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  1. D

    Question Keep getting Fortnite error?

    " LogConsoleResponse: Display: Failed to find resolution value strings in scalability ini. Falling back to default. " Would this be a graphics card issue?
  2. IssaMattz

    Question What is a possible graphics card upgrade I could add to my Lenovo e570 which has a GTX 950m?

    I'm looking for possible GPUs for my Lenovo Thinkpad e570 laptop (My current one has a GTX 950m and i7 7500u around 4ghz). I don't really have a budget but need to know what GPU works with the components of my laptop cause I don't really know my components and techy stuff. I'm pretty sure this...
  3. J

    Gigabyte Aero 14x Which Internal Antenna?

    I have an Aero14x, I'm looking for a new internal antenna for the wireless card that became damaged. Gigabyge support is non-existent. I have an intel wireless card if that helps.
  4. T

    [SOLVED] gaming computer upgrade

    good evening ladies and gents, I want to upgrade the graphics card on my current gaming computer, to get more fps, but i dont know if I actually can... here is my setup: motherboard: Fujitsu D3332-A1 processor: intel core i5-4570 3.20 Ghz graphics card: gt 1030 ram: DDR3 8 GB rom:500 GB + 128...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] CoolerMaster Masterliquid ML240L RGB upgrade fans

    I want to replace the RGB fans with the CM Siencio FP 120 PWM. - Will I get a better performance? - Will it be quieter? - Can I reuse the RGB fans for my other case fans? (I use the NZXT 500i)
  6. N

    No Post after switching gpu

    Hi. I replaced my 7870hd for a zotac 1060 today. Slotted it in and booted. The fans started up but that was it. No video, no beep. Stable light near power button. No light near reset button I switched back to my old card and still the same problem. Plugged out all cards and tried the integrated...
  7. R

    Z270i How can i make this all work ? usb 2.0 + 3.0

    Hi guys i know they are afew posts regarding this however none state my exact situaion, I have a Corsair h200i case which has a internal fan hub required 2.0 . I currently have a horrible adaptor to convert my 3.0 header into a 2.0 and for the mean time its working out okay. However im...
  8. M

    Windows 10 won't boot from USB

    I had to replace my hard drive due to what I believe was a HD crash. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2. I created a bootable ISO on this POS Macbook using Disk Utility to make the USB stick FAT32 and Master Boot Record. I then double clicked the ISO download, which let the Mac open the...
  9. K

    Games running slow

    I am using an amd x4 880k and a gtx 1060 6gb. In games such as mass effect andromeda I only get around 20 FPS. Any way I can fix this?
  10. O

    I7700K cooler upgrade from pure rock.

    Hello guys! So my be quiet pure rock seems unable to keep my i7700k at good temps. idle : 37-52 gaming : 65-86 I would like to keep it about 20-30 idle and 30-65 gaming. What cooler should i buy ? Im planning to build an RGB system so that one request for me. It has to have RGB on it...
  11. R

    if u turn up thermal boost fan control

    i got a new pc i found my thermal boost fan if i run that high will i ruin my pc im not over clocking
  12. A

    Lots of crashes after cloning SSD

    TL;DR After cloning my SSD a lot of programs on my PC are crashing and I don't know what could be the cause. (besides the cloning) So I recently bought a new 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD since my 250GB 850 EVO was becoming full. I installed the drive (physically), boot up my PC and saw that it...
  13. G

    NO SIGNAL after installing graphics card

    Currently, I am trying to get my AMD Radeon R7 260X to work, but whenever I put it in the slot and then connect it to the PCIe power, it always gives me no signal. I know the graphics card works because the fan runs and nothing beeps. Currently, I have a crappy Nvidia GT 9800 running. Even when...
  14. S

    How do i connect my altec lansing vs2421 sub woofer to my mackie cr3.

    so i got the mackie cr3s and they don't have much bass so i thought i should add my old sub to it but i don't know how since i don't know much about audio, also i'm connecting them to my PC. any help would be appreciated thanks. the speaker -...
  15. 8

    Gaming advice please?

    Hello!! So firstly....i'm sure that this has been asked before...but with a 2 year old running around I really don’t have the time to browse through all of the older posts to find the answers!! So the second little one is on the way, and on those long sleepless nights i've decided a new gaming...
  16. R

    Fps shows its 200-300 but doesnt feel like it at all.

    Hello so i recently built a gaming pc for myself like 3 weeks ago so first 2 weeks i had no issues with my pc but now every day in every game like in fortnite, pubg csgo my fps is high but doest feel like it at all for an example in csgo i have locked my fps to 300 but it doesnt feel like it at...
  17. T

    Why is my laptop running all games 10-15fps?

    I have a lenovo ideapad 320. It has 4gb DDR4, AMD Radeon 530 and intel pentium N4200 1.1 ghz. I tried running a couple of games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Dota2. I read online that the 530 could easily run these games but i barely broke 15fps. And i have already checked that the...
  18. B

    Heart Rate Monitor For Gaming

    I was thinking about getting a heart rate monitor for when I play games. What equipment would I need to buy to do so.
  19. C

    Ram Clock Speeds

    Hello, I have recently bought an Asus Maximus X Hero board, and an i7 8700k, I bought DDR4 Trident Z RGB 3000 mhz 16 GB when I look at the bios of the motherboard, it tells me the ram is running at 2133 mhz, how do I get the clock speed of the ram to run at 3000 mhz?
  20. xander_4

    hi im about to build my first gaming pc :3 but can it play pubg and some other games??

    so i have this old computer it lags alot on pubg so i decided to build my own gaming pc the gaming pc im about to build is cpu: i3 550 3.20ghz 1st gen or i5 750 1st gen motherboard: asrock h55m-le lga 1156 ddr3 gpu: asus gtx 760 df d5 2gb ram: ddr3 8gb hdd: 1tb blue wd10ezex sata3 7200rpm...