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  1. Gadgez

    [SOLVED] SOLVED: Upgraded some components, now it won't boot.

    Hey guys, been looking in on this site for a few years now but now it looks like the time's finally come for me to make an account and post. I'll cut to the chase - I installed a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM today, and despite everything appearing to be be plugged in, hitting the power switch...
  2. M

    Question Custom Power Button

    Hello everybody, im planning on installing a custom Power button. I know that I need to get a momentary switch for that but I actually couldn't figure out what voltage I need. This is the button im planning on buying...
  3. HardAsARockie

    [SOLVED] Computer unable to turn off through power button

    Hello. I just recently built a PC. I can turn on the PC, but a few things are off. The motherboard shows a white light, and I can see all the fans are on. However, there is no power switch LED, there is no signal to the monitor, the keyboard and mouse aren't lighting up, and you are unable to...
  4. Katlina1`8

    [SOLVED] Can i conect VW195D direct into the power switch without power supply

  5. MadisonL

    [SOLVED] POWER SW Cable fried that’s connect to the J2 and case power button

    Recently I noticed that my PC wasn’t turning on. So I opened it up to find out that the button to my case to turn on my computer was fried. The cables fried were the POWER SW which was connect to the J2 box thing. I’ve been researching on how to turn it on and all I have to do is connect the two...
  6. S

    Question PC flickers

    Well, this is the situation. I have a very strange problem with my pc, it's been flickering for quite some time... the story is like this, I changed PSU because I needed to use an SSD that I had since the old PSU would not support. Since before I had fried an SSD and an HDD, problem solved (for...
  7. Shadow777

    Question Does GPU video depend on motherboard video??

    Hello. Im going to buy a used 1155 motherboard and the owner is telling me the video on the hdmi,vga ports of the Mobo dont work, but he doesnt know if it would or wouldnt work with a dedicated GPU and currently doesnt have any hardware to test it out. Is it likely it will work with my GPU? Or...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Games freezing for 1 - 6 second randomly

    #1 Hello, When i play games like half life, Counter strike or any other; the game freezes for a few seconds randomly and then continues like nothing happened, and then does it again. This happens mostly in situations where explosions happen or even the slightest of effects. Normally my pc...
  9. T

    Question Are there any good programs to find stop hidden processes overloading CPU pls anyone

    Are there any good programs to find stop hidden processes overloading CPU pls anyone My PC (win7 Lenovo T520) has been on nearly 100% CPU usage (up and down), for hours, some yesterday, some today. I tried restarting it, closing all in task manager 'processes' that seemed to be a problem...
  10. V

    Question Amd vs Intel

    Hey guys, I'm going to build a gaming pc very soon and I can't decide if i should go with ryzen 2700x and rtx 2080 or I7 8700k or even 9700k and rtx 2070.The rtx 2080 build is more expensive of course and I m not sure if its worth the price. I use my pc for mostly gaming in 1440p 144 hz and...
  11. C

    Chrome wont allow me to log on my android it keeps logging me off and telling me to log on again

    I can't get on any google apps on my android it won't sync with my desktop. I can't use google play, map, directions or the browser on my Samsung J7 android. Anyone else experiencing this or has resolved this issue I would greatly appreciate your input.
  12. F

    [SOLVED] Regarding coil whine

    So to my understanding it's completely harmless from what I've read, but should it really be this loud? Or do you think there's something else off here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l7Jt6a7lAA
  13. J

    Mouse & Keyboard Issue

    I have no idea what could be going on with my peripherals, but here's my situation: Hardware: Razer Anasi Keyboard Rzaer Naga Mouse (Have tried basic Dell mouse as well) My left key on my keyboard has stopped working. When I restart my computer it works, but goes out shortly after. My mouse is...
  14. H

    Lenovo Thinkpad won't stay HDMI connected to my Samsung Smart TV

    I've connected my Lenovo thinkpad X1 Carbon Windows 10 to my new Samsung Smart TV model UN43J5202AF via HDMI to the HDMI 1 port on the TV. To get the connection to work, every time the laptop goes to sleep, I have to 1st turn the TV back on, then wake the laptop. Most of the time that works...
  15. P

    My GPU fans aren't actually cooling my GPU

    So recently games have been causing my PC to overheat. At first i thought it was my thermal pads or paste so I changed them. I noticed it didn't change and the air coming from my vent in the back connected to the gpu is cool air... My idles are 30-35C and my loads during gaming get up around...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Acronis Clone and Crucial 2TG SSD

    I just purchased a 2 TB Crucial SSD. I am trying to Clone using Acronis. When I use the clone mode the drive say's "not initialized" Then if I click on the drive and look at properties, it does not show it as Crucial SSD it reads asmedi ASMT1051 SCSI Disk Device properties. Did I get a fake...
  17. M

    Which graphic card and processor is compatible with my motherboard?

    So I want to upgrade my computer, but not really sure which graphic card and/or processor is compatible with my ASRock FM2A68M-DG3+ motherboard. I currently have GTX 950 2gb as my graphic card and a AMD Athlon X4 860k Kaveri Quad-Core 3.7 GHz as my processor. Which graphic card and processor can...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] the xbox controllers

    Bạn đang có ý muốn thiết kế một bữa tiệc nhưng lại không biết nên chọn hình thức nào cho thích hợp? Thử nghĩ đến tiệc buffet xem sao, biết đâu đó là lựa chọn thích hợp nhất vì tính chất tiện lợi và đa dạng trong thực đơn của loại tiệc này. Bây giờ, loại tiệc buffet đã trở nên quen thuộc với...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] 6700k + Asus Maximus VIII Hero + 16Gb Ram for $500 CAD worth it?

    As the title suggests I found a deal on Kijiji for a 6700k with a Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard and 16GB DDR4 ram for $500 CAD which is about ~$380 USD. I'm currently running a 3700k with 16GB of ram. Is it worth the upgrade?
  20. K

    [SOLVED] PSU failure? Opinion

    System; i5-3570k @4.5Ghz -1.29v if I remember right Asus formula v mobo 7970oc PSU - corsair AX850 This system is almost 6 years old without any changes (added usb card last week actually, dunno if that would be of any significance) -------------------------------------- Long story short...