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  1. M

    Question is there a way i can change my mouse dpi?

    so i dont have a gaming mouse and i really wanna change my dpi for games. i havent found a single option to change my dpi without a software but i dont have a gaming mouse. any solutions?
  2. ComputersAreHard

    Question My Computer is Underperforming!

    My Specs: i5 9600K 1151 LGA - NEW DDR4 16GB G.Skill Dual Channel - NEW ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING Motherboard - NEW Nvidia Strix GTX970 Graphics Card - OLD SSD Samsung - OLD 1TB Western Digital Harddrive - OLD My heatsink is a intel heatsink old one from another computer and isnt pinned down...
  3. L

    Question Mouse Sticking/Stopping

    I have a SteelSeries Rival 650 wireless mouse that will stick/stop as I move the cursor. This happens in game or on the desktop. I'll move the cursor across the screen and it just stops, like it hit the end of the screen. I've tried different ports, clean install of my GPU drivers, uninstalled...
  4. M

    Question Mouse Cursor freezes completely only when tabbed into specific applications.

    Just today a new hard drive I ordered online arrived and I installed quickly and without issue in terms of hardware or software. When I went to reinstall and move files from my old hard drive to the new one (games, pictures, game launchers), with my OS already on a separate NVME drive. the...
  5. W

    Question A4Tech G3-400N left click acts as a back button

    Hi, I have an A4Tech G3-400N wireless mouse. I have been using it for over 6 months. Recently, I encountered a strange thing when left-clicking; it is so random. When I left click, the mouse acts like a back button. What do I mean by that? Pages on any browser go back another page, windows...
  6. S

    Question Mouse not working, can anyone help?

    Hi All, My mouse has been playing up in the following ways: Does not scroll correctly - Sometimes I will scroll down and then it will quickly scroll up then down, or it just does the opposite of what I am trying to do. Randomly freezes - I have to click several times and move it about...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Mouse Freezes

    Hello, Recently my mouse started freezing randomly whenever the pointer touches the left side of my screen. I did reset my windows in case of any app that couldve caused this. Mouse is Logitech G102 prodigy. Motherboard: B250m pro vd CPU: G4600 Ram: crucial 2x4 2400 GPU: GTX 750 ti a cheap...
  8. P

    Question What's the most common form of mouse / keyboard failure you guys have had?

    I've seen many keyboards and mice rated for 10 or even 50 million clicks, but does this even matter? I feel like most people's keyboards or mice break before the rated click limit due to abuse, such as perhaps a switch shaft snapping out, or water damage. Are there any people reading this that...
  9. Question mouse acts erratic on fabric mouse pad, but not on hard surfaces

    Mouse Settings: mouse dip: 800 pointer speed: 4 enhanced precision: disabled I haven't the slightest clue what model my mouse is, but it's an MSI brand gaming mouse. I've tried looking up what the model could be, but couldn't find anything that looks like it on the MSI website. My mouse works...
  10. michaelscottgilbert

    Question What to test when mouse, keyboard and monitor turn off?

    Hello, I am looking for a checklist of what I need to test on my rig after experiencing the mouse, keyboard and monitor turning off and the computer remains powered on other wise. I am forced to perform a PSU turn off as power buttons on case are unresponsive. I have tested and passed RAM with...
  11. T

    Question Steel Series Sensei cursor stops moving randomly

    Hello, Recently my Steel series mouse has been acting up. I'll be using it for a while and all of a sudden the cursor will stop moving altogether, and the only temporary fix is to unplug the usb and reconnect so I can do it again when it stops working a few minutes later. What's odd is that the...
  12. mranimo

    Question I need a budget Gaming mouse!

    I have the Alienware aw958 mouse but it's so uncomfortable to me. I need a new Gaming mouse around 25-30$. What would be the best? I have a medium-sized hand and I prefer the claw grip. Would be the Rog Sica or the TUF m5 good? My friends recommend the MSI clutch gm30 mouse. Which is the best...
  13. D

    Question How good is deathadder v2 and do I need mousepad?

    Is the deathadder v2 a good mouse? As I am in need of a mouse for my new gaming pc. As well as does mousepads differ from one another or with a cheap redragon mousepad be the same as like a razer one?
  14. OrdJk

    Question Good wireless mouse that can be charged wired or wireless (under £60)

    I would want a mouse that is wireless that lasts at least a day (in terms of battery life) Mouse should be able to charge without purchasing new batteries Mouse should have a nice click (this is preference)
  15. R

    Question New Gaming Mouse

    Hello everyone. I've already posted this question but from recommendation from a moderator i moved it to this forum. I'm looking for a new gaming mouse, my budget is 55-60 euros. I mainly fps by the way, i've been playing a lot of Valorant and cs go, and a tad bit of GTA. I personally prefer...
  16. D

    Question Mouse cursor not moving but clicking & scrolling

    PC Specs CPU: Intel Core i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz × 2 Graphics card: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller NVIDIA Corporation GF119M [GeForce 610M] Storage: SSD 750 EVO 120GB Memory: 5.7 GB OS: Linux mint 19.3 Hello, I have a Dell WM123 Wireless...
  17. zach_

    [SOLVED] Wireless mouse battery drains in less than a week

    The mouse is the "Natec Robin" model.This situation kept getting worse and worse with the time.Last time (this week) i used a brand new toshiba battery,only to find out that this little mouse drained it all in 4 days of little use,with turning it off regularly and even sometimes pulling the...
  18. A

    Question CM Devastator 1 mouse to MM711 Switch

    I am wondering if this would be the right choice I play COD MW2019 Relaxed claw grip or normal claw Devastator 1 mouse is 120g Mm711 is 60g Would I get advantages with this Devastator 1 feels good rn little bit sticky feeling
  19. S

    Cursor problem on Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop with Windows 10.

    After I boot up the cursor bounces around erratically without me touching the keypad or external mouse. And cannot control it when I try. I've tried 4 different mice and the keypad, no difference so have ruled out a mouse hardware problem. I don't know if it is a BIOS, motherboard, or other...
  20. skyrecon

    Question Mouse cursor lag or jump while CPU speed down

    Hi everyone. First, I'm sorry for my English grammar. Most of you may be not understanding what my point is. My system is i7 9700KF, Asrock Z390 Taichi, G.skill Trident Z RGB ddr4 3200Mhz (2x8GB), Galax RTX2070S. I have a weird problem. When I set program Asrock A-tuning to "Standard mode"...