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  1. H

    Sell as a System or Individual Components?

    Hi all, Looking to sell my old system I built a few years ago (2+) as I have another built, but am unsure if I should list it as a desktop, or sell the components individually. A few things to note are that the hard drive was recently securely wiped and has no OS installed, the CPU has been...
  2. F

    Carmageddon TDR 2000 steam version won't work

    Waay back in the year 2000 I remember trying to play the third installment into the carmageddon franchise called TDR 2000. Wanting to reminisce about those days, I bought it off of steam for a bargain price. During that time, my computer was so slow the 15-20 fps I was getting made the game...
  3. K

    1080p monitor suggestions for an EXOC 1070?

    Hello, guys, good morning! So, I've seen many people saying that a 144hz monitor provides excellent experience, however, I don't play FPS, MOBA or racing games, mostly 3rd person hack n slash (such as Final Fantasy XV very soon, Monster Hunter World), Metal Gear Solid V, The Witcher 3...
  4. B

    How do I connect a bush sound bar to an hitachi t.v.

    Connected as per instructions. Gone through the trouble shooting but still not working. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Z

    Having issue with burning the disc.

    Hello everyone, So i am trying to burn an audio cd, but after burning is complete successfully the tray comes out. When i put the disc in again it shows the empty disc and when i try it burns again but still shows empty. I try to write the disc as a data disc but still get the same issue. 3rd...
  6. salilskp

    can i run upcoming games at 1080p@60fps or higher ??

    hello guys I am from India,this is my current specs core i3 2120 3.30 ghz MSI gtx 760 2 gb twinfrozr OC 8 gb 1333 mhz ddr 3 ram toshiba 1 tb HDD DELL S2240L monitor antec vp550 v2 PSU 6 cabinet fan windows 10 this is my new upcoming specs ryzen 5 1600 asus prime B350 plus am4 motherboard...
  7. H

    Computer has power. MOBO no LED, nothing works

    Hey. I recently upgraded from a Pentium G4400 to a i5 7500. I did the bios update to Kaby Lake. Since then, my computer had problems turning on but worked fine. Until now, I was browsing casually, on Facebook and what not and my computer turned off but restarted to no display, no keyboard or...
  8. A

    Is a faster GPU worth it?

    I' deciding between getting an entry level gtx 1060 running at 1.51 GHz and a more expensive one running at 1.63 GHz, the faster one is about 50-60 dollars more expensive, is it worth getting over the slower one? Will I be able to see a somewhat noticeable difference?
  9. I

    32 bit and 64 bit problems

    well when i start a game it gives me that (0xc000007b)and well i got all the programs but i think i got some that are 32 bit and 64 bit and at this point i just wanna have the 64 bit no idea how to handle it
  10. C

    CPU overheating absurd amounts

    I have a GTX 1060 which runs at 35 degrees C at idle, whilst my I5 4690K overclocked to 4.1GHz runs at around 50, rising to almost 100 under load. I have a Corsair H55, and am planning on reapplying thermal paste to see if this reduces the problem, but for this amount of overheating I think the...
  11. T

    PSU for XFX RX 580 8Gb

    Idk much about PC build and I just got myself this used PC from my friend and this is currently the PC spec: i5 4670K 16 GB DDR3 Corsair vengeance pro msi h81m-e35 v2 board Sapphire R9 270x WD 1TB Hardisk (2 Pcs) 500 watts PSU Enermax NAXN and now I'm eyeing a XFX RX 580 8GB GTS ver. to...
  12. A

    Maya 2017 Normal mapping gone horribly wrong

    So TL;DR I'm doing the FFR41-MR "Mave" for my modeling ii final. Ambitious, but I like it that way. After about 30-40 hours I'm finally happy with the model itself, then comes normal map baking etc before throwing it into quixel for texturing. And this is where the problems begin. The problem...
  13. C

    BSOD Trying to install WIn 10

    Hi, after encountering an issue with a reboot, my SSD OS files become corrupt and caused windows 10 to die on me. Luckily i have a spare SSD for the occasion, so I made a fresh bootable install for wIn 10, removed all unnecessary components from my PC and booted the disc. I get as far as the Win...
  14. S

    Minitor and Graphics Card

    I've recently upgraded my PC and the next part is the graphics card. I upgraded to a I7 7700k and need a graphics card to pair, possibly 4k. Also will need a good 4k monitor. Budget I'm thinging of saving up £500-£600.
  15. N

    Asus ROG STRIX 1080 power

    Hey, guys! I'm fairly new to this so sorry if this is a dumb question. But I want to purchase the Asus ROG strix 1080 gpu. After reading about it I understand they have a different way of fan control than what I'm used to. From what I understand they hook up to existing fans? If that's the case...
  16. M

    WD My Passport 0748 External Drive - Windows 7 - Not Recognized In "My Computer"

    I have this WD Passport, and all I want to do is get the information off of it onto my cloud storage. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to access the drive. I have read the previous forums about device management, disk management... Attached are screenshots. When I right click the two nameless...
  17. Phillip Corcoran

    "Track this thread" never changes

    When I reply to a post. the "Track this thread" link doesn't change on page reload like it should. Even when I click on the link to change it, it stays at "Track this thread" on page reload. Consequently, I'm receiving no notifications of new replies on threads I'd like to follow up on. Was...
  18. S

    Windows 10 Insider Preview 15014 (rs_prerelease) - Error 0x80096004

    Windows 10 insider preview 15014 just would not download. Giving the above error. Error 0x80096004.
  19. M

    Is this a good gaming PC?

    Hi, I'm buying a desktop PC so that I can run more demanding games (eg fallout 4, just cause 3 etc) Sorry for my inexperienced terms, I don't know much about this. I found this PC which says it is a gaming PC on ebay. Would it run those games? If not can I replace any parts to make it do so...
  20. J

    Which one should I buy ?

    So ... i have to choose between : GTX 1050 , AMD FX 6300 ( can overlock to 4 ghz ) 8 GB RAM. and GTX 750 , I5 4460 and 8 GB RAM Which one is better in terms of gaming ? Both have almost same price .