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  1. H

    Cryorig R1 Ultimate vs Noctua D15 vs Corsair H100i V2?

    I'm looking for a decent cooler for my i7 7700K.
  2. X

    Help me with my pc build price total £500

    I was thinking about making this build https://youtu.be/5yJUNyOS95o Though it is a few years old any ideas on improving it for about the same price total, P.s. sell the idea!! Regards XbiglX
  3. A

    Upgraded PC, NEW motherboard + CPU RAM, Slower performance than it should be

    Hi, I recently upgraded my PC from a setup that had AMD-FX8350 Crosshair V Formula Z Motherboard ddr3 ram gskill 2400 EVGA GTX 1080 GPU to Intel i5-7600k MSI Gaming Carbon Pro z270 Motherboard DDR4 Gskill 2400 RAM EVGA GTX 1080 GPU I was testing out the performance and came across something...
  4. spi_ajay

    my pc needs to be pressed hard for power on after installing game

    i installed arkham knight game yesterday,, ever since i installed. after i shutdown and whenver i start pc from power on.. i neeed to press bit harder than regular normal press. .. i got fx6300 and r9 280 asus direct ii boost, , 8 gb corsair vengeance ram. windows 10 14393.693 .. please let me...
  5. GioRgSaVv

    MSI RX 470 to vga monitor

    Hello there, I just wanna ask a simple question here. My MSI RX 470 just won't connect to my old vga monitor, how can I connect them? Here are the ports of MSI RX 470. Is it possible to get vga signal for my old vga monitor...
  6. T

    NEW computer, problem!

    So i just upgraded my computer to : asrock b85m pro3// 8 gb ram// gtx 1050//i5 4460. My monitor is and old one with VGA adapter. My friend helped me built the new pc but we couldn't solve one problem: when we wanted to work the monitor from the graphic card, it showed us black screen, as it...
  7. S

    i have a toshiba satellite L740- P4010 laptop, it's bios not open what i do?

    I press F2 & F12 But bios not open.win 7 is installed in this laptop but i want to install win xp but it's boot menu not open.i opened the bios battery for a minit and put it again and press F2 & F12 but its not work . can anyone tell me what to do.''Turn on while tapping 'esc', then choose 'f2'...
  8. V

    PC rebuild SSD addition

    I'm going to migrate my old PC into a new small form factor case. Currently it has a 1TB HDD which is the boot drive and a 500gb HDD. When I transfer it to my new case and add the SSD I'm going to install windows to the SSD. Do I have to worry about the C: directory transferring to the SSD or...
  9. F

    Having some airflow problems

    Hello People , I'm having some problems with my GPU which gets to about 80 degrees (MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X) but if i pull off the side panel the temps drop drastically i mean like 65 ish(My CPU temps drop by 5 degrees too) . So what i'm thinking is that it has to do with airflow, and im thinking...
  10. Sonnybu42

    Optical, Coxail or Analog to Non HDMI 5.1 AVR?

    I have an old Bose Lifestyle 28 II non HDMI AVR... What is the best way to send Audio to it? From not only mu Blu-Ray Player but PC also... I want 5.1 from my PC also...
  11. Reaper_456

    computer randomly stops outputing to screen

    my computer will sometimes randomly stop outputting anything to the screen i am not sure why. i was told to use msi live update 6 to update my drivers but the app does not work and i am not sure why. whenever i try to play a game on steam it will stop outputing within a minite or two of...
  12. S

    How do i blacklist a computer on my router.

    Hi i was wondering how you can block a computer that is connected via ethernet cable on my router without removing the cable? and my router is a zhone
  13. H

    You Can Now Play 'Dying Light' With Tobii Eye Tracking Technology

    You can now use your eyes (literally!) to fight the undead horde and scale the buildings of Harran. You Can Now Play 'Dying Light' With Tobii Eye Tracking Technology : Read more
  14. O

    How do i use onboard graphics for a second monitor?

    My specs are Gigabyte z170 k3 g1 gaming I5 6600k 32gb Ddr4 corsair vengeance Msi gtx 970 oc Okay I've heard that I can use two monitors ,one on the gpu and one monitor on the onboard graphics . I'm new to this sort of thing but is it possible and if so ,how do I go about doing this ? Btw I'm...
  15. S

    I Need Help Upgrading My PC!

    I am on a budget here so I need to know which one really needs an upgrade for gaming performance. I know my ram speed is trash, but I believe that my CPU needs an upgrade since ram speed does not really affect performance, right? I want to hear from you guys. Here are my specs: CPU- i3 4170 3.70...
  16. R

    BSOD and hanging while idle Windows 10

    Sometimes my computer freezes while being idle, and sometimes I get bsods like irql not less or equal, kernel auto boost lock acquisition with raised irql or so. These all started with me buying a new HDD to replace my old one. Replaced, installed windows 10 then these problems started to occur...
  17. Q

    Laptop turns off after 1 minute

    Yesterday I was on my laptop and everything was OK. And today I started my laptop and I signed into Windows and after few seconds screen went black and I heard the Windows notification noise (I hear it everytime I am on my laptop) and then the laptop turned off. Also the laptop is older and 3...
  18. U

    Audio set up

    How do i connect a yamaha RXV363 to a samsung smart tv UA55H7000 ? I dont wish to connect a dvd or any other component. . Just a direct conection
  19. A

    USB bootable question

    Hi all, Hello all, I have Windows 10 Home x64 I went to create a USB with the Windows 10 Installer and under edition I have the options: Windows 10 Windows 10 Home single language Windows 10 N Should I pick Windows Home single language? Or is this different from my Windows 10 Home ? I'm...
  20. revolultrablue

    JFFS PARTITION, should i disable it or enable it

    I have a AC88u router. I noticed it has a jffs partition. I'm not sure if it's a needed feature, if I should just disable it or not. I don't do any VPN, I strictly use it to provide wifi performance.
  21. V

    Will my motherboard fit?

    So I want to get the DEEPCOOL Genome II case, but I don't know if my motherboard will fit in it. Help? Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16811853040 My motherboard: Z170-P ASUS
  22. M

    Access to Samsung S6 Active data without permission

    This morning I was using a Samsung S6 Active while on crutches. The phone slipped and fell on it's back, not only breaking the glass but completely disabling the screen. Other than that the phone still works, I was able to access with the interface in my truck. I upgraded to the S7 Active this...
  23. A

    Low-End Gaming PC with an E93839 Motherboard

    So I recently got a prebuilt Dell system from a friend and was hoping to make it into at least a low-end gaming pc for my younger brother. - Intel Core i3-3220 - 4GB DDR3 RAM (I can easily upgrade this one) - HGST Sata 500GB HDD - E93839 Motherboard - 240W True Rated PSU I realized I could not...
  24. D

    Is this a good build?

    Hi, I'm getting a PC build for Christmas, and I would like to know if you guys like this one my friend made. Please leave your opinions/suggestions. Thanks! Part 1: http://prntscr.com/donowx Part 2: http://prntscr.com/donp61 Part 3: http://prntscr.com/donpbm Instead of that case, would this...
  25. A

    4790k + DDR3 G.Skill Trident X 4x8GB 1.65v, 2400MHz

    Hi, My specs - Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Pro4 CPU: i7-4790k GPU: Gigabyte G1 1070 RAM: Kingston Fury X 1600MHz DDR3 PSU: Corsair RM 750i Is it safe to use 32GB of Trident X 2400MHz with my setup if CPU is at stock speed? If not, can I make it more stable if I increase the vCore by say +0.010v...
  26. B

    Sata to IDE cable

    I may be going out on a limb here but I have an old computer that has 4 sata connections on the Motherboard and 1 IDE. Currently I have 2 Sata HDD connected and 2 IDE drives connected. I have 2 more IDE Drives that I would like to put in the computer but only have the 2 SATA ports open. Is there...
  27. M

    Arctic F12 TC - Sensor Placement?

    Novice question .... Where do you put the sensor when installing this fan? Is there a specific or ideal place?
  28. K

    Desktop or Laptop ?

    I expect my machine to handle android development (android studio) and unity development. My budget is $600-$700. I'm afraid that i would get under powered with a laptop in this budget. I Occasionally need to switch between different locations to work, this is stopping me from getting a desktop...
  29. saxguy67

    Looking for a new atx case

    Title says it all. I really like the look of the atx cases with a psu cover and a large window. It would have to be around $100 as well. I have done some research on cases like the s340 elite and the 400c/460x but am worried that my psu (evga 1000w p2) won't fit in the case with the hdd cages...