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  1. Rumperuu

    Question Is an AMD Opteron 4284 useable in a daily driver?

    TL;DR I'm looking at getting a new workstation with an AMD Opteron 4284, but I'm wondering if that's too outdated a CPU for daily use. Longer I built my current PC (full specs at the bottom) almost a decade ago and, whilst it's done an admirable job keeping up over the years I'm really...
  2. S

    Build Advice Budget Opteron Server

    Hey, I'm looking at building a server for a project, it'll be a super cheap one, just as a school project. Therefore my budget is kinda limited to £250/$300. I have a couple of options with this, although this is using very old hardware (2010 AMD Opteron) CPUs. I've come up with one part list...
  3. J

    Is a 350watt PSU enough for my system?

    Hi i plan to build this pc but would a 350 watt psu be good? Im using seasonic power supply btw Mb: ASUS B150M-PLUS D3 ram: 8gb ddr3 1600 cpu: i5 6500 gpu: amd hd 7570 120gb ssd
  4. P

    MSI Nvdia GT 1030 UEFI or BIOS?

    Are msi graphics cards such as the GT 1030 UEFI or BIOS
  5. K

    new system build/help/advice

    I've had my current system now for 8.5 years (other then the video card which I upgrade more frequently)...I'm finally looking into building a new one...but technology and hardware has changed so much ((NVMe, MLC/TLC, M.2 etc) that I'm slightly overwhelmed...I've been researching online the past...
  6. T

    Monitor won't turn on

    Yesterday everything was working fine, today when I turn my pc on it starts but the monitor does nothing. I tried swapping between connecting it to the mobo and graphics card, multiple restarts, but nothing. Any help?
  7. Dylan SJ Perez

    ASUS PCE-AC68 Blue LED - How do I turn it off?!

    My rig has an ASUS PCE-AC68 wireless adapter on it (A red themed gaming PC) and the ******* adapter has a super bright blue LED out of the back, shines through the whole system and out the back and kinda ruins the entire aesthetic, I was unaware of it when I bought it and having gotten it second...
  8. F

    Is an ultrawide monitor really better than a standard 16:9 one?

    Hello, After some research, I found an ultrawide monitor (used) that fit my needs and my budget : Philips 298P4QJEB. But before buying it, I wanted to make sure that it was actually worth the trouble of selling my current monitors (one Asus VG248QE and one Benq GW2265) and buying the Philips...
  9. D

    What RAM to buy for Ryzen 5 1600?

    Hello, I want to ask you what do you think would be better to pair with R5 1600? A single channel 1x8 GB ADATA 2666 XPG or dual channel 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 2666 LPX? I want to mention that the mobo I've chosen- GB AB350M HD3 has only 2 slots of RAM and I am not planning any upgrades until...
  10. Z

    Buying a used power supply

    I came across a used antec high current pro 1200w power supply for $109. The seller gives a month warranty. Should i buy it and is a month enough to see if there are any problems with the power supply?
  11. V

    Pc build hard drive problem

    Hello, I've just finished building my second pc for my friend but I have a problem with the hard drive. First of all I install the new hard drive on my pc and install windows 10 on the new hard drive using a flash drive. I then boot the new hard drive and it boot perfectly fine. When I moved the...
  12. T

    Should I get a sound card and if o which one?

    I was thinking about getting a soundcard but my knowledge on them is very basic, how much of a difference would it make? I have this motherboard at the moment https://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-Z97-Gaming-LGA1150-Motherboard/dp/B00K8KPXUO and I use headphones which were around £80 so they are good...
  13. L

    Replacement for r9 390

    Hi guys, I am looking for replacement for r9 390. GPU reaches high temperatures and performance in DX11 isn't really that great. Also I just got a new monitor so resolution has changed so I noticed some additional decline in performance. Resolution:2560x1080 CPU:i5-6600k - 4,4Ghz PSU:680W...
  14. N

    Blue screen of death corrupted my MBO and RAM

    I got the blue screen of death months ago and i tried many solutions and none worked. I then found out that my MOBO and RAM are both corrupted and need to replace it. I was just wondering if i get the same exact components to replace the corrupted ones it should be fine, right? I was worried...
  15. A

    Gtx 980 ti low usage

    Hi I'm play bf4 and other games but I will use bf 4 as an example. On bf 4 I see people getting 100-160 fps on 70-90% load. I only get 60-120 on 40-60% load. This problem is also for other games and I can't seem to find the issue. I removed my previous drivers. Installed the newest one just...
  16. K

    Wanting to know if the m.2 motherboard is enough storage

    Searching the Web found a motherboard with a m.2 port will that have enough storage for now or will I need to get some ssd's
  17. J

    $1250 AUD Gaming PC

    Can anyone give me a build for a $1250 Gaming PC that will be able to run new games above 60fps on a monitor of 1440x900. Games- Fallout 4, Just cause 3, The division and probably Wildlands My current pc ( If any parts can be reused) Intel Core i3 550 - Stock fan Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 OC...
  18. R

    PSU is restarting my PC while my GPU is on load!!

    The new power supply is restarting the pc whenever i put my gpu on load. For example: Benchmarking via Furmark results a restart. [Every time i click on "Go" button benchmark screen appears and pc reboots.] As my previous 1 had the same problem and another one died after installing GPU. So...
  19. A

    how can i formate my pen drive write protection

    when i trying to formate my pen drive. it was not formated. it is shown .. this disk is write protected. so, how can i formate my pendrive? why shown this disk is write protected?
  20. D

    What Version of 980 ti is the Best

    I was wondering what version of the 980 ti is the best. Thanks