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  1. SwissxPiplup

    Question Mousewheel Scrolling Faster than Normal at Random

    Hi there, I've been experiencing an issue recently where my scrolling will skip more lines than I've set in the mouse options, currently it's set to scroll 3 lines each notch of the wheel, but sometimes and at random it will start to scroll more lines each notch. Any ideas? My mouse is the...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Which is the better "Gaming" mouse among these for a Casual Gamer

    I am no pro and don't want to be one, just want to enjoy my casual FPS gaming, meanwhile i've got only two options on my side - Logitech G90 Gamdias DEMETER E1 And NYX E1 Combo...
  3. Question 2 Mice same problem, hard clicks vs light clicks

    I have had 2 mouse/mice in the last years, making up most of my time using computers. During this time, i have noticed my old deathadder as well as my new Trust 5$ mouse having the same problem. Mind you, i have had the deathadder for a long time and dealt with the weird issues for a while so i...
  4. C

    Question Mouse randomly stops working, freezes, makes a windows hardware remove sound, and after 2-3 seconds unfreezes

    I got this new mouse, I really like it, suits me very well except that it randomly freezes every 15-20 minutes, makes the sound and unfreezes. I tried changing USB ports but it keeps doing it. Might be a software issue, what could I do to fix it? Although it makes the hardware remove sound, it...
  5. InferNo_au

    Question Mouse Wheel Broken - Can't Scroll, Can Middle Click

    So last night while gaming I must of hit my scroll wheel hard or something since it ended up breaking. The scroll wheel seems like it fell out of place and when I scroll nothing registers. Additionally, my scroll wheel seems to get stuck if I scroll too fast back. It has also became loose, with...
  6. O

    Question Why Are My Front Header USB Better Then Rear Motherboard I/O?

    I have noticed that my rear front case header USB is allot faster then my rear motherboard I/O. For example, if I plugin my Logitech unifying receiver into the front I/O, I can use my mouse across my room. If I plug it into any of the rear motherboard I/O, it stops properly working a couple feet...
  7. S

    Question ISO mouse with "momentum" scroll wheel

    Hi all, I am looking for a mouse (or list of mice) that has a scroll wheel that will scroll normally until you spin it harder, and then it engages and scrolls fast (hyper scroll). I don't like the ones where you have to click a button to do this, as it slows me down and becomes a pretty frequent...
  8. D

    Question Pinch-to-zoom doesn't work on my laptop anymore. How do I get it to work again?

    For about two weeks now, the pinch-to-zoom on my laptop hasn't been working. My laptop runs on Windows 10, and the model is an Asus X451CA. On my replies to questions like this, I've seen people telling people to go to Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad > Additional Mouse Settings > Device...
  9. C

    Question What mouse to buy for fps gaming?

    I am looking for a new fps mouse but I don't really know what mouse to buy. Hand size: Medium size Grip: Palm/Claw
  10. R

    Question Logitech G403 Prodigy scrollwheel problem

    So I'm planning on buying this mouse and I read a few posts online which show that this mouse might have a scrollwheel problem but most of them are 2 years old. So has this problem been fixed yet? Is it worth buying ?
  11. D

    Question Optical sensor on white mat

    Does an optical sensor track the same on a white mouse mat in difference to a black one. Specific mouse is the g305 and zowie ec1a. And are there generaly any issuses with other mice.
  12. E

    Question Looking for a mouse and keyboard

    Need a decent mouse and a budget mechanical keyboard with silent switches (Cherry MX Red switches prefered), willing to spend about 90€ on both combined.
  13. B

    [SOLVED] Will a router next to me affect g305?

    I'm considering getting the Logitech G305, but i'm curious about whether or not the router next to me will affect the connection or effectiveness of the mouse. Will it affect it?
  14. W

    Question Laptop trackpad problems

    Hello, Model: HP 250 G6 Windows 10 These issues have been going on for months. I've sent it off to the repair company twice and they just reinstall Windows / drivers and return it to me with the issues still present. It's not consistent and it does a range of weird things. It will randomly...
  15. A

    Question USB PORT

    I posted here months ago, my usb port wasn't working and then all of a sudden it started working. i didn't know how but i ignored it. tonight i was trying to plug something in my broken usb port (not the same one another port with broken pins) and as soon as i tried to put something in it my usb...
  16. C

    Question Deathadder Elite or G502 Hero/Spectrum

    I don't know what mouse to buy for fps games it is because Deathadder Elite only has 6 buttons, but G502 is heavy
  17. B

    Question Mouse not scrolling a window

    I always thought that when a mouse hovers over one of several open desktop windows, it knows where it is and the scroll wheel will scroll that window without needing to click first. Lately this isn't happening. I've tried a wired and a wifi mouse. My system is Win10 1903 preview. I've searched...
  18. D

    Question Issue with mouse

    Hi all, I don't know if this question is easily solved but I have no idea how to troubleshoot it. Basically I have a Gaming PC and I use a Logitech Gaming Mouse and Keyboard with it. The mouse is the Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse and recently sometimes the mouse apperars to lag or stop working...
  19. J

    Question Windows 7 install keeps disabling mouse/keyboard

    Hello I have a new pc build today. I'm just trying to setup windows 7 from a disk and am having some issues. The mouse/ keyboard work before boot and work within the bios, however when the windows install disk is loaded they seemingly turn off. I have tried using different mouse/keyboards and...
  20. S

    Question Mouse not functioning properly

    Hey i am having a strange problem with my new terabyte mouse.. Actually i bought a new terabyte USB mouse from a nearby local store and i checked the mouse for about 10 times that if it is working properly or not..and it was working fine on his conputer...but after that when i am trying to plug...