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  1. S

    Graphic card low price

    I have biostar A58 ml motherboard with apu A4 4000, 8 gb of ram ddr3 can i use gt730 graphic card plz help.thanx in advance ..and yes it for normal gaming which one should buy plz help how is gt 650
  2. AGiLE KiTTY

    Which graphics Card should I buy?

    I have done lots of research and finally narrowed my search into these two card Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 Gaming Palit GTX 1070 DUAL I have a 1080p 60Hz monitor and I have no idea to upgrade it to a better one. So which one should I buy? If I get the GTX 1070 would it be noticeably better than GTX...
  3. J

    Hello is the ASRock H110M-DGS motherboard compatible with my Coolermaster G650M Power supply?

    Hello, This is the first ever computer I have ever built and everything was going well until the end. I tried to turn on the computer but it did not turn on, I asked around and many people are saying it is because my motherboard is not compatible with my power supply. Can anyone please...
  4. D

    PCI fan placement

    I am buying a pci fan, because my GPU is getting too hot and my case doesn't support anymore fans. I was wondering where i should place it. back of the GPU facing it, front where the GPU fan is facing towards it, or...
  5. S

    New Build Failed, Power Problem?

    I feel like a bit of a twit, I don't sign in that often mainly because my knowledge of PC's or their problems is minimal. But I am here quite a bit. Ok... so I was running an old asus board with duo core and an old Nvidia 8400 gs card...ok stop laughing! I purchased some really nice parts and...
  6. F

    Electric noise when plugging in power cable to PSU

    When I plug the cable in, it makes a couple of brief electric crackling (not sure of best word) noises. Anyone know what could be at fault here?
  7. M

    What graphics card to upgrade to?

    In looking to upgrade my r9 280 to either a gtx 1060 or a rx 480 which should I get for 1080p gaming at max settings. I've heard and warched reviews that said the rx 480 is more future proofed for dx12 and Vulcan but is not as powerful as the 1060 in dx11. I just need a bit of help deciding. Thanks.
  8. T

    New hard drive making grinding noises

    After my old hard drive was making grinding noises like coffee brewing, I replaced it. I installed the new one and now it's making the same noise.
  9. A

    Will these parts fit in my motherboard with no problem?

    i am planning on building my first gaming pc in a month or two and i am worried about the clearance issues with my motherboard. Will these parts fit into my motherboard with no problem whatsoever? My motherboard is ASRock H97 Anniversary ATX LGA1150 Motherboard - EVGA Geforce gtx 950 2gb SSC -...
  10. K

    2x RX 480 or 1x GTX 1080 + Crossfire/SLI Questions

    So I'm thinking of building a PC soon and I was wondering whether or not I should get two RX 480 cards or a single GTX 1080. Both the RX 480s still cost less than a single GTX 1080, but I'm wondering whether they'll be worth it in the long term, as I don't really want to upgrade for at least 3-4...
  11. dragonwolf8504

    Comparing this desktop to my laptop

    I am looking at buying a desktop from someone and wanted to compare performance to my laptop's performance. I know it's not easy to compare but I'm wanting at least same performance for now until I can upgrade the desktop. They are only asking $340 for the system so keep this in mind. I'm also...
  12. Pucky

    Windows 7 won't shut down, can´t update

    Hi, windows 7 won't shut down, gets stuck on logging off even on Selective Startup. I can´t download any windows updates, windows update doesn´t work, I get an error. Can´t even update to windows 10. My pc stop detecting my headsets (unknown device code 43). I have a desktop. My nvidia and mobo...
  13. A

    First water cooled build, rigid tubing

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to build water cooled rig here, my first one with water cooling to be honest, so I want to know your opinions on my choice. Rig: ASUS RVE i7 5930k 64 Gb DDR4 2x GTX 1080Ti (When they will be released) OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480 Gb pci-e ssd (System&apps) WD Black 6 Tb hdd...
  14. adrianbarbu90

    Motherboard issue ?

    My monitor stopped turning on ( it have the stand by light on ) this morning.I was afraid it was the cables or the monitor itself but i went and tested it to a friend and it was working. Now my question is,if monitor wont turn on plugged in the gpu and also tried into the motherboards vga...
  15. S

    Converting PC Power Supplies

    I am converting a pc power supply to be used with model trains to power low voltage items. The two PS I have do not have a white wire which is typically -5V. Is there another wire that can be used if the white wire is missing which will produce the -5V?
  16. J

    how to fix gta san andreas sound for windows sound an easy way not the hard way

    there is no sound its windows 7 and i tried lots of stuff but non worked so yh
  17. N

    Internal HDD not detected in BIOS

    Hallo guys, Ive got some issues with 3 hard drives. Last Friday I moved into another house. And decided to connect my computer last night. Booted without any problems. But when I wanted to check out some data. I realised my hard drives aren't detected. I got 2 ssds and 3 hard drives. Both ssds...
  18. N

    bsod IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL gaming!

    Hello my name is Noderaidergames and, for the past couple of months that I've had my new gaming pc which my specs will be in here at the bottom but, Ive had bsod for the 3 months I've had this machine and got this bsod IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL which is mostly ram problems and I've sent my motherboard...
  19. C

    Best fan controller?

    I'm looking for a fan controller that can handle 18 of these fans Any suggestions? I will be using this for zone control...
  20. DunyaKingdom

    I'm looking for a good motherboard

    I'm looking for a motherboard that fits with my pc (i7 3770, 8GB G.Skill 1600, GTX 660 SLI) but I'm lost and don't want to make a bad purchase. Can you guys help me to choose a good motherboard? (I only can spend 110$) I'm not planning to OC and if it's possible, I would like to have a mobo...