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  1. Z

    Is it Worth it?

    Is Windows 7 worth it? I currently have windows vista ultimate 64 bit, and have cleaned it up a lot, but it still runs relatively slow and buggy. Does buying the windows 7 64 bit update version mean you keep all your files? Also, what are some other good ways to cleanup vista? is there a list of...
  2. G

    Your message says repeated 4 times..

    This site is all Dell.. "FUNNY" How no one EVER reviews any others.. or has ANY problems with DELL! sic sic sic
  3. M

    No Windows Mail in Windows 7

    If you have office XP or higher us its outlook if its on your office Install list and up date it to service Pack 3 I did it for windows 7 home premium 64 bit edition and dont have a problem.
  4. G

    I wish computers were as slow as they were 15 years ago

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg (More info?) I liked CRPGs, I really did. When I read the manual, spent hours just to decide the composition of the party, then creating the characters, and going through the battles one step at a time, where battles were challenging and you had...
  5. N.Broekhuijsen

    Asus Outs ROG Rampage IV Black Edition X79 Motherboard

    Asus has officially released its ROG Rampage IV Black Edition X79 motherboard for use with Intel's Ivy Bridge-E CPUs. Asus Outs ROG Rampage IV Black Edition X79 Motherboard : Read more
  6. G

    Start PC without Front pannel connectors

    can any body suggest me how to start a system by shorting the pins in the motherboard( i mean to ask which pins to short to switch on the system)
  7. W

    Dell XPS 9000 specification!

    Hey there, I am planning on buying the Dell XPS 9000 but i have a few questions. Does it come with integrated wifi? If not, is there any free pci slot so I can put my old wifi card in the pc. Also, i've read that the computer has a total of 6 usb port, is that true? Finally, if I put the...
  8. X

    Shall i use vista license for windows seven

    I bought vista license at march 2009 shall i use it for windows seven with the same license is there any possible plz intimate
  9. NinjaPenguin1

    cloning clean installed windows 7 to a new build

    i am going to build my first pc and i wondered if i can clone a clean installed laptop oem windows 7 to my new hdd?
  10. S

    Can this be done

    Well i want to play PS2 games on my PC.Can this be done.I heard there are emulators for this but the ones i used didn't work for me.I want to play games like Mortal Kombat:Deception and Tekken 5 on my Pc using PS2 DVDs.Is it possible.If yes,then what program(s) should i use or what procedure...
  11. cbarkachi

    Is this a good custom gaming PC build?

    I stumbled upon a website called SuperBiiz and they build custom pc's. I'm making the switch over from consoles and want to know if this is a good deal. Please look at the build before you urge me to build a computer myself. It costs 740 dollars...
  12. T

    Motherboard for amd athlon le 1660

    i have emachines computer the motherboard is bad (the chip AMD athlon LE1660)with motherboard can fit in that chip
  13. ShiroItami

    New GPU or PSU: Computer Shut Down when Under Load (PSU Reports 2 short beeps)

    I recently bought a new GPU, a Gigabyte 770GTX 4GB Windforce towards upgrading my computer. I was planning on a new motherboard and CPU but meanwhile I'm sticking with what I have, since reportedly, despite bottle-necking, I will see improvements. So I decided to install my new graphics card and...
  14. G

    No connection to Sony camcoder by firewire?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) Hi, I got a new computer with windowsXP and with an firewire port. I have connected my camera SonyTrv900E to it with firewire and I try to capture movie to the computer by using Windows Movie Maker but the computer...
  15. P

    hp or alienware?

    hey people, i have narrowed it down 2 to pre built systems, the hp (specs given here http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c03957865&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=5400355) and the alienware x51 which is the one with an i7 3770 with gtx 660. which would...
  16. G

    Where do you find the thrill in UO

    Archived from groups: rec.games.computer.ultima.online (More info?) Now that PK's have all but gone. Isn't it like a pretty looking chat client now that I can't pop along and make your heart beat while farming gold or digging up ingots? The making of Trammel to appease all the Girly-Men...
  17. N

    Gigabyte GTX 760 in a Zalman Z11 Case

    I have recently a new pc, however i have not bought a case yet. I really like the Zalman Z11 Case, but don't know if the gtx 760 i bought will fit. The website states that it will fit cards up to 290mm long and the GTX 760 is 295mm long. Will it fit???
  18. 3

    about 2 GPUs

    I have a GTX 650 and a GTX 780 installed. When I play games does it automatically use the best card or do I have to do some manual configuration? thanks
  19. G

    Presario 5304 and Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq (More info?) The DiamondMax Plus 8 was free. Would anyone care to share with me the installation procedure for an old Presario 5304? Thanks - Mike
  20. R

    Need advise in Graphics Card upgrade

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I have a Dimension 8400 and I am wanting to replace the Radeon 300 video card with something that can handle games better. (BF2) Can you replace the card with one that you buy at the local PC shop or do you have to buy one from Dell...