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  1. imranfp

    Question Bought an excellently certified refurbished Asus TUF Gaming F15 and unfortunately having some issues which i am not sure are software or hardware of t

    Hi all- 2 main issues here: it doesn't connect to my (most capable) external monitor at 144hz, instead running at 120hz. What's weird is that my internal laptop screen itself is 144hz IPS so not quite sure what to make of this? Is it a software fault or is my laptop actually incapable of...
  2. mbu

    Question Monitor only running at 60hz

    Hi all, I've got a 2560x1440 165hz 27inch monitor (Samsung Odssey 52a) and a gtx1070 connected via a DP 1.2. Every time I try to change the resolution to something other than 60hz, I get the message "Not Optimum Mode Recommended Mode 2560x1440 165hz". Things I've tried: Changing it in display...
  3. N

    Question Vertical lines at the top of laptop screen & most of the screen is unusable ?

    I have a ASUS TUF A15 laptop. A few weeks ago I started getting those vertical lines at the top of the screen. At first it was manageable, it only happened when I entered full screen of a video. Then it got worse to the point that I can't see what's below those lines. Sometimes the screen...
  4. RakkenTi

    Question Primary monitor randomly drops in refresh rate, and lags until restart or after a while ?

    Hello, this is copy from my reddit post at: View: Hi there, to start off here are my specs, and the cause of this problem is unknown right now (literally happens randomly), and the monitor...
  5. secretknowledge

    Question [Repost in correct section] Problems with Vsync on Linux with Nvidia graphics card

    Recently I got a 144 Hz monitor. It is just as smooth as I would have liked and looks great. Unfortunately, with a second monitor (my old 75 Hz one) connected ganes V-sync to it even when running on my 144 hz one, causing screen tearing in every game I tried. I read a forum on Reddit about like...
  6. E

    Question How do you limit fps?

    hello! personally, having a 120hz monitor, i have always limited the fps to 120, i have read around that it is advisable to limit it below the heartz of the monitor, should i limit it to 115-110? what changes?
  7. V

    Question I can't seem to set monitor back to 144hz ?

    hey! i have a samsung C24RG50FZM i had it running at 144 but when I return to my computer after a while of not touching it , it was set to 60hz and I cant change it back to 144. All my drivers are updated, I tried setting it from the advanced display settings and properties that you can open...
  8. P

    Question New monitor turns off when opening a game

    I recently bought a new 144 Hz monitor, upgraded from a 60 Hz one. The first problem I had was that when I tried to change my refresh rate to 144 Hz in the advanced display settings, the 144 Hz monitor would turn off and the 60 Hz monitor would flicker, then the refresh rate would revert back to...
  9. A

    Question FreeSync on/off / HT on/off

    Hello all, I recently got a new monitor LG UltraGear 27GN750-B 240hz and am a mildly casual player with friends on Valorant. I see that this monitor comes with FreeSync Premium. I would like to know some opinions on if I should have it on or off (using the OSD) I usually don't play at...
  10. A

    Question Refresh rate drops from 240hz to 144hz ?

    Hi, hope everyone is doing well and safe I recently got a used monitor LG UltraGear 27GN750-B 240hz for a decent deal. However, I have some concerns I would like to get an expert review on. I enabled 240hz (which was on default) using display adapter properties in Windows and turned off...
  11. P

    Question NVIDIA Control Panel default screen refresh rate for all configurations

    Howdy! I've recently upgraded my screen to a higher resolution and faster refresh frequency one, but in the meantime forgot to upgrade my ancient DP cable, which is probably too slow to support the bandwith required. That's my hypothesis, as when I've turned on the monitor, there was no signal...
  12. vikaskumar2299

    Question What does 2D and 3D refresh rate mean?

    I was looking at a few entry level 75Hz FHD IPS monitors from LG and Benq. The LG monitors (example: 24MK600M) would mention like "2D refresh rate: 75Hz". Benq ones (example: EW2480) had more details like: "3D refresh rate: 75Hz" Please see the photo below you'll understand better: View...
  13. vikaskumar2299

    Question Are 75Hz monitors more of a marketing strategy rather than native support of 75Hz refresh rate?

    I was looking into some 75Hz Full HD IPS 22" monitors from Acer and LG. On online shopping websites, they mention 75Hz. But that's not full story. I downloaded their user manuals and there is something more confusing. In LG monitor (example model: 22MP68VQ ), I found this: Recommended is...
  14. A

    Question Running 1920 x 1080 portable monitor on laptop via one cable from computer

    I have a laptop and a portable monitor I'm trying to connect together using a USB-C hub so I quickly just plug in only one cord into my laptop so I can get to work. Ideally, any non-tech savvy colleague can pick it up, plug one thing in, and just start working. I think my solutions are...
  15. M

    Question Which gaming monitor should I go for ?

    As I play Rainbow Six Siege, my current hardware specs are ( Ryzen 5 3500X, 5500 XT Oc 4 Gb, and 16 GB 3200mhz Pny Xlr8 rams). So which monitor will be best from these two ? : Gigabyte G24F 23.8" 170Hz Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor MSI Optix G241 23.8" 144Hz 1ms FreeSync Full HD Gaming Monitor...
  16. Mark101071

    Question Problems when display resolution is set lower than native ?

    Hello! I have the "Samsung G7 Odyssey" Gaming Monitor "2560x1440" @240hz Playing on the native resolution is completely fine and works a charm, however I do enjoy playing the more competitive games at a lower resolution such as "1280x960" but this gives me problems, on other monitors/previous...
  17. neploch

    [SOLVED] Will my laptop support a 4K 144Hz display?

    My laptop is HP ElitBook x360 1030 G7 Notebook PC and I see the laptop built-in screen is working in 60Hz / Full HD mode and does not support higher resolutions or higher refreshing rates. I'd like to purchase an external 24" or 27" monitor with much higher parameters - 75 or 144Hz refresh rate...
  18. therealmamarc

    [SOLVED] Monitor Refresh rate 60hz or 144hz for creative content

    Hello, I'm new here and and I would like to ask if it is ok for video and photo editing on a 144hz monitor? I am told that the best refresh rate for editing is 60hz as it has a better accurate color representation compared to the 144hz? I would like to know if this is true.
  19. K

    Question GPU - Gsync and Monitor - refresh rate highly unbalanced.

    Hadware: Gpu - 1070 Cpu - 8700(non-k) Ram - 32gigs (2x16 2400mhz) Monitor - G32CQ4 Problem: Fps looks stablized but refresh rate goes crazy, while in game or in loading screen goes down to 50, it does that in some apps too, while happening it changes brightness too millisecondly, better to...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Laptop's built-in display previously ran at 90Hz, now it's capped at 60Hz ?

    I have an Acer Nitro 5 AN515 laptop. Its built-in display is capable of a 144Hz refresh rate, and it previously defaulted to 90Hz. I recently updated my drivers (using the Intel UHD Graphics 630 DCH drivers from the Intel website), and since then my laptop's display has been stuck at 60Hz. The...
  21. Phelis

    [SOLVED] How do I enable 240hz on a GTX 960 4Gig?

    I know this is stupid, especially at 1440p but I want to at least drag some windows at incredibly high speed to see what my life would look like when I upgrade. But whenever I go into system settings, I only see 60, 120 and 144 options, even though I have a odyssey g7 connected with a DP cable...
  22. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] If you lower your monitor's refresh rate does it mean that your FPS is capped to that refresh rate?

    Greetings, As I have said in the title, does a lower refresh rate also cap your FPS to that refresh rate? I'm having a problem with my GPU recently, I get flickers when I set the refresh rate of my monitor to 144hz, but when I lower it to 120hz, I don't get it frequently. Got curious if my FPS...
  23. chimpfish

    Question Monitor issues at 120hz and 144hz. Vertical lines at bottom of the screen

    Hi, I'm having issues with the refresh rate on my AOC 27G2G4 monitor. Basically at 120hz and 144hz I get lines across the bottom of the screen, but I don't get them when I lower the refresh rate to 100hz or below. My graphics card is a Geforce 1070 8GB. At one stage at 120hz the lines would...
  24. Five_fat_Kids

    Question 240hz Monitor only displaying 120?

    So I recently just ordered the AOC C27G2ZE, It goes up to 240hz and I have it plugged in via display port to my pc. In my nvidia control panel It only gives me the option to go up to 120hz. I decided to make a forum because I cannot find out anywhere else online if my components are compatible...
  25. Z

    Question Refresh Rate Resetting

    I'm on Windows 7 (ready to be bullied) and whenever I try to change my refresh rate to anything 75hz and above it just resets back to 59hz, it sucks since im used to 144hz and it just started doing this. i have a msi optix mag241cp monitor that supports 144hz
  26. A

    Question Pixel line issue appears when refresh-rate is set higher than 144hz ?

    Hello! I have an issue with my monitor, which is a very annoying one. I have investigated it a lot, but still do not understand why it is occurring. The problem is that I am getting a pixel line issue horizontally at a fixed y-position on my monitor (see the pictures), but it only appears...
  27. Kadoryan

    Question How do I change my Hz?

    I'm trying to play skyrim on my alienware gaming laptop but its impossible to play when your Hz is above 60, when I try to change it to 60 I only have the option of 144 Hz. Is there a way to get it back to 60?
  28. E

    Question Why i cant run 4k 60 hertz on my display through USB type c?

    Why I cant run 4k 60 hertz on my display through my USB type c port? I am limited to 4k @30hz(2k @60hz 1k @60hz) -through HDMI it works just fine though(4k @60hz)!- I have" LCD monitor with USB-C Dock 279C9/00 | Philips " including "Dell Vostro 5402 · i5-1135G7 · Xe Graphics G7 80 EU · 14.0”...
  29. I

    Question Having issues with ASUS vg279q1a monitor

    Hello, I'm the owner of a somewhat newly acquired ASUS monitor. I have had the monitor for about three, four months now, and as of recently I've begun to have issues where the monitor does not display properly at any refresh rate higher than 120hz (see attached image 1). From what I can tell, it...
  30. MGA123321

    [SOLVED] Aorus FI27Q Displayport to HDMI cable, what to buy for it to work properly HELP

    Hello, So I got this [Aorus FI27Q ], and my laptop has an 1660ti which has only an HDMI port as output but the monitor to do 165hz and use nvidia G Sync feature it needs to connect via the displayport not the HDMI. Issue is i dont know if any displayport to hdmi cable will work, cuz i bought...
  31. ethan206

    Question Games locked at 60FPS on 144Hz display ?

    Hi, I recently just purchased a Razer Blade 14 2021 (RTX 3060 Base Model) and I noticed that it runs at 144Hz, but in games, it's capped at 60. Like, whenever I enter a game, it automatically goes into Windows settings and changes the display refresh rate from 144 to 60 and doesn't change back...
  32. Z

    [SOLVED] 1080p 144hz or 1440p 60hz or both for dual monitors?

    I'm going into CS for university and wanted to set up dual monitors, but I'm having trouble finding the right pair. Some stuff to let you guys know: I'm planning on playing games that range from intensive games like Warzone to light games like Valorant. Also, with the expensive GPU's because of...
  33. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] How to Take Advantage of your Monitor's Refresh Rate?

    If I have a 144hz refresh rate monitor, does it mean that I need to output 144 FPS in all of the games that I play in order to fully utilize and take advantage of the 144hz refresh rate? If the FPS I'm getting in all of my games are below 144 FPS does that mean that I am not able to take...
  34. C

    [SOLVED] 2070 super, displayport to DVI, no 144hz???

    My monitor doesn't have displayport, but my new 2070 doesn't support DVI-D. went out and purchased a tripp-lite DP to DVI adapter, which worked just fine for 1080p@60hz. Reinstalled drivers, still couldn't find 144hz in display settings. Went into nvidia control panel to set a custom...
  35. marvelflash

    [SOLVED] MSI G271 monitor support for 144hz over laptop HDMI ?

    Hi guys! I apologise for asking a basic question, but I couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere and hence asking it on this forum. I have an Asus ROG Strix G531 with a HDMI port version 2.0b. The monitor I'm looking to buy is the MSI optix G271 and this has a HDMI 1.4b. The idea is to hookup...
  36. Onl1X1

    Question The monitor does not turn on if the refresh rate is greater than 60hz ?

    I have two monitors( Philips 226V - 60hz and Acer vg242yp -165hz). If I shut down the computer when my main monitor's refresh rate is above 60hz it won't turn on (shows no signal sign). If I unplug the second monitor, the main works fine doesn't have a problem with the refresh rate. I have RX...
  37. EnitLee

    [SOLVED] The 144Hz option doesn't show up for my 144Hz Monitor

    So I have an Acer Nitro VG271u monitor, which is 144Hz. I have successfully used 144Hz in the past with the cable I am currently using. However, at some point it reverted back to 60Hz. Now, when I got to the advanced display settings in Windows 10 or the Nvidia Control Panel, the only option for...
  38. lorenzoenzo

    Question Primary monitor sometimes @60hz instead of 240hz after reboot & secondary monitor disabled?

    Hi, so I did a clean install of windows about a month ago and kinda since then am experiencing the issue that after starting my pc (not every time but often) my primary 240hz monitor sits at 60hz and my secondary monitor is disabled. So everytime I experience this bug I have to go to windows...
  39. T

    Question Quick Question about VRR

    With my new GPU I'm trying to get VRR to work. I've been having issues where at random my screen goes black for a second or two and then goes back to normal. I'm also experiencing some minor flickering of the screen. This only happens when I turn VRR on in my AMD options. M<y monitor is fully...
  40. KaylaJane

    [SOLVED] Help understanding the limits of my screens resolution

    Hello to everyone, I hope you are all well, free from any strong consequence from this pandemics situation. I have a second screen which is a SHARP TV MODEL LC-60UQ17U, Which if I understand correctly withstands 4K resolution @120-240Hz, as I can see this on the menu: Connected to it, I...