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  1. J

    intel core 2 duo running WAAAAY too hot??

    ive noticed that my custom built PC has been running slow lately, so i downloaded a program called realtemp to look at the CPU temperatures, and guess what? the processor idles at around 180-205 degrees, its insane! i'm not doing any overclocking or anything! could it be the CPU cooler? im...
  2. D

    Is this worth it or not?

    I have an i5 3470 and I can purchase a G1 Sniper M3 for $150 AUD, around $100~ USD. I plan to buy a used/refurbished/brandnew 3770K/3570K in the future and overclock it. http://www.gigabyte.com.au/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4168#ov
  3. J

    looking for a system, computer that will run this program (Chief Architect)system requirements PC MinimumPC MinimumWindo

    PC Minimum I need a new computer and would like one that can run (Chief Architectx7) system requirements Windows 10 / 8 / 7 2.4 GHz processor or Multi-Core Processor 2 GB of Memory (32 bit) 4 GB of Memory (64 bit) Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 or higher Dedicated Video Card with 512 MB memory, e.g...
  4. Q

    Best Budget Gaming PC?

    i wanna play games like CSGO and minecraft. maybe bf4 and farcry 4. i want it to be able to most games at medium to high settings. this is what i have so far: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gKcGZL I'd like good cable management and it can be a little over 500. not more than 10 bucks. Thanks!
  5. M

    Which PSU to get

    My specs i7 6700k msi z97 gaming 5 cooler master 212 evo corsair 16gb 4×4 1tb Western digital gtx 980ti Evga b2 99.99 Evga G2 100.57 Evga B2 750. 80.43 im trying to save some $$ wo which is better for my system of course the g2 is better but is the b2 good or even wistand over clock
  6. S

    as in my motherboard graphics card slot is pci × 16.does it support nvidia geforce gtx 960 wgb ddr5?

    as in my motherboard graphics card slot is pci × 16.does it support nvidia geforce gtx 960 2gb ddr5?
  7. C

    GTX 960 and R9 270X Power Supply

    Im planing to buy new GPU (GTX 960 or R9 270X). Can this PSU be enough for GTX 960 or R9 270X or i need to buy new PSU ? If I need to buy new will ATX SilverStone SST-ST50F-ES-230V 500W be good choice ? CPU: i3-2120 3.3 GHz RAM : 2x4GB 1333 MHz Motherboard : Asus P8B75-V Cooler Master K380 MID...
  8. A

    Maybe a MAC Problem

    Hi my WiFi is not able to work properly with my laptop, even when the wifi is connected. All of the other devices are able to connect with WiFi and browsing can be done through those. My router is Linksys E1200 model. On the setup page for router settings, the MAC address clone is showing the...
  9. J

    Been asking around - Can a GTX 970 from NVDIA fit in my Dell XPS Studio 9100 case?

    My AMD Radeon 6670 card is 5.9" x 4.38" - the GTX 970 card I want is 1.7 inches x 10.6 inches x 5.6 inches. I think I need to measure the case to be sure, though. I really really want this card and because the case is open (due to Dell's being unable to understand how to get good airflow in...
  10. A

    The best GPU for this CPU.

    I plan on making a huge overpowered PC next year with a budget of 3-4 thousand. However right now, the one i built as a midrange PC 3 years ago is still holding strong. Atm, i'm rocking a GTX 660ti with a i5-3570k @3.40. I'm planning on picking up a far better GPU that won't be bottlenecked by...
  11. B

    New build wont boot, boot_device_led always on

    My problem is: i cant get my new setup to boot. I will describe everything i tried My build Motherboard: ASUS Z97 Pro wifi ac Processor: i5 4690k Memory: 2x8gb kingston hyperx 1866mhz Cooler: zalman cnps 14x GPU: Asus gtx 970 strix HD: 3tb seagate SSD: 250gb evo 850 samsung PSU: EVGA supernova...
  12. F

    Looking for a good cpu cooler that doesn't go over 500$

    Here's my build with out CPU cooler. And please suggest paste for cooler also
  13. B

    Connecting wireless headphones with Sharp TV

    I have a Sharp TV Model LC-42LB261U and I also have some LG wireless headphones. I am trying to figure out the best way to listen to the TV through the headphones. The TV has 1 optical output, shared component/composite and a headphone jack. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. The...
  14. F

    best performance monitor?

    Hi, im looking for a monitor to buy. Right now im using 1080p 21,5" aoc (cant remember the exact model). I recently built a high end pc with an i7 cpu and nvidia gpu but im really lame and out of date when it comes to monitors. Im looking for the best deal out there and i dont know where to...
  15. S

    Do I need to uninstall my old gtx 660 drivers when I put in my msi 7950?

    Hello guys just wanted to ask, I have a 660 in my dell xps8700 my 7950 is coming tomarrow and I was wandering do I need to uninstall my geforce drivers when before I take the 660 out and put in the new 7950? Thank you
  16. X

    HELP! Second Monitor can't be detected!

    Just finished building my own PC and everything seems to be in order except that my second monitor can't be detected when on the screen resolution page. My first monitor is hooked up to my graphics card through DVI-I cable and I'm also trying to do hook up a DVI-I cable between my second monitor...
  17. H

    what causes my laptop to not start up ?

    Model : 5738 G Issue : When the power button is pressed , HD led lights up but turns of after 2 seconds and screen is just black no sign of booting . No other buttons like bluetooth ,wifi is turning on (that is the concerned LED doesn't lights up) What I did : 1. Removed power source( adapter...
  18. D

    My PC regularly reboots during use

    So I built my PC with some friends about 10 months ago, and I was having no problems with it until about 4 weeks ago. Problem 1: Now the problem seems to vary slightly from time to time, but it generally revolves around the computer going black screen and then rebooting. Some times instead of...
  19. O

    Computer not booting after shutting down

    My computer usually turns on by placing the cmos jumper plug to the pins 1-2 but after shutting it down using thepsu power switch its not turning back on!!! Help me !!!!!
  20. S

    Hard Disk Failure

    Hey Guys :) First of all i want to thank you you guys for helping Okay let's begin This is my problem I recently change my hard drive it was diagnostics and test by my friend it has smart disk failure and i change it to a newer one and then after 3 months i accidentally dropped it and...
  21. 5

    Graphics Card No Display

    I installed a graphics card about two weeks ago. It is a NVIDIA Geforce 7600 GT 512MB. Apparently when I turned my desktop on today, some of the characters were yellow instead of the normal white on bios setup. Also, when it loads up the OS, it stops displaying on the monitor. I was wondering if...
  22. J

    How well will this build perform? (gaming)

    Hello, I am helping my friend choose parts for his pc, this is what we have come up with so far. How well do you think this build will run recent games such as battlefield 4 and games releasing at towards the end of this year? Thanks in advance! PCPartPicker part list...
  23. R

    I have an issue booting Windows 7 disc

    I have a Windows 7 64-bit disc that doesn't seem to boot in the computer's start up, but it works when i'm already in Windows itself. I already tried various methods to get it working including the bios, but it only works when i'm already in windows, not start up.
  24. A

    Get frequent BSODs when I game. Help?

    I've spent weeks trying to troubleshoot this issue on my own and can't figure out what's causing it. Hopefully, someone here can help me. I recently built a new gaming rig. Most (but not all) games cause a BSOD. I'm running Windows 7. BSODs on Win 7, I've found, are almost always hardware...
  25. M

    Radeon HD 7800 keeps crashing in Windows 7

    I've diagnosed this problem to concluding that my video card only crashes in Windows 7 64 bit edition. In 32 bit, it ran smoothly without any problems, but in 64 bit, any game I play, there's occasional crashes, including blue screen of death now and again. My specs: Intel Core i3 2120 3.30...
  26. R

    MSI GTX 780ti

    Why on newegg is it saying this card is discontinued? I was planning on snagging out ive been readings some pretty amazing things about this card and I wantec to get my hand on one
  27. V

    Budget build for friend

    My friend wants a pc one pre built or then buy all the parts and put it together wich would be me because he dont know that much about computers. He has a pretty low budget at 600€ euros wich is about 800 dollars and in that price he wants to include a monitor and keyboard+ mouse and some...
  28. Z

    Apu 6400K BE + R7 260X A GOOD COMBINATION?

    Hello guys , i have a APU AMD 6400K Black edition , and i´m gonna buy a Amd R7 260X , It is a good combination for gaming? i want play Assasins creed black flag 4 on ultra and bf4 i know that amd 6400k is a dual core , but my notebook is intel core i3 dual core with 1 gb GDDR5 and i can play...
  29. N

    Warranty void when opening case

    I do not get it why most brand warranties gets voided by just the case side panel. Doesn't PC means "Personal Computer" and the point of that is to personalize it to your specifications? I know some might say "Why not build one yourself?". That's a valid point except most people does not have...
  30. azzazel_99

    hx850 click noise?

    The power supply (i think) is making a *click* sound anytime i power down or power on my computer. The psu is brand new and ony been installed for a few days. I dont think its the fan because i dont notice the sound when the fans comes on during heavy load it just seems to be during the powering...