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  1. F

    HELP! Blue screens after ugprading motherboard, ram & cpu :(

    Hi there. I just upgraded my old PC to a new Ryzen 2600 and Msi B450m Bazooka motherboard and adata xpg 8gb ram 3000mhz. I upgraded it from a gigabyte 970-a, fx 6300, and 8gb 1333mhz ddr3 ram. Every part is working because all the components showing up in the BIOS. I'm assuming it's a...
  2. D

    Black screen when turning on the PC, not sure which component is faulty

    My PC can't get to the Mobo screen, there is no POST, just black screen. All fans are spinning, CMOS has been reset both with the battery method and the jumper. Here is what exactly happened. One day I turn on my PC and it froze on the Mobo manufacturer screen, I restared with the power button...
  3. S

    Overclocking i5-6400 with z170-k

    So my specs are Motherboard:z170-k CPU: i5-6400 2.70GHz GPU: GTX 750ti 8gb ram What and How can I overclock? Please help
  4. D

    Don't know what to look for

    OK I was running prime 95 and the temperature program I forget the name not by my computer right now and no temps got to 80 but IDK what temps are the most important some of the cores were close to 75 as was the CPU package temp but the CPU temp was lower I just don't know what the most important
  5. A

    Losing signal when playing games while lights are on.

    So I just built a new pc and everything works fine, I have a hue+ with lights rgb fan and a kraken x62 with trident z rgb ram. While it''s on and I play a game after about 5 min it makes a sound like when u plug a new usb in, you know... and shows no signal tho I can still hear the game... I...
  6. T

    Locked out of PC. Keyboard inputting random characters/shift stuck on

    While just browsing chrome, my PC started opening random tabs and typing as if the shift key was held down. After restarting, I found out that I can't type anything on the bottom row, the ease of access menu doesn't open, and I'm stuck locked out of my PC. Like I said it just happened out of...
  7. K

    Gtx 960 to 1050 ti, Is this worth??

    I ws wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade from a 960 to a 1050ti. I currently have an i7 4790k.I feel as if the gpu would be bottlenecking my cpu correct? Is this worth the money and how much of an improvement would it make?
  8. B

    What do I need to upgrade in my PC

    So Im wanting to upgrade my PC because i get frame issues when playing more modern titles and currently do not know what to upgrade. I had convinced myself I needed more ram but I'm not sure if it's the cpu lagging behind or not. I have gtx 1060 3gb 8gb of ram and an i5 6400 2.7ghz. Im just...
  9. A

    Bfv beta hardware question.

    Im having some major stutter and low fps issues in the bfv beta (ik its a beta but other people are playing fine) i watched some benchmarks and my rig should be more then fine for high at 60 fps. Im even at 900p. I5 3450 @ 3.30 ghz Msi h61mu-e35 8GB DDR3 1600 mhz EVGA GTX 1060 3GB Thermaltake...
  10. Z

    RTX 2080 PC on Amazon Worth It?

    Hey guys, I would like to buy a pre-built gaming pc with the rtx 2080 in it. Amazon has a PC from cyberpower on it already and it's said to be available September 20 for $2000 USD. Is this PC build good for its price or will there be any problems via bottlenecking or any other problems due to...
  11. T

    Can I upgrade my PC?

    Hey. I am relatively new to the PC world and just got a used gaming pc from my friend. It works pretty well for 5-year-old PC, but I am looking to at least upgrade the graphics card and add some more memory. I am looking at the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, but am open to other suggestions My...
  12. G

    ide to usb female port

    hi i want to convert an cd player that has an ide cd drive ,i want to convert it to a usb port to play music via usb intead of the cd drive > how can i covert that ?
  13. S

    $3000 AUD Computer, what components?

    I'm thinking of building a computer with a budget of $3000 AUD. I'm willing to raise the budget if necessary but I could use some help with finding some good parts as I don't know much about the new 8th gen CPUs. Thank you!
  14. M

    Need help from experts with my gtx 770

    Hi guys , i posted a many threads about my msi gtx 770 twin frozer , but i dont get any clearly answer !! my g.c has no signal and his fans run at 100% . The problem occurred when i pluged a +12vdc to the pwm and tachometer pins of fan connector (the card was out pc and off ) :ouch: : after ...
  15. A

    Computer will not boot to bios.

    I first saw something was wrong when my PC froze while viewing a web page, so I had to switch it off, When I tried to boot, it stuck at the screen that says press F2 to go into bios and all the other options, it would not boot, or go into bios. I disconnected the HDs, problem persisted, I...
  16. B

    Games crashing randomly

    Specs: i5 3470 Gtx 960 4gb Some dell oem mobo 12gb ram 2 500gb hdd 650 watt psu Happens in doom PUBG dishonored 2 r6s and rust
  17. O

    NFS MW 2005 & Carbon: Major Stuttering/Inconsistent Frames

    Hey everyone! I'm experiencing mild-major frame drops and stuttering in Need For Speed MW and Carbon, generally during gameplay, but occasionally in the menus as well. I've updated my laptop's BIOS, changed process affinity to 1 core for both games, reinstalling both games, absolutely no dice...
  18. S

    Computer not booting

    Hi, I just built a computer, but whenever I try to boot then it gives me an error on the mobo. It's showing an error with the CPU and GPU so, naturally, I decided to return and replace the cpu and GPU. I got the parts in today, excited to play, I put them into the PC. When I went to boot it was...
  19. F

    Portable Hard Drive Failed?

    So I have a Windows 10 computer that acts as a server and is always on, and last night, it decided to restart overnight while I was sleeping and update. I looked at it, and one of my portable hard drives (My Book) isn't loading. I ran the Seagate Hard Drive Test, and it showed Short DST failed...
  20. F

    Which laptop should I choose?

    I want to buy a new laptop but there is alot of similar laptops for similar prices and I am not sure which should I buy. My budget is around 2000€. For me Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is almost perfect but I need more than 4 cores :/ If only they made a laptop with some other specs with that design...
  21. S

    can a gtx 1050 ti fit in a small form factor pc

    Operating System Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 @ 2.80GHz 37 °C Coffee Lake 14nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1330MHz (19-19-19-43) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0D02VH (U3E1) Graphics DELL E2016HV (1600x900@60Hz) Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Dell) Storage...
  22. C

    asking for opinions

    first build guys so I am not that sure of my build... which is better? a 8gb ram 2400mhz that will be overclocked to 3000 mhz or a 8gb ram on 3000mhz possibly for either ryzen 3 2200g or a i3 8100 ty for the help
  23. H

    Which CPU is better?

    Which is better? A core2duo 3.19ghz 6mb l2 cache Or A core2duo 2.93ghz 1mb l1 cache Thanks in Advance
  24. A

    Acer laptop stuck booting after update, power button won't work

    I installed some sort of bios update through windows update for my brother's Acer laptop. Now it's stuck on a black screen with the acer logo and below that it says "Please wait while we install a system update". It's been like this for about 24 hours now... the power button doesn't work either...
  25. A

    Cant remove cmos because of its strange position

    The CMOS battery is standing and I don't know how to remove it
  26. A

    Subwoofer not working

    I have a mirage subwoofer and I have been listening to music on it. Out of nowhere it started making weird sounds and then stopped working. The green light is on and I checked all the connections. I have no idea what’s wrong. The end of my cables are kind of darkened not know if that will have...
  27. B

    Team Delta 2 Ram Compatibility

    Hi, I was wondering if this ram I got would be compatible with my Asus ROG x370 Strix Gaming Motherboard. Ram: Team T-Force Delta II RGB (2x4gb) kit of ddr4 3000 (Newegg link: It was cheap(for ram at least) at about $90 but I wanted...
  28. E

    New Dell G7 Wifi issues

    I've bought the G7 7588 this past Saturday. Made a clean install, so no bloatware, and updated the drivers via SupportAssist and Intel... But, my WiFi connection? Absolutely horrendous. I live out in the sticks, so my internet isn't the greatest (average 2 down on a good day), so the connection...
  29. EyyMunchian

    CPU choosing assistance

    Hey guys! I want to upgrade my current rig so that I may be able to stream. I have a budget of 250 for a new cpu and motherboard. The rest is covered. I'm Rocking a GTX 1060 3GB 650 Watt PSU MicroATX Case I've got fans 16gb DDR3 I do not plan on upgrading my ram to ddr4 so I understand I will...