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  1. S

    Question PC locked To 144hz from 240 from after opening Apex Legends

    I have a 240hz monitor (XL2546) and it works perfectly with every game, and windows. However, if I open Apex Legends, it resets to 144hz and I can't change it back until I restart my PC. A similar problem happened on my 144hz as well, but it would go from 144 to 120 instead. I'm using a...
  2. N


    I know this sounds crazy but i really need help. My monitor is 60-75hz when i play on 60hz its all good and normal but not smooth gameplay. But when i switch to 75hz i start lagging really badly like im talking 3k PING badly. And as soon as i go back to 60hz it goes back to normal please help!
  3. shaikyahiya

    Question Will 60 FPS on a 60 Hz monitor be better than 60 FPS on a 75 Hz monitor?

    My PC Specifications: Core i3 6098p 3.6 GHz Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 8GB DDR4 RAM 20 inch monitor I am looking for a new monitor(24", IPS) for gaming and reading. I need some advice. I could narrow down my search to two monitors: 1) BenQ GW2480 2) LG 24MP59G-P Here is the comparison chart...
  4. X

    [SOLVED] Stuck? Pixel when monitor is on for long or in low refresh rate

    View: The video above is when I alt tab a game and as the title explains it appears when the monitor is on for a long time and is more noticeable when gaming. Any ideas what it could be?
  5. shaikyahiya

    [SOLVED] Will a high refresh rate cause screen tearing too?

    My PC: Processor: Intel Core i3 6098p 3.6 Ghz RAM: 8GB DDR4 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Monitor: 19 inch, 60 Hz I want to upgrade my monitor to 24 inch, 144 Hz, 1ms. On my current monitor, I had noticed screen tearing in FIFA on which I was able to get 100 FPS. The tearing went away after I...
  6. P

    Question Custom refresh rate

    Hey . I've got a little problem with my monitor (AOC C24G1, gtx 1070). I'm using 2 monitors, the second one is 60hz. While refresh rate on AOC is set on 144hz, my gpu's memory and core clocks are too high in idle, but when i set it to lower frequency like 120hz gpu clocks are getting lower, but...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 Ti, Triple 2K Monitor Setup

    Hey guys, I hope you're having a great day. I was wondering how a 2080Ti would handle a triple 2k monitor setup in games that support multi monitor gaming. Would the frame rate in games like The Witcher 3, GTAV, ETS2, Rust suffer enough for it to not invest in higher refresh rate monitors...
  8. A

    Question AMD Ryzen 5 2400G built-in graphics maximum refresh rate at 1920x1080

    Hi guys! What is the maximum refresh rate I can get at 1920x1080 using Ryzen 5 2400G built-in graphics? I have a BenQ XL2410T monitor which supports 1920x1080@120Hz via DVI-D Dual Link. But after connecting it to motherboard's DVI-D port I could get only 60Hz. Later I read the motherboards...
  9. A

    Question 4k displays and refresh rates

    I recently purchased a laptop with a 4k display from a large online retailer in the UK. I believe the display to be defective as when scrolling, text will appear very blurry when scrolling, suggesting very poor response times etc. The effect is particularly pronounced when in Windows Night Mode...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Monitor goes black repeatedly when switched to 144hz.

    I just built a new PC, and when I tried to switch the refresh rate to 144hz, the monitor either stays black, or it's able to display an image for a few seconds before blacking out and repeating the cycle. I can go up to 85hz without issues, however any higher causes issues. The computer I just...
  11. K

    Question Please help 240hz is gone

    So i mounted my 3 monitors to the wall yesterday and since then my main monitor (Acer XFQ250) can only go up to 120hz. Before that i could just play 240hz on it. Im using the exact same cables and everything but it doesn't go higher then 120. Ive tried diffrent cables, diffrent graphics card...
  12. E

    Question 2 gpus for 2 displays

    When ever i'm playing a game on my 144hz monitor and I have a twitch stream open on my 60hz screen my 144hz goes to 60hz. So I got my gtx 960 and connected my 60hz to it and connected my 144hz screen to my gtx 1060 but my refresh rate still changes. Is there a way around this?
  13. K

    Question 144Hz Flat or 144Hz Curved or 240Hz Flat?

    I just upgraded to a GTX 1070 from an RX 570 (and I currently use a Ryzen 5 1600) and am looking at getting a new monitor to get more value out of my GPU and a better experience overall for gaming. I have been using a 75Hz freesync monitor but want both a higher refresh rate as well as G-Sync...
  14. S

    Question Need help looking for a 1440p 144hz 27" Freesync monitor for my gaming setup

    As the title says I have been looking for a 1440p 144hz 27" Freesync monitor for my setup however I have really been struggling to find one that isnt a ridiculously high price. Could anybody give me some advice or suggestions on what monitor I should look at buying? Should I look at 24"...
  15. OfficialAlexM

    [SOLVED] Dual-monitor 144hz/60hz setup issue

    Operating System: Windows 10 LTSC 2019 64-bit, build 17763.529 Specs: HP Pavilion Power 580-199ng, i7-8700, GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 300W PSU, 1080p144 main monitor & 1080p60 secondary monitor. Latest NVIDIA Driver, 430.86. I have recently bought a 144hz monitor and set my old...
  16. S

    Question Set single gpu outputs to send specific programs output.

    Hi, Guys I have got a GTX 1080 and i have got it connected to my 144hz Montor by DVI port and the and my tv with hdmi using an hdmi extender. the question is can set hdmi output to send different image than dvi like telling it to send my game on dvi and VLC.exe to Hdmi port ? Or if the answer is...
  17. X

    Question Should I upgrade my graphics card?

    I have a gtx 1060 6GB, and a 144hz monitor. I have an issue with a certain game, fortnite to be exact. Before I start playing, I set my refresh rate to 144hz. Midgame, it starts freezing a lot for like 10 seconds. After 30 minutes of gaming, the rate of freezing subsides, but I still get them...
  18. M

    Question Dual setup 144hz 60hz

    I'm running main monitor 144hz and secondary 60hz. There is no problem when I play League of Legends with the refresh rate, I get 144hz, but when I try to play World of Warcraft the ref rate drops to 60 on main monitor; could WoW not supporting fullscreen be the reason for that? I run League on...
  19. Y

    Question Bought a freesync monitor

    Hello! I bought a freesync monitor and i have an nvidia gtx 1060 gpu. I run 2 displays, one freesync and the other is just a basic 60hz 1080p monitor. So My problem here is im noticing when my games full screen it automatically goes to 75hz refresh rate and its causing my system to kind of...
  20. Discussion Community Questions: On the Road to VR

    With upcoming releases from Oculus, and fresh competition—yes, of course I’m talking about the Valve Index—the state of VR hardware is as vibrant as ever. Since the Oculus Rift came out for consumers 3 years ago headsets, controllers, and GPUs have all improved. While the latest hardware is not...