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  1. caskete2k

    Question Threadripper 5975WX vs 5995WX (for Houdini simulations)

    Hello guys, I'm building my new rig (I'm a 3D Artist doing Houdini Simulations and 3D Renders), and was wondering about which threadripper will go better for Houdini, wanted to make sure since the price difference is HUGE. These are the specs of my next rig: AMD Threadripper PRO 5975WX...
  2. G

    Question GPU Cuda error

    Hi, I am trying to use keyshot pro 11.3.3 to render some images. i am trying to render in GPU mode so as to not have too much load on the CPU. whenever i try to use GPU mode i get errors "uda error: cudaErrorMemoryAllocation" and "Cuda error: cudaErrorInvalidValue" i believe that the GPU i am...
  3. B

    Question Build NEW PC for Revit and Lumion

    Hi, I'm building a new pc for work. Currently, I'm working in Revit (BIM 3d modeling) and Lumion (GPU Render) My current PC is an Asus G14 (Laptop) Ryzen 9 5900HS, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, RTX 3060. BUILD: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 4.7 GHz 12-Core Processor ($409.00 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken...
  4. E

    Question Upgrade time - what to get?

    Hardware upgrade time. Or at last considering. All I know is I require more vRAM so that means A6000, the newer Ada Lovelace A6000, or perhaps the RTX 5500-5000 since 24GB RAM would be sufficient. I just know my current 12GB is a bottleneck. I do mostly Unreal cinematics and Houdini...
  5. Rock L

    Question downsizing to a smaller case

    Hi guys I work as a 3d artist and travel allot in my work lately, the problem is the size and weight of my PC. last time I was flying the flight company was close to not letting me travel with my pc since it was to heavy (with my flightcase the weight is over 30 kilos) . The case I got now is...
  6. Arun Rajan

    [SOLVED] Computer freezing while rendering

    HI, My computer is freezing while rendering (Blender & Cinema 4d) and only a force restart is the option. The CPU temp varies from 60-85 and max temp reached was 91degrees. GPU temp is 63. System freeze happened after almost 30 mins of rendering. The CPU load varies from 0-100% almost all the...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Advice on Pr/AE/Blender workstation upgrade

    Premiere editor here looking to upgrade my workstation. My timelines are often 4K with lots of linked AE comps and GPU-accelerated effects such as Lumetri. I'm also a heavy After Effects and Blender user. Performance and render times have gotten increasingly slower as projects get larger and...
  8. Ephraim007

    [SOLVED] Will the i5 11400H performance increase if I disable the iGPU and instead use the dedicated graphics card ?

    I recently bought an MSI laptop i5 11400H that has 4GB of dedicated graphics. The main reason for the purchase is the fact that the CPU has 6 cores, 12 threads which I can use for rendering but now the system only uses 4 cores for rendering and the other 2 for graphics. (dedicated GPU has 0%...
  9. murathan

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060s restarts with cinema 4d and octane ?

    Hi, i have ryzen 9 5950x, msi tomahawk b550 ( lastest bios ) and rtx 2060s. I am using cinema 4d and octane. When i open RTX its restart when its off no problem. I used same gpu with ryzen 7 and tomahawk b450. Do you think its psu problem ? psu is kcas 1000w thank you
  10. MaiconLabd12

    Question My pc takes ages to render simple things

    I work with animated graphics videos, so in 2019 I upgraded to a new pc. But I could never make it render vídeos way faster than I though it would happen. I researched a lot to set this pc but I don't think I'm getting the performance it should give me. The pc techs in my town are not really...
  11. Sqoo

    Question GPU renders are so noisy

    Hi, so i have an RTX2060 gpu and i have been having this issue for a while, my games simply look really really bad and noisy even at max settings, this wasnt the case when i first bought the gpu, i tried changing some settings in nvidea control pannel it helped a bit but not that much even with...
  12. alif.ashf

    [SOLVED] First build! Could I get some feedback?

    Hi guys, This is my first build to be used as a VFX workstation (for learning) lighting and rendering. I'd like to make sure these parts are the best at this price range & all are compatible before I purchase.
  13. I

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to load full render area?

    Now to specify what i mean Ussualy when it comes to open world games the pc renders a chunk of the area that the players is in and it can dissapear and appear depending on where the player goes, but now i wonder if there is a way to fully load everything at once for exemple like gta 5, and im at...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Cheap Computer for Rendering 3ds max

    Can i render without Video Card? for $700-$800... video cards are expensive. Thanks!
  15. xpLoaDeD

    [SOLVED] AutoCAD build low performance

    Hello everyone! A couple of months ago I built a budget system for AutoCAD mostly for 2D drawing. Now I've encountered some rendering to do (not so much) and hatching and my experience has been...well not the best. System is a ryzen 3 3200g with Vega 8 Asus prime b450 csm/a 16 GB DDR4 RAM...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Workstation + light gaming laptop

    Hello everyone. I'm searching for a workstation laptop for my girlfriend who is an interior designer and mostly uses 3ds Max, Sketchup, AutoCAD etc. for both modelling and rendering. I understand it is a CPU intensive workload and could benefit from multiple threads but I'm really not familiar...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Is Vram important for 3D rendering &CAD?

    Hi, Am building a new system and am stuck between the rtx 3080 and 3090. The main advantage for the 3090 is its 24 GB of V ram and the 3080 is quite a bit cheaper. I intend to use this system for programs like Autocad, Revit, sketchup, Lumion or twinmotion and 3ds Max. If you guys can help...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Advice for my set up.

    My specs are currently: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g RAM: 8GB DDR4 3200MHz SSD: 256GB NVME M.2 PSU: 500w bRONZE, EVGA I have a PC that I want to upgrade that can game and edit videos for my youtube channel really well. Don't really care about 4K video, 1080p 60fps is fine for gaming and videos...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Workstation Build Help - 3D and Animation - 3000$

    Hi there, I'm building a new workstation as a 3D Generalist and Motion Designer. I need a balanced build for gpu render, vfx, after effects animation, particle simulation, and more. Hopefully buying it during November, my budget is approximately 3000€ Here's what I have so far: GPU: ASUS RTX...
  20. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] Rendering & Gaming?

    Ok here's the question, since I haven't seen any build on youtube that supports both so... I'm an Interior Designer/Architecture Student and I love both of my work and gaming 50/50 and since I'm gonna be using programs for rendering (3d Max, Revit, Lumion...) will the normal gaming builds work...
  21. Fedewastaken

    Question New PC freezzes or shows BSOD every time

    Hi, so I bought a new daily basis PC to work with. And work well until like 2 weeks of building it, I start getting beautiful Windows BSOD. I don't know if there is a Windows update causing this, or my PC is causing the trouble. All start when I needed to render a big scene in VRay -Sketchup-...
  22. majedulgd

    Question R5 3400G for productivity tasks

    Will ryzen 5 3400G can be used for 3d rendering on 3ds max or adobe dimension or keyshot etc such applications? I am a on a budget so I cant afford a very good graphic card so I just want to know will the ryzen 3400G with 16GB of ram works for 3d rendering works on adobe dimension, 3ds max...
  23. Imlinx

    [SOLVED] Which PSU is better for my 3d modeling and rendering rig? I need suggestions plz help

    I have just bought new graphics card it's gigabyte 1650 super 4gb windflow. For my 3d modeling and rendering work. Just Becz of low power supply I need to buy new psu for it so that I can run gpu. Plz suggest me reasonable PSU. My budget is not too high, it's under 85$. My PC contain I5 8600k...
  24. A

    [SOLVED] Should I use the GPU for both video rendering and display throughput?

    As I understand it, you can use your dedicated GPU to render a video export. However, there is also an HDMI port on the GPU. If I am using my GPU for video throughput to my monitor at the same time as rendering a video, would it lower my render speeds? Should I just plug the monitor into the...
  25. m.kolp

    [SOLVED] Additional CPU for 3D Render

    Hello everyone! I want to upgrade my CPU with the sole purpose to enhance render speed in 3ds Max. Or connect another CPU to it. Currently the renderings are done by this one: Intel Core i7-7700K 4,20GHz Boxed CPU Which is pretty slow with rendering pics, but good at calculating simulations...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3950x or i9 for Gaming & Editing computer?

    Hi! I am in deep need of a a new computer due to slow rendering. What I do, I play games on a Super Ultrawide (5K) I play VR games I render in Sony Vegas + After effects & Handbrake Should I get a 3950X or i9 ? I checked so many reviews but can't make up my mind Thanks
  27. kinggaming60

    Question Really poor rendering with an RTX 2070.

    I've noticed recently that my render distance in most games kinda sucks? Compared to other systems and even watching games on stream for example CS:GO, for some weird weird reason my render distance just is really really bad. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
  28. venetskiiviko12

    Question Which GPU's are best for 3D rendering? (AMD or nVidia)

    I currently have a 9600 GT 1GB which obviously is terrible for rendering. It took more than 15 minutes to render a single-colour donut-shaped thing with nothing in the background. I ordered new parts to build a low budget PC and decided on a GTX 650 1GB, unfortunately as I later found out it was...
  29. N

    Question How to keep my laptop working fast and smooth?

    I have acer nitro 5 laptop specs: i7 8gen 8gb ram ddr4 2666 mhz gtx 1050ti 256 gb m.2 samsung its been 3 months old. i have installed about 15 softwares total and it still has around 100gb free in local disk c (windows drive) when i use some softwares like sketchup and vray together, it hangs...
  30. Maikurosofuto

    [SOLVED] 550W, powerful enough?

    Hello, i'm almost certain of it, but i want to be sure. I have some upgrade plans and i want to be 100% sure if my current PSU will handle: EVGA 550 B3 80+ Bronze RX 5700 XT Pulse (Some casual daily OC, nothing extreme) Intel Core i7-8700 (Waiting for Ryzen 4000, but just assume i will upgrade...
  31. BearTech

    [SOLVED] which Graphics Card for heavy workloads

    Hey! I'm just in the time of upgrading my computer with a new graphics card. Computer today: 2700X water-cooled 16GB Frame (will upgrade to 32GB soon) 1060 - 6gb ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING EVGA G2 850W My primary workloads: 3D Modeling, Rendering, Game Development in VR on Valve Index and...
  32. A

    Question Workstation 2D&3D animation and render - 3000$

    Hi guys. I'm building a new workstation for Ae, Cinema 4D, X-Particle, Redshift and a bit of Houdini. I'm a PC building noob but after checking a bunch of related builds, this is what I had in mind: (I don't plan to overclock, and I might add a 2080 ti next year when the prices drop) CPU Ryzen...
  33. I

    [SOLVED] Rendering CPU and unreal engine visualisation

    Hello , i request advice and recommendations for a build which will be mostly uses for architectural visualisation renders and use of ray tracing using unreal engine . I live in india where the temperatures are usually warm and dust is ever prevalent so I would want a system which is cool enough...
  34. D

    [SOLVED] Use system memory as dedicated gpu overhead?

    To start off, I know ddr3/4 runs at a much lower speed than Gddr5. I know that this low speed would result in stutters while in-game. I'm more interested in rendering, or blender to be more specific. My current setup is an i5 3470 (painfully slow in renders), gtx 970 3.5gb vram, 2x2 + 2x4GB...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] My 1080ti has issues! I have no clue what

    Hi peeps I have a problem where I can't wrap my head around. I'm a 3D animator and use a single GTX 1080ti Strix to render my scenes. Also I like to game when I'm not rendering. Now since last week I noticed that my renders didn't go as fast a they used to and my games are unplayable because I...
  36. Zaack Plays

    [SOLVED] Slow rendering in all games

    Out of nowhere suddenly my games like GTA V and AC odyssey start rendering everything slowly. In GTA V all maps and textures load after a while and when you equip a weapon it is invisible at first, tyres on cars are invisible for a while as well, buildings have low texture but then they get...
  37. E

    Question Dual Xeon E5-2695 v3 or AMD Ryzen 9 3900X for CPU rendering?

    Which one is best?
  38. N

    Question Which graphic is best for rendering

    I need to buy graphic card for renderin lumion and blender Which card is better Rtx 2060 or Vega 64 2060 I hav comfortable budget to buy Vega 56, is it good enough?
  39. V

    Question Why does rendering with rsmb in sony vegas take so long

    I have an i7 8700k 4.3 ghz 16gb tridentz rgb 3200 mhz ram 2070 rtx geforce graphics card. I render at 2560x1440p and it takes a 30-40 minutes video 50 ish minutes but when i render a 30 seconds clip with rsmb it take literally 30 minutes. I dont understand why. Let me know if you have any...
  40. J

    Question Slow export time in premiere pro

    I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on my machine. My specs: Ryzen 7 2700 16GB Ram 3200mhz 256gb SSD 2TB HDD RTX 2060 I edited a 1 min clip and try to export it at 1080p 60fps, bitrate was 32 and max was 40 which was default, use max render quality was enabled and i started the export and it took...