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  1. D

    Question GPU overheating after new CPU installed ?

    I recently installed a new CPU into my setup. I went from a Ryzen 5 2600 to a Ryzen 7 5800X3D. Since doing this upgrade my GPU (RX 580 8GB) seems to overheat/black screen whenever I try to open a game. The only way around this is by changing the GPU fans to 100% at all times. If I try to open a...
  2. Armanic

    Question CPU 44x Multiplier

    It's overheating like 99C View: https://imgur.com/9JtSGXA laptop : hp 15-dk1xxx
  3. S

    Question Could my 3080Ti be faulty?

    Heya, I’m having some issues with my 3080Ti (I think) and certain FPS games crashing, could my GPU be faulty? I upgraded from an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 to an MSI Suprim X 3080Ti in January and haven’t been able to use it because it crashes my games. Games like Valorant, Fortnite, Hypercharge...
  4. xuehuapiao

    Question Pc crashes and goes white screen on startup and when launching games

    Idk what to do anymore, I replaced the cpu fan and thermal paste, updated the drivers and the issue is still there, sometimes I can play something for like 2 minutes then the screen goes white and I need to force shutdown my pc, can somebody help pls
  5. BlackBateSkull

    [SOLVED] Why did my pc overheat so bad?

    It doesn't usually do this but when I ran Prime95 last night to see if my max temps were ok, it turned out they weren't. It did this after a few minutes of running it and before the temps didn't go over 90°C. I know my case isn't the best for airflow but I have 2 front fans and 1 rear fan on my...
  6. TheDukesGamer

    Question Graphics Card Heating

    Hey there, So I am a a bit of a paranoid person when it comes to pc hardware and today I was playing Ark: Survival Evolved and my PC just suddenly turned off. I realised that it was due to my GPU overheating. Before I was playing Ark and it ran at around 70 degrees Celsius, but it must have...
  7. A

    Question Cpu hitting over 90 NEED HELP

    Hi, my ryzen 5 6 core has been hitting over 90 recently so I had changed my thermal paste and that seemed to fix it for a couple of days. It would idle at around 50c and only go upto 60 when gaming but now it shot up to 94c while not playing anything today for no reason. I have no idea what...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] General build-up of heat in system causes immediate shutdown ?

    My PC has recently started to shutdown unexpectedly. Today I discovered this is because of an overall overheating issue within the system. By shutdown I mean total loss of power. My guess is that one of the components is triggering an overheat, causing the system to shut itself off. The weird...
  9. N

    Question PC constantly overheats. Need help please

    Hi! Apologies for any formatting issues, I’m on mobile. I recently cleared out my PC with compressed air, yet my PC is overheating almost constantly. My monitor screen goes black and my fans start running like a jet engine until I turn it off. My motherboard temps fluctuate from 30-50 degrees...
  10. Mark-Bezos

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Thinkcentre M93p Minitower restarts before POST

    I have received a Lenovo Thinkcentre M93p Minitower and after using it for a few seconds it will restart, before spiraling into a constant restarting loop. I have removed the CMOS battery, set the clear CMOS jumper to maintenance mode, unplugged the SSD, swapped RAM. Nothing so far has worked...
  11. [SOLVED] Northbridge overheat or power supply problem? Which thermal paste to use on overheated Northbridge of a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 v1.2 motherboard with AMD with 4 x 4 Gb DDR3 RAM. (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-990FXA-UD3-rev-12) Under higher performance (CPU or memory intensive operations, or long disk copy operations) the Northbridge of this board is overheated reaches 80 °C...
  12. J

    Question GPU being finnicky - possibly messed up PCIE slot but not sure

    Okay so this all started with the fans on my current GPU crapping out. Not entirely dead, but failing and making a lot of noise. I eventually settled on replacing it with my previous card for the time being while I wait on XFX support, but now I'm facing the issue of it just crashing. I'm not...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] pc shuts down while gaming specific titles

    Hi everyone. So, about a week ago my girlfriend bought a prebuilt pc. During the first couple of days she didn't have any problems at all. But now, a week later, she is experiencing sudden shut downs when playing CS:GO. I have myself tried different solutions, but haven't succeded in anyone...
  14. Sepmik

    [SOLVED] R9 3900x overheating for some reason

    Stick with me now. As of today i got my new gpu. And everything ran amazing until i played call of duty cold war zombies. I played for about 20-30 minutes, and the screen went black. I was playing in fullscreen so i thought i window had opened because you know... windows 10. But no i look over...
  15. A

    Question CPU over temperature error help?

    Hello all, Recently after playing the new Cyberpunk 2077 game my PC's CPU has started to overheat. It regularly goes above 90 degrees celsius and I have to shut it down regularly to allow it to cool. PC Specs for reference are; Geforce GTX 1080ti Intel i7-7700k 16gb DDR4 2400mhz memory...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] i7-8700k Dangerously overheating

    I'm having extreme temperature control problems with my rig. Idle temps are 65-75c. And the second I start a game it instantly jumps to 90-100+. This is causing the blue screen crash constantly. And I also believe it to be limiting my performance. I have a kraken M22 cooler but from the forums...
  17. G

    Question My PC gets restart when I play COD warzone

    PC z600 . 32 gb ram processor E5620 . MSI RX 580 .
  18. S

    [SOLVED] My computer immediately shuts down when connected to GPU

    My specs: ryzen 2200g + deepcool 400 cooler Asrock b450m hdv R4.0 xfx xxx edition rx 580 8gb 4gb ram (x2) cx550 corsair psu So yesterday i was playing witcher 3 and i left my computer on for a bit, when i came back and used it again it immediately shut down and wouldnt turn on. So after...
  19. Coraline

    Question Overheat and now won't boot

    Long story short, my computer shutdown during gameplay (jurassic World Evolution on ultra settings) and now it wont power up the next day. I've switched the power supply over and checked the CPU for damage, I switched over the RAM and tried it with basically nothing plugged in and it won't even...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Is my Samsung SSD over heating?

    I installed Samsung 970 Pro 512GB SSD in my laptop(ASUS ROG G752VS) around a year ago. Today, I started getting blue screen in Windows 10 while some applications were open. Restarted it serveral times and also opened some applications some applications such as Steam, Firefox(v76.01) and Windows...
  21. lmhoxsie

    [SOLVED] CPU temp increases instantly upon startup and PC shuts down.

    I have a Corsair h50 water cooler that I think is broken or clogged. Every time I startup my PC, it goes into the BIOS and tells me there needs to be repairs to launch windows or I can launch windows normally. However, after maybe 30 seconds, the CPU overheats (the system says 120 degrees C)...
  22. V

    [SOLVED] Computer hard crashing with no warning after random amount of time gaming.

    Hi all, I just made an account here to try to get some help with my problem after many hours of frustrating crashes with no warning and much troubleshooting. Hardware My computer is a prebuilt computer I bought a couple years back from cyber power. I have a gtx-1080, a i7-8700 non K version...
  23. NolanPCs

    Question rx580 overhearing crash problem

    Having overheating problems with the Aorus rx580 8gb gigabyte card, it will run for a few minutes and then crash around the mid 70’s, but the feeling the back plate it felt like much more. We replaced thermal paste and the same thing happened. Please help -AMD Ryzen 5 2600 -Asrock b450m pro4...
  24. vhrossi1

    [SOLVED] Is 92C a bad temperature for a notebook?

    HWMonitor shows the cores 0,1,2, and 3 are all around 90~98 C when i'm playing certain games, like Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells. My notebook even turns off sometimes, i'm afraid i might ruin my notebook. I don't have any cooling fans, and i'm fairly new to gaming in computers. Is there...
  25. Javi7707

    Question Chipset overheating

    I have a new Huananzhy x58 rx3.0 motherboard, and it's chipset it's overheating so bad it causes the pc to restart in some cases, the board it's paired with a x5650 cpu. I don't know the temperature of the chipset but I can't even touch it after having the PC on for 3 mins so it it's really...
  26. S

    Question What's happening with my system?

    Hello everyone, I need some help determining a problem with my system. Just this week, my PC has begun crashing in games, the screen goes black and the fans spin up to maximum, or the PC just shuts off completely for a few minutes. This is concerning me because my PC serves as my gaming system...
  27. P

    Question Issues after upgrading GPU and BIOS update

    Hey everyone. I built my computer about 7 years ago. A few months ago I decided to upgrade my GPU from a GTX 580 to a GTX 970. Initially my computer did not even register the new 970 card. After some problem solving I tried updating my BIOS. That did work and the card was recognised but...
  28. I

    Question Lenovo Y50-70 freezing on bootup

    Hi. First some background on the laptop. The screen is dead so I use a hdmi to an external monitor. Also there is no battery in the laptop, it's always plugged in. My laptop was acting weird today, alot of my programs were showing as "Very High" power usage on task manager; and it was also...
  29. O

    Question Cpu overheating after new radiator and fan installed

    My computer turned off randomly about a week ago. After turning it back on it was showing that my cpu temp was high. It showed my fan speed was not working. I just decided to get a whole new radiator and fan to install. After installation there is no changes the temperature is high I took off...
  30. SleezyPhresh

    [SOLVED] Gaming Pc Keeps shutting down at random times and tries to turn back on?

    Hello fellow pc mechanics! I have a problem here and it has been going on for several days even weeks now. My gaming computer shuts off at random times and then tries to reboot itself. The lights in my pc will turn on then off after a few seconds. When I leave it alone for a few hours everything...
  31. LightningsalesUK

    [SOLVED] AMD Threadripper 1950X system freezing while gaming.

    My system keeps freezing while playing games, when playing games such as Assetto Corsa, Overwatch and Minion Masters, Games such as CS:GO and BeamNG.Drivce have never had this freezing issue. At a random point while playing (shorter or longer depending on the game) it will freeze, the screen...
  32. Daninphx

    [SOLVED] New Ryzen build wont boot, possible overheat

    Hey guys, Just put together a new pc and can’t get the thing to boot. CPU: AMD ryzen 2700x Mobo: asrock B450 Steel Legend Gfx: AMD Radeon pro wx 3100 Psu: corsair cx650m Ram: gskill ddr4-2666 8gb x2 Boot drive: samsung 860 evo 1tb POSTs just fine and windows begins to load but always crashes...
  33. IlMetapodlI

    [SOLVED] CPU overheating to 90°C w/ new liquid cooler

    I just bought a brand new dual fan liquid cooler, because my cpu was overheating to 90°c and would crash my pc. I installed the new liquid cooler, and there was no change in the CPU temperature after. PLEASE HELP