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    Audio interface ASUS VivoBook S15

    Hi I recently bought an ASUS VivoBook S15 and I'm having trouble connecting my behringer audio interface (UMC22). I'm using cakewalk as my DAW, but everything I record has high latency and sounds like it's underwater. There seems to be a driver issue, but I can't make head or tail of it. I've...
  2. JadeCardinal

    [SOLVED] Is this Macbook Pro sufficient for my music production?

    Hi I am new to Macbooks and also music production. I am on a tight budget and was wondering if this Refurbished Macbook Pro is sufficient for my novice music production and DJ dabbling? I have an Akai MPK mini controller and also a Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ controller I would be connecting to the...
  3. ligert1244

    Laptop recommendation for music production and college

    I have a budget of around £ 1000 . Needs to be portable (not very bulky). Would prefer at least a 15 inch screen. Will need it to run Logic Pro X and Ableton Live . Since I will need a macOS to run this kind of software ,could I dual boot Windows and macOS? (If not a MacBook). I couldn't find...
  4. claudiuadam

    Question Are my CPU/GPU temperatures within normal range?

    Hello guys, I didn't know where to post my question but I just wanted to know if my overall CPU/GPU temperatures are in an acceptable range. I built my PC a few years ago and made no upgrades since (I kind of forgot what temps are normal). I make music on it and was playing the piano in Ableton...
  5. A

    My pc freezes when it fist boots up.

    (i don't know where else to post this) So i'm running a pretty old PC from 2006 it a pre-built HP pavilion a1430n and the old hard drive says its missing WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM but it has important files so i decided to use a different hard drive instead of just formatting it and i...
  6. M

    Hp battery problem

    Hi I have HP elite book 840 G3 and have 0% available (plugged in ,charging) and I removed battery and still windows detect battery to charge. I did all suggested tips to solve but not working . My question is when I removed battery why still windows detects battery to charge and battery light...
  7. D

    Better gpu or additional ssd

    My choices are A 128gb ssd on top of a 1tb hdd with 940mx and 7500u. Or just a 1tb hdd with 960m and 6700hq. Which config will give me better performance. I dont plan to game.. Really Heavy chrome usage plus 4k video viewing and mirroring. Which do i choose?
  8. S

    24 Pin Connector won't go in fully

    This is my first build that I was doing, and everything was fine until the 24 Pin Connector wouldn't go through fully! It has about 1 mm left to go in fully, and I've read other posts but none seem to work. My power supply is a EVGA 450 B and my motherboard is a MSI h110m pro-vd.
  9. C

    Having some issues after moving ram around !

    Note : I am very bad with hardware and have never touched it. So my PC was getting a ton of BSODs and ram errors. I had my buddy come over and he was fixing it and realized whoever built my pc put the ram in the wrong slots. after they have been moved now it says out of my 12GB of ram i have 8...
  10. F

    OS partition to SSD?

    I look up many ways and even already created a thread on how to move my OS to my SSD but it seems like a failure everytime I attempt at moving my OS to my new SSD. people are using vocab that makes no sense like talking about running linux and all that, but I honestly believe there is an easier...
  11. T

    Gaming PC Upgrade advice- New CPU or GPU?

    Looking to upgrade my Gaming PC before the Windows 10 update cutoff at the end of July. Budget is under $1000. I am currently looking at a Broadwell-E 6800K/X99 motherboard rather than a new GPU. I am open to upgrading either one and would be looking at the Nvidia 1070/1080 if upgrading the...
  12. B

    Overclocking an fx8350 what's a safe full time use overclock?

    I'm at about 1.4 volts with the multiplier set to 23 sitting at 4.6 ghz hitting 55c. I'm wondering if I can go a little higher as long as I stay below 63c?
  13. T

    pc restarts whenever trying to play video from external hd

    Hi, I am kind of a pc automatically restarts whenever trying to play video from external hd wd 1tb my passport system specs windows 7 processor : pentium (R) Dual -Core CPU E700 @ 3.00GHz Ram : 1 gb SYTEM :32 BIT however there is no problem on playing videos from my...
  14. William Schnatz

    Computer crashes constantly and kills my HDDs

    I recently built a computer (it was my first) and it crashes quite often. When I first made it I had an issue where it would restart without warning a few seconds after logging in. I found out that this was either a PSU or CPU problem. I fixed it by under-clocking and under-volting my CPU and...
  15. S

    My new computer is freezing.

    I just got a new gaming computer, it has been freezing up or dead locking according to a website because I can't use the caps lock key while it's frozen. It freezes after 5-40 minutes at random times. My graphics card is an nvidia and after uninstalling the driver the problem is still there...
  16. X

    Users don't show on startup

    I had the "Temporary Profile" problem, and tried to resolve it as per viveknayyar007's instructions. I was in the process of regedit when the power went out. When I came back up, all I have is the Admin account for startup. It works OK... no temp profile nonsense. However, when I went into...
  17. C

    What kind of games can I play on this laptop?

    I'm buying a new laptop "soon" (Blizzard definition), and I've already decided 90% to buy this one: I know it's really cheap and slow, but I'm not that much of a high-level gamer...
  18. T

    gtx 780 asus vs msi

    The ASUS gtx 780 direct cu is $310, MSI gtx 780 is $320, and the ASUS gtx 780 poseidon is $330. My question is are there really any significant differences between the three and if there are any would it be worth the extra money to get the MSI or the poseidon?
  19. L

    Update: GPU's are making the sound | GA 990-FXA UD5 Rev. 3.0 - Coil whine coming from around the socket?

    Update: It turned out that the GPU's are making the noice. Check my 4th post for the update. --------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, I would like to say how happy I am that there's a place like this. I've been reading and learning a lot in this forum. However, I...
  20. gustafangus

    Full Waterblock For Sapphire Vapor-X 280X

    Hello, Sorry for postin so many question lately, I just want to know if there exists a full waterblock from any manufactutrer... This is the card: This is the one I might just get :3...
  21. K

    New build error "Reboot and select proper booting device"

    Hi, I keep getting the "Reboot and select proper boot device" regardless of what I've done so far. This problem hasn't changed in the slightest after everything I've tried. I've tried switching the boot order, I've tried switching around the SATA cables, I've tried connecting it to another...
  22. D

    Kaspersky or Bitdefender has feature very similar to Comodo Defence+ (HIPS)?

    I'm using Comodo Internet Security and would like to switch to either Kaspersky or Bitdefender. I've got used to the Comodo HIPS (paranoid mode) feature, so my decision between the two product would be based on that.
  23. C

    what gpu should I get

    I dont know what gpu I should get for my build. I have a amd 8320 and a asus tuf board. Ive been thinking about getting the 4gb 770 then sli it later then I realized a single 780 ti is less expensive then 2 770 4gbs or I could get a 770 2gb and sli it later but idk if it has enough power by its...
  24. M

    Graphics card fan spinning but no signal on monitor

    I have: msi z77a-g41 intel xeon e-1225 coolmaster 700w evga gtx 460 windows 8 the problem is the monitor has signal while the card is on lower resolution, and it randomly decided to jump to 1980x1080 resolution, and causing the disconnect with the monitor. And I tried booting windows into...