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  1. A

    Question Upgrading my Pc

    Looking for a good price upgrade should I buy and replace or buy a new Pc? I have Cpu - Pentium G4560 Gpu - GT 1030 RAM - 8 GB ddr4 PSU - 300W Motherboard - Asus H110 120Gb SSD 250GB HD
  2. supermanu15

    Question Flashing an XFX RX 470 to an XFX RX 570?

    I have yet to see what BIOS my RX 470 has because it might be one of these: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/187196/xfx-rx470-4096-160913 https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/185588/xfx-rx470-4096-160730 And planning to flash it to this...
  3. hoangvietha

    Question RX 570 Problem

    Basiclly,I've bought a nice RX 570, every excitement fade away when I open the game, every still fine until i hit play option. The card use over 90W then everything crash, The fan in my case spin like nothing control itseft, game's music still on, but nothing except a black screen. My specs...
  4. Info Graphics Card Comparison Table (A Sortable Database of Desktop GPUs)

    A consolidated list of Desktop GPUs (by AMD and Nvidia) for comparison of different brands and models (the link to the list below opens to a shared Google Spreadsheet, no sign-in is required): Link: GRAPHICS CARD COMPARISON TABLE - A Sortable Database of Desktop GPUs (1,086 GPU Models listed as...
  5. J

    Need Audio Working

    I have a Onkyo Audio Video Receiver TX-SV545 and i am trying to get surround sound from a Samsung HDTV Monitor which i am currently using as a TV. How do i get this to work?
  6. G

    i3-8350K vs i5-8600K

    I'm stuck between deciding which one of these two. I won't be upgrading the CPU in the near future (say a minimum of two years) and I'm gonna get a GTX 1080 and a Corsair H80i v2 (I might OC in the near future). I'm also gonna be running 1080p 144Hz. Where I live the i3 is about $250 and the i5...
  7. J

    Brand new video card, no image

    I just installed my new video card (radeon rx 580) like the instructions said but i dont have any image on my screen. I checked on forums and uninstalled the drivers from my previous graphic card and updated my bios but still no image. My previous video card works perfectly well as well as my...
  8. N

    240hz and 1080p or 144hz 1440p?

    So I recently decided to get into pc gaming and I need help finding a monitor. I was originally going to get a 1440p, 144hzz monitor, but my friend said that he thought refresh rate was more important. He sent me a link to a good 240hz monitor, but then told me that I needed to upgrade my cpu if...
  9. A

    I buy a new ram for my pc but my keyboard is not functioning

    I want to install my new ram I turned off my PC, took out the power cable, opened the PC, loosened the 2GB of ram, took them out, put in the new 4GB ram, tightened it, put on my PC, plugged it in... And my monitors turned on, yet it shows my processor unganged mode it detect my HDD but the cmos...
  10. 6

    M.2 and a question

    Why does an M.2 B+M key cost less than a M.2 M key?
  11. J

    Random BSOD's with Crash Address ntoskrnl.exe - Help Please!!!

    Hello everyone, I have reached out to MS on this one and all they did was to set the memory.dmp file to collect date for "the next time it crashes". This is not good enough as I have systems out there which may radomly BSOD on the job. Here is the log file of what was reported: Dump File...
  12. A

    Constant freezing on windows 10 installation from a uusb drive

    as the title says i have been having alot of issues over the past week trying to get my pc to work. when i first built my pc i managed to install windows 10 just fine but soon after that i started getting freezes on my pc when everything locks up and i cant move anything. the pc is still...
  13. H

    Pc Suddenly stopped working PLEASE HELP

    So today my pc started to act strange. I was casually browsing on internet but had to go to the toilet. I went to the toilet but when I came back my Pc was just frozen. My mouse LED and Keyboard LEDS weren't shining and the whole pc froze (Time was also stuck). So I restarted the Pc and that's...
  14. M

    upgrade from 2500k

    What i currently have is 2500k in p8z68-v pro with 32gb ram, 860 pro and gtx 670. This setup is still good enough for me, but it lacks decent usb 3, only has two 6gbps sata, no m.2 etc. if i start upgrading i basically need to change everything, but there is no point to do that if i can't at...
  15. Z

    my cursor froze and want black on my acer laptop

    my cursor froze and the cursor want black on my acer laptop
  16. I

    Usbs randomly disconnect

    (Pasted from reddit) For the past day I have been experiencing disconnects from my computer. I was playing fortnite so I thought that was causing my issues but then started playing other games and was still getting the same problem. Randomly everything plugged into my computers usbs disconnect...
  17. H

    Looking for Gaming computer

    Plz tell me which pc should I buy 1st pc Core i5 2500 12 gb ram ddr3 Gtx 660 2nd pc Gtx 750 ti And everything is same Which pc will play latest games on high setting and good fps Should I reduce the ram to 8gb or not plz help
  18. M

    I have a Toshiba S55t-B5273NR and it keeps reading no bootable device restart system what can I do

    Need help I have a Toshiba S55t-B5273NR and it keeps reading no bootable device restart system what can I do
  19. J

    Ryzen 5 2600 or i5 8400? Mainly for gaming & future proof

    Hello guys i was wondering which would be suit me more? I'm gonna pair it with a gtx 1070. I mainly play 60 fps. I don't have much money and i was wondering which would be more future proof and suitable for gaming only. I saw that ryzen 5 2600x has better single core in cinebench than i5 8400...
  20. packersfan036

    corsair link fan control question

    hi everyone, I'm having a slight issue with corsair link. what's going on is I have the fan mode set to quiet mode, and sometimes one fan revs up a lot till I set it back to quiet mode. any suggestions? oh and the cooler I'm using is a corsair h110i I just installed it around a month ago.