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  1. W

    Question Ping Spikes/Packet Loss Across All Network Devices

    Hello, I have been having ping spikes/packet loss for at least two months now although it may have been an issue before, but wasn't nearly as apparent before. Here is the run down: I'm using a wireless connection because I'm on the third floor of my house with my router & modem in the...
  2. D

    Question My online games lagging even though my internet speed is good.

    Hi, Recently I have been having an issue with my online gaming experience. All the games which I had been playing just a week ago (Warzone, Apex, Fifa 20) with little to no issue now lags every time I log in. I have done a speed test using the app and the download was well above 30 Mbps. And...
  3. DirtySZN

    Question Wired connection with lag/packet loss

    So I have Xfinity as my ISP - I am hard wired connected to Netgear wifi cable modem router AC1750 model number C6300 plus my Netgear XR500 gaming nighthawk router to my PC - Just to clarify, I have 2 routers basically because I set the Netgear C6300 into router mode so that it is only a modem...
  4. Rohit gandikota

    Question Tweaks to reduce packet loss and ping spikes for online gaming

    I have a D Link DIR 615 router that's connected to a cable modem. I'm getting a up and down speed of 30 mbps which is fine. The problem lies in the output. I've been facing packet loss and ping spikes in games most of the time. This happens usually once in 5 minutes. Do I need to change any...
  5. JoeyMan12345

    Question Random packet loss spikes while playing games on my WiFi

    Hello everyone! Ever since about 4 months ago, I had started to experience connection issues (Predominantly while playing games, which makes up most of what I do on my computer) and those connection issues seemed to be packet loss related. First, I had thought it may be a problem with my older...
  6. K

    Question Really high ping only at night time?

    So I built my gaming pc about a year ago and initially I had no problems playing games at any time of the day, but recently I've been experiencing terrible connection at night time, from about 6pm to 11pm. Most people have told me that it's because a lot of people in my area start using the...
  7. I

    Question Packet Loss booting me games

    Hello, So little run down. I've been having packet loss issues for about a week. I lived at my apartment for 2+ years and no issues before now. It usually happens every 15-20 minutes when I am gaming. I use a router and a modem from the isp and have ethernet cables hooked up to my PC. I have...
  8. ybar

    Question Internet is fine but packet loss in discord and lag in games?

    So I've never had a problem with my internet before but for the past three nights the second it gets late my discord packet loss rates go through the roof and I start lagging to everyone in the call, and any online game I play lags even though my ping is great. My PC is connected through...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Packet loss on Apex Legends

    I have terrible packet loss on every Apex server (50%+) since i started to play like a month ago.Its ONLY on Apex NOT any other game so far.I tried everything i could think of myslef and find on the internet.I contacted my isp and ea games support,both said everything is fine on their end and...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] My speed tests show 9 ping, 300 Down and 35 Up but I still get packetloss

    I was getting packetloss while playing fortnite with 150 Down and 12 Up so I upgraded my plac to 300 Down and 30 Up but nothing changed. My speed tests are all excellent but somehow I cannot get rid of packet loss. Ive tried optimizing my ethernet port settings but still no. I've tried changing...
  11. N

    Question Recommendations of a good vpn for gaming

    TL;DR: I need a VPN that is suitable to play games on (low ping, no packet loss, nice speeds) any suggestions are appreciated :) Main post: Heya, I've been gaming for ages now but have never used a VPN, I have a dynamic ip but want to take it a step further, the only problem I have is that I...
  12. A

    Question Wifi randomly turns off/huge packet loss

    Whenever i play games specifically, like Rocket League or Csgo, my wifi "turns off." What i mean by this is that it will either kick me from the game, or just show an icon that says disconnected. It fixes after 10-15 seconds, and then tells me im getting huge packet loss. This happens on...
  13. G

    Question Setting up QOS for gaming Edgerouter X

    Hey guys, I've been having very bad bufferbloat as of late. I'm trying to setup QOS to prioritize gaming but so far I've had no real improvements. I'm using an Ubiquiti Edgerouter X and I've tried SQM but it doesn't seem to work. My speeds are 5/0.5. Can someone guide me through a basic QOS setup?
  14. P

    Question Please help me understand my Pingplotter traceroute results

    For the last month and a half I've been experiencing major packet loss, high jitter and high latency while gaming. When I phone my ISP (BellMTS) they say they see errors in the line and suggest sending out a tech to fix the errors. I've had 3 techs come out in the last month and each of them...