. M

    Memory_management and IRQL not less or equal

    Greeting intellectuals, I have been getting these errors / BSOD increasingly often on my Razer Blade 14 - MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. It seems like these are memory related issues, so I don't know what to do. It occurs randomly, but it seems it might be in correlation to the...
  12. F

    What factors depend upon high FPS in gaming?

    I'm planing to buy gaming PC but I'm a bit confuse about high fps. How I can get high fps (60) fps in games? What factors play role in high fps? CPU? GPU? Monitor? (cuz I heard it plays role in higher fps)
  13. R

    Windows HDD Clone

    Hi, I am sort of in the dark here, I've looked this up and can't seem to find an answer. I want to clone my HDD from my laptop that has Windows 10 and put new the HDD into my desktop. If I clone the HDD, will I have two working copies of Windows 10 or will it deactivate the copy on my laptop HDD?
  14. B

    Turning down Adaptive Voltage to match Manual voltage?

    I've found a stable overclock on my i7 6700K; 4.8 GHz @ 1.360 V (manual). Not 100% sure how stable it will be in every application yet, only tested it with RealBench. Either way, I changed it to Adaptive Mode with the same voltage (1.355 V + 0.005 V offset), and ran RealBench stress test again...
  15. J

    Need recovery CD- 4 - C55-B5296 toshiba satellite

    There so many recovery disk .What best for my Toshiba Satellite C55- B5296
  16. B

    Windows goes to dark screen when trying to install on a fresh build.

    I bought a new PC about 6 months ago and removed the SSD and all the disks and put them in my new PC. I bought a new SSD to try to revive my old one, however when i try to install windows the following process happens: Boot up PC > bootable USB loads > Windows logo appears > Screen goes black...
  17. awesome.gamer1987

    What upgrades could I use for my old PC?

    Im looking to see if i would be able to upgrade some components on my old PC, for example like could i add a gtx 1060 or better processor, or more ram? I want to know so i wont need to buy a new PC, i want to see if my pc can have upgrades so it can become a great gaming rig and enough to video...
  18. T

    Debating between two monitors

    I want to go 2k ultrawide. Primarily for destiny 2. I have a bonus coming up in a month. My debate is between the AOC agon AG352UCG and the pixio px347c. Near as I can tell the main difference between the two is g sync. I currently have a crappy 4k monitor and notice zero screen tearing with...
  19. M

    DP to HDMI passive adapter

    Hi everyone! I have issue with my adapter.The adapter is passive. First adapter wotk fine, but after a few restars doesn't output signal. I also have DP to vga adapter and work perfect. I want to connect my pc with my main monitor and my tv. :( PLEASE HELP ME :( MY GPU is gtx 1060 g1 gaming, i...
  20. PhilipMichaels

    New TiVo Bolt Vox Lets You Skip Commercials with Your Voice

    The latest DVR from TiVo now adds voice controls via a new remote that lets you use your voice to search for programs and jump past ads. New TiVo Bolt Vox Lets You Skip Commercials with Your Voice : Read more