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  1. M

    Opinions Wanted

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I have had my Dell 8200 for little over a year now. I have been thinking about re-formating or re-intalling WinXP to reclaim it's once real fast speed. Now apps open rather sluggishly and overall performance is rather sub-par from what...
  2. U

    Some tips for aspiring CS Majors

    I am currently enrolled as a Computer Science major at a 4-year university in the US, and I see a lot of people asking what a CS major can do with his/her degree, and what it encompasses. So I'd like to give a little insight into what I, myself, have experienced in my first and second year. So...
  3. A

    sims 2

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.games (More info?) I need help...... I have a problem with sims 2. I can't load it on to my machine. I always get a message which says ' can't load sims 2 because the directx 9.0c is not found. I have tried to load this element from the sims site and...
  4. G

    Alternate-win Champions block deck

    Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.magic.strategy (More info?) I'm working on a Campions-block deck to win by forcing my opponent to run out of his library. It seems there are a couple decent cards to do this, although I don't know if this could be a feasible deck what with all the...
  5. Z

    Dedicated physx card

    currently i have a gtx 780 and i game on 1 monitor 1920 x 1080 and out of curiousity i was wondering would a dedicated card for physx be worth it? never tried before and i dont want another 780 because i believe that would b overkill with 1 1080p monitor. so should i get a lesser card for physx...
  6. M

    Dell catalogs/price lists

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Dear All, I am interested in historical price lists for Dell computers and accessories, preferably for the past three years (though I would be happy with a portion of that period). Does anyone out there save all their...
  7. T

    New install of Win8 on Asus Vivobook

    I bought an Asus vivobook (S400CA) about 2 weeks ago and I tried to install a new SSD to replace the old 5400rpm HDD. Long story short, I messed up cloning the original hard drive so it will no longer boot at all. I already have an extra copy of a windows 8 DVD (with an unused product key)...
  8. E

    New Gaming Rig

    I was thinking of making my own PC for gaming and was wondering if these parts were any good and if they were all compatible, with mabye some room for upgrades? CPU: Intel i5 4670K GPU: MSI GTX 770 4 GB RAM: Cosair Vengance Pro 8GB @ 1866Mhz Motherboard: MSI Z87 GD65 HDD: 1TB SeaGate 7200RPM...
  9. A

    £1000 Gaming PC - build ready?

    So, as the title suggests I am going to be building a £1000 pounds (absolute top limit) and as far as I can tell I have finished with picking all the parts and now it just comes to buying it. So before I do this I want to check that I have selected all parts that are the best for my price...
  10. M

    which is the best graphics card 2014?

    Please tell me the best answer.!!!!!
  11. C

    Looking for sturdy 2TB portable HDD

    I'm looking for recommendations for a portable 2TB external hard drive for storing video files in the field. I'm looking for these features: -USB 3.0 -Portable -2TB -sturdy -under $300. I've have a few iosafe rugged drives for critical stuff, but I'm looking for something cheaper. Ideally...
  12. T

    75hz, <=5ms, IPS? 23" monitor with not big input lag for ~$200?

    Hello, this is my first post here :) How are you guys? I was looking at the forums for so long time but I couldn't find the answer for my problem. Well, it's high time to change my old monitor for something newer. My current display is Eizo S1921 (PVA 19" panel, 20ms BWB time, likely 8ms G2G...
  13. P

    Budget Build 350$ish for regular use + little gaming plus another gaming build

    I'd like your guys opinion on these builds.The budget computer will be used for regular things like looking at email, typing up documents, and things alike, as well as a little bit of gaming. I would also like to know if my power supply is compatible with my motherboard and my case. If you see...
  14. G

    What solvent(s) is/are used in HP deskjet cartridges? I ha..

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Ether? Methanol, ethanol? Are there different solvents for colour and black cartridges, BTW? Thanks in advance for any relevant reply! /D
  15. G

    Enable gpedit.msc to windows 8 Home edition

    I can not see gbedit.msc in my Window 8 home edition. Please let me know how to enable it. Pls reply to me at (email removed by moderator). Many Thx. Goro
  16. T

    No games on laptop

    Hello, just purchased a new laptop and installed windows 8 but now I don't have any standard games IE minesweeper on the laptop. How do I reinstall them when they were on the laptop when I was given it
  17. C

    Acer v173 dual monitor setup

    Hello, I am having trouble setting up my dual monitor right now. When I check my display settings for my computer (windows 7), my only option is generic non-pnp monitor. My goal is to have both screens to have extended to the other. Not happening so far. I've tried to do "windows logo" +P to...
  18. R

    Required drivers

    Dear sir , I have HP Laser jet p 1007 printer . I need it's drivers. Please provide it.
  19. S

    Folder password protection

  20. brulesmegood

    New Build W/ Monitor not working

    So last weekend my friends and I decided to finally build my new pc and everything looks nice and it was very very cheap because i bought old components from many of my friend's old pcs. I have been trying to setup, but we have been having trouble getting the monitor to work. The computer itself...