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  1. G

    traitors on ONS servers

    Archived from groups: alt.games.unreal.tournament,alt.games.unreal.tournament2003,comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action (More info?) I've been noticing more and more people deliberately trying to screw up their own team in UT, taking vehicles and not doing anything, taking HellBenders and killing...
  2. G

    Nav trainer

    Archived from groups: alt.games.microsoft.flight-sim (More info?) I went to this site, http://www.navfltsm.addr.com/nav-downloads.htm, and downloaded and installed the trainer. Problem is that I already had a C182 in Fs8. When in the program and I try to bring up the trainer I get the c182...
  3. G

    IE6 crashes on certain sites, also on closing new window

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) Running XP Home SP2, Pentium4, 1 gig RAM, acres of HD space. Since installing SP2, IE 6 fails when accessing sites that opened OK before. Symptoms are that after a few seconds, IE just closes--no message, nothing...
  4. G

    Help with OS install please

    I currently have a pc with a 80gb HDD and windows xp home. I have a new Samsung Spinpoint f3 500gb that I would like to add to my system and I have windows 7 x64 that I would like to install on the new drive. However, I would like to still be able to access the programs on my old drive without...
  5. B

    Change volume to primary

    How do you change, in Win 7-64bit, a logical Drive to a primary partition?
  6. M

    Dell Dimension E251 Consent BSOD after Upgrades

    Hi there, I am working at a Non-Profit. I recently upgraded the components for a DELL Dimension E521. The RAM on that thing seems to be not working after MemTest and I replaced it with a 2GB Kingston DDR2 667Mhz PC5300 RAM which is compatible according to Crucial.com. I added a new hard drive...
  7. Z

    USB ports, devices undetected

    Certain devices ("obsolete" flash drives, iPod) are undetected in Windows 7. There are no problems with my mouse and wireless adapter, which are USB. I have tried connecting previously undetected devices through the same ports that detect the mouse and wireless adapter, which has made me...
  8. D

    Looking for budget build suggestions

    OK, I need 3 parts, RAM, Mobo hsf What I have is i5 3470s Radeon 7770 480GB Crucial m500 SSD RAID 1 1TB WDC stand alone 500gb Seagate (anyone interested in buying? lol) the usual optical drives psu.... unsure... I'll have to check... I may need to upgrade that too. high efficiency preferred...
  9. G

    Need help with virus

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) Hi, I have a pretty big problem with my computer. I'm sure I have a virus, but I dont know which one, because I can't open my virus scanner(I had Mcaffee installed). I can't open system restore, internet explorer...
  10. J

    Www kodak com/go/support

    Hello, how do I set transfer my pictures to a hp computer?
  11. Msixteen

    About to install 7 using usb flash drive

    so Im about to install windows 7 ultimate 64 using a 4gig flash drive, i am currently running vista home 32 and i used The_Prophe​cy's 2nd method of transferring my win7 to my usb. my questions are 1. i do not have a free hard drive to do a clean install with this affect the installation? or...
  12. T

    Graphics Card Upgrade - Advice Needed

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card and had a few questions about it as its something I've never done before. I'm upgrading this PC...
  13. L

    Internet not coming up

    Hello, When I try to pull up my internet, it comes up and then immediately shuts down.
  14. H

    Moved computer into new case, now Windows 7 won't boot

    I just bought a new computer case for my computer and moved [almost] all of my computer parts into it. It's a smaller case so one of my storage HDDs had to become an external, no big deal. The OS is Windows 7 Professional x64, it was installed on a pair of SATA drives on a RAID-0 array. Before...
  15. R

    Inspiron One23 advice

    Are these computers worth the money? would be used for gaming and internet, not fussed on the software for word and that?
  16. M

    Please help

    error:access violation at 0x00489DF8 (tried to read from 0x00000020) programme terminated I want to play a game and I get this message,does anyone knows what it means please?
  17. S

    Help with Inspiron 1520 Microphone

    I have been having problems with both the built in microphone and any headset that I plug into my laptop. I have been looking through windows but it doesn't seem to recognize the built in microphone anymore and doesn’t want to recognize the headset I plug in either. When I plug in my headset I...
  18. J

    F8t013 windows 7 driver

    does anyone know if drivers exist for this device to function with windows 7 32bit?
  19. N

    Radeon HD 7990 fps drop and support games.

    does The radeon 7990 support all the games ? and the new drivers fixed the fps drop in games ?
  20. G

    Strange plane behaviour

    Archived from groups: alt.games.microsoft.flight-sim (More info?) In err FS 2004, i ;let the plane go up to 56, 000 FT on autopilot the turned off auto pilot the plane had been flying for 5 hours when turning the wheel the response went through much uicker and the plane went CRAZY. It was...