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  1. A

    Question Build won't POST, how to verify it's the CPU

    I have two homebuilt computers that we use in my lab that stopped working. First they occasionally blue-screened, but then got to where they wouldn’t even POST. This happened about a year apart at the same station. I later learned that there was a faulty UPS there backing up the PC power...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Could my power supply be causing server restarts?

    My server has been periodically restarting for a while now and always 20 mins after the hour. I initially suspected a memory leak due to some strange behaviors but I'm not sure that's the case anymore. System specs: Windows server 2016 essentials Intel Xeon 1230 V5 Windows server essentials...
  3. ShakMR

    Question Computer problems when recognising RAM/Disks

    Hello everyone, My computer has had this problem several times in the past and now I'm really annoyed by it. Last one happened on Monday (April 22th). The computer didn't want to start (not even a flash or fan trying to move) I though the PSU might be faulty to I unplugged everything and...
  4. OneApples

    [SOLVED] Idle core-clock fluctuation too high? [Diagram]

    Hello everyone reading this, 1080ti now, I know that the GPU clocks up to help with 3D rendering, even when browsing the web or Windows, but my GPU always clocks up to 99% for some seconds. I'm scared that this might lead to my PSU giving up or resistors popping, is there any way to limit the...
  5. O

    G3258 using way too much power, cant get past 4.4ghz

    Hello all, I have a G3258 (like a lot of people sorry if your getting sick of these questions) I cant seem to get past 4.4ghz even at 1.4v . Im using the MSI Z97 PC mate and ive seen people hit stuff like 4.7 at 1.4v. I got to the windows loading screen on 4.5 but then it froze and I reset my PC...