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  1. HollyOily

    Question Mouse sensitivity changing everytime I launch Valorant (only Valorant) ?

    So the other day i deleted valorant on my HDD and re installed it on my SSD, i've never had this problem before but after i installed the game under SSD and tried to log in i noticed that everytime i log ingame my mouse sensitivity become way slower than normal but still having the same dpi, so...
  2. F

    Question HyperX Pulsefire Surge

    Hi, I have a Pulsfire Surge and sometimes my scroll button won't wotk until I press it very hard. This button is important for me, as you know you can open link in another file. Also, sometimes if I hold any click, left or right, it just disable for a second and the enable again. Ex: I f I aim...
  3. R

    Question Small mouse freezes / jumps when opening certain applications

    Hi guys, I have something really weird going on with my PC. I just bought a brand new PC last week, but I have the same issue I got on my last build. My mouse freezes / jumps when opening or closing certain applications. It's almost always the same applications that cause this issue. It's not...
  4. K

    Question Computer Randomly clicks(even without mouse plugged in.)

    Okay, so, ever since this afternoon, my pc(not laptop) has been clicking randomly, at first I thought it was my mouse, but then it continued to click even though no mouse was plugged in. I'd really like to know if anybody can help/has any solutions. I am on windows 10.
  5. A

    Question Keyboard Typing Issues & Clicking Links Issue

    At random moments, with my keyboard, when I type a letter that is supposed to be lowercase it outputs as being capital. And vice versa. When this happens, most of the time the number keys will only output the symbol the key is for. What also happens most of the time is whenever I click a link on...
  6. K

    Question computer freezes but cursor moves until i click on anything

    I received a new Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ADA05 and it keeps "freezing" seemingly at random. I can still move the cursor but If I try to do anything it lags out to the point of almost freezing for a few minutes and nothing opens. The only way out is a hard reset. Sfc scannow found no problems. tested...
  7. S

    Question The Fall and hopeful revival of an abused mouse.

    So I've had my mouse (Corsair Scimitar) for a long time now, and its seen its time and a few months ago the right click started to go, although I'm quite versed in fixing tech, mice just are not my thing, and I'm very heavy handed (the few past mice I attempted to fix can attest to that) lucky...
  8. F

    Question How do i set up a custom DPI on my mouse without drivers.

    Hello recently i bought new mouse - Mad Dog GM305. The mouse has 4 profiles of dpi but on each one i dont feel very comfortable to use, and there's no driver for this mouse. I want to set custom dpi (800 dpi), but I don't know how.
  9. S

    Question Effectiveness of WD-40 in mice ?

    Hi. I've read some users' take on WD-40. Some have said that spraying WD-40 in mice have fixed their scroll wheel/button problems, not working. Some said that their double click stopped. How effective is WD-40 really? Surely, can't be a permanent solution but how long do the effects last?
  10. Question Mouse buttons won't work on 2 second intervals

    Hey there, I'm having an issue with my Redragon Impact M908. So last night my mouse suddenly decided to start acting weird in the middle of a game of Valorant. The side buttons kept getting spamming the keyboard keys they were assigned to. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers on...
  11. Jarvice

    Question Looking for matching monochrome mouse and keyboard

    I realize that this might be an odd question but I could really use some help. I have a specific look in mind for my setup but I can't quite find it online... part of the reason why I'm posting here is maybe because of my lack of Google skills. Anyways, what I'd like to buy is a mechanical...
  12. M

    Question Ubuntu Linux (20.10) - How to change mouse debounce time?

    Hello, I have a Glorius Model O mouse, and I want to use it on Ubuntu Linux. Mouse is working fine, but the only thing I want to change id debounce time. I'm asking because there is no Model O software for Linux. It's only avaliable for Windows. Thanks for help!
  13. O

    Question Mouse changing DPI by itself even If I am not touching the DPI button or even being near it

    Title self explanatory, and my mouse doesn't have any key combinations for changing DPI either. The colors just start flashing suddenly and the DPI changes.
  14. Sammm_5405

    Question New Mouse seems to have slowed down my PC

    So I bought a new mouse ( and my pc was working just fine. As soon as i plugged the new mouse in, I started to experience wierd crashes and system freezes. It doesnt make any sense to me, because in my...
  15. H

    Question MSI Clutch GM08 Gaming Mouse?

    Hi guys, I want to get a new decent mouse for gaming, but also I'm low on budget, all available stuff here in my country are Chinese stuff, but i found this one (written on thread title), and wonder if its solid enough for gaming or not? I know that MSI is a decent brand, but need to know more...
  16. Arisius

    Question Micro-stuttering audio on Win10x64 Pro ?

    Hello! I would like to reach out to your community I have a problem After installing Windows 10 on Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250Gb. I experience micro stutters on rare occasions. This mostly happens in the chrome browser (youtube). Spotify and games. On very rare occasions. Occasionally...
  17. J

    Question 380 r6 fps

    Just out of curiosity im getting about 160- 160 fps on rainbow six siege with a 3080 depending on where i am looking, just wondering if this is good.
  18. A

    Question Which mouse would be a better option?

    I currently have some money to spend on an upgrade for a mouse. The current mice I was looking at are these and my price range is around the 50-60 dollar price point...
  19. Aidan McCabe

    Question Can i find out the DPI of my mouse without the gaming software?

    Hello I have a Logitech G502 mouse and i love my mouse sensitivity when the logitech g hub software is closed but i need the software for my headset and keyboard. The problem is that I cant disable the mouse in the software so I need to find out the dpi that the mouse uses when the software is...
  20. danterriblemouse

    Question Mouse keeps disconnecting

    My mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, I have had this problem for about 2 months now. It happens mainly in games, it can be at intervals of 10 mins to an hour, and sometimes can happen many times quickly. The mouse is new and works on other devices perfectly fine, My keyboard works in...