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  1. A

    Processor vs. Motherboard

    which combination is better- a core i5 750 & ASUS Maximus III Formula or a core i7 870 & Intel DH55TC ?
  2. J

    How can i run 5 1 speakers in window7

    Hello, which audio driver can help me to run all my 5.1 speakers in win 7 only 2 running right now
  3. broshm

    Is it worth it?

    I have an Onboard Realtek ALC888 and want to buy the Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer (NOT the Pro Fatality). If I buy it, will I hear the diff. ? In other words - Is an upgrade from the ALC888 to the Creative X-Fi Xtremegamer worth it? PS For gaming, I don't care about music.
  4. V

    MSI K9A2 Platinum is ****

    Ive just bought new parts to build a PC (AMD 7750, 4Gb 800MHZ OCZ RAM, 4870 and an MSI K9A2 Platinum). The PC was VERY unstable before overclocking and overclocking is pretty much impossible so I have decided to return the motherboard. It cost me £105, and I was wondering what I should get as...
  5. camieabz

    Thernal probe positioning?

    This is a "if you haven't done it, you don't know" sort of thing. Where exactly do I position my thermal probe for processor monitoring? I have a radial fin cooler from <A HREF="http://www.quietpc.com/" target="_new">http://www.quietpc.com/</A> Just in case it matters... <b> "Now drop your...
  6. mikeangs2004

    Can I restore system image onto a new boot drive since old one failed?

    All discussion will pertain to Windows 7 Backup w/ NTFS disks w/ample space. Period. It shouldn't matter if the disks are simple or dynamic. The simple situation is this: I have one simple NTFS boot disk that failed months after system image backups to my other internal HDD. So then I replace...
  7. D

    Welcome screen

    Hello, when i turn on the computer it loads to the welcome screen the stops it will not go to desktop?
  8. A

    CPU very hot in games.

    I have the Intel QX6700. When im in games, no matter if it's a very demanding one like crysis, or a very old one like Half-Life 1 mods, the CPU tempature is the same. Usually when im in Counter-Strike 1.6, the tempature is between 65-70. That is alot for a such an old game. When the computer is...
  9. V

    CM Storm Scout.

    Hello i just built done my computer and i am wondering will my temps inside the comp be cooler if i turn around the top fan. I tried turning the back fan around but that just increased the CPU temp and GPU temp. GPU: Idle 58 CPU: 35 idle
  10. D

    Please, help Choosing for Video editing

    I am not shure of the best Board for me, I'll be using the new ~$1200 [exc. softs] system for the next few years mostly for home video and pictures [most likely on Adobe premire/phtoshop elements and then pro] and Little bit of games and internet. What Board should I get? Brand and model ...
  11. R

    what could ruin dual-channel?

    I'm using xp-pro, with 2gb DDR3. But xp can only "see" up to 4gb max (32bit), I have got a 3870X2 with 1gb memory. So is it true that if I insert 4gb of memory only 3gb will be used (because of the 1gb of the Graphicscard)? second question, if I use 3 modules of 1gb, will I have Dual-channel...
  12. theholylancer

    good computer cooling or case store in montreal?

    anyone know such a place? carries xp-120 and panaflo and some VGA cooling soultion! or nice water cooling.. i'm headed over there next week, i thik i should haven ot orderded all my stuff from anitec 12 days ago as it still haven;t arrived..... (xpresspost...) er now looking a case that is...
  13. A

    What to upgrade

    Just need some insight - I built my first computer a few years back (I'm a noob so help me out here), and I want to upgrade the video card to a Radeon 5770 to help accommodate some gaming (prince of persia was struggling, and i plan to play more modern warfare 2/crysis type games).. Plus for...
  14. B

    Where is the bottleneck?

    I'm trying to find where the slowest component in my system is, perhaps someone here can help me find it. Here's my machine specs: I have a supercharged version (i upgraded my own parts) of an HP Pavillion P6110f Original HP Motherboard made by Asus FSB 800/1066/1333 Intel E8500 3.16ghz...
  15. A

    My custom pc won't boot after changing CPU voltage.

    A few days ago I changed the voltage on my CPU. Then I rebooted and it wouldent boot, nothing will show up on my monitor.I tried to reset the CMOS but I still get nothing. I am new to this and I don't know what to do please help me.
  16. andy5174

    Was i7 just $220 on Newegg?

    Is it true that i7 was just $220 on Newegg? Hope not, otherwise, I will be really pissed off.
  17. S

    What motherboard?

    I don't know what motherboard to use?? I be using a intel 3570k and overclock to 4.0Ghz I also be using Nvidia GTX 660 MSI and will be getting another to SLI next month. There so many boards I don't know which to get??
  18. G

    Price check: Stargate

    Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting (More info?) Whats the going price for a nice Stargate working 100%?
  19. L

    Memory Speed and CAS latency awesomeness!

    Lets say that i get some good ol' ddr2-800 G.Skill CAS 5 RAM. Can i underclock it to 533mhz (on a core 2 duo), and lower the CAS to 2? Wouldn't that offer a performance increase as long as I don't overclock? 533mhz vs. 800mhz on a stock setup is an equal contest right?
  20. Kithzaru

    P2 720, 940 am2 am3?

    Sorry for sounding like a newb here but i am a little confused. the Phenom II 940 and uh, 810 (i think) can run on either an am2 or am3 mobo because they support both DDR2 and DDR3 the Phenom II 710 and 720 will only run on an AM3 because they only support DDR3. am i correct?