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  1. S

    Question Seasonic s12ii 520 and Sapphire Pulse Nitro+ Rx 570 4GB (And a 4 pin question)

    Can the PSU handle it? Rest of my mobo are: (I already searched the web and found answers but from only a few, while the PSU calculator also said like 450 watt recommended. So I still asked. Sorry :( GIGABYTE H61M-S2P motherboard I7-3770(non-K) 2x4 DDR3 RAM (Kingston ValueKing or something like...
  2. Adrihan

    [solved] [closed] Sudden Stutter in The Witcher 3

    So after one month not playing it, i decided to play Witcher 3 once again a few days ago, but i got surprised by some serious performance issue. The game is stuttering, sometimes lightly, mostly bad as hell. No matter if I'm moving or just standing still or moving the camera, and all of that...
  3. decoyout1

    [SOLVED] One of two fans in Sapphire RX Nitro+ 470 8GB Just died

    Well, im little bit worried about my gpu. I bought the GPU yesterday, When I receive it, the second fan did just broken and it wont spinning. I tought it wasnt a big problem since the first fan can spin and after that I replaced the thermal paste with MX-4. The problem is when Im test it with...
  4. aviator59

    Question RX 570 8GB vs RX5600 XT 6GB

    I'm looking at both of this and can't decide on which one to buy, the 5600 is going to be in PCI-E 3.0 so I don't know if the difference will be justified. Also I'll be playing X-Plane 11 or MS 2020.
  5. A

    Question stuttering when fps goes below and above 60!(game is only playable at 60 fps)

    Hey guys so i'm having my pc for last 2 years and i've noticed something since the build of my pc.games start to stutter when fps goes below or above 60.for example if fps goes to 50 i see very bad stuttering and it's unplayable(and i guess 30-60fps must be very smooth) and at the other hand if...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Custom fan curve for Gigabyte Aorus RX 5700 XT?

    Hey, y'all! I hope you are doing good! I would love to hear your opinions on AMD's automatic fan curve as I believe it prioritizes noise levels over thermals. The max fan speed is set to 42% by default and I think that this is a bit low for this rather heavy gaming card. The problem is when I...
  7. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Should I bank on a 580?

    Looking at a xfx 570 4gb. The 8gb is 20 more for little benefit and the 580 is at minimum 30-40. That's for asus and xfx versions. Want to avoid used since this is my first true build. I mostly play technic mod packs, civ 6, euro truck and looking to play mount and blade II. Also I could always...
  8. anuder1

    Question Games suddenly laggy, please help

    Games have recently just randomly started lagging. I don't know what happened. I've tried everything. Literally everything. One day, games just randomly started lagging out of nowhere. I did a benchmark test and it said my GPU was under performing and was in the 40th percentile. What I've...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] GTX-1660 6gb or RX-590 8gb

    Which one is better: GTX-1660 6gb or RX-590 8gb
  10. S

    [SOLVED] R5 1600 with 2060S or Radeon 5700

    Hello, So Im confused between two GPUS for my PC. Note: I will game in 1080p 60hz, maybe even 144hz. I just want to get the full performance out of the GPU using my CPU. Which gpu is better for me, and will not have a bottleneck while still getting highest FPS. I have 16 gigs of ram trident Z...
  11. H

    [SOLVED] Best GPU for i5 7500

    Hello I'm looking for a graphic card for my Intel Core i5-7500 processor. I was looking at RX 580 8GB because it's cheaper than GTX 1060 6GB and only a bit weaker, but I found out that the GTX 1660 has almost the same price, just a bit more expensive than RX and it's better. So it looks like it...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Purple Screen and incorrect VBIOS on my RX 580

    So I bought a used Gigabyte Auorus RX 580 8gb that was used for mining. It didn't even work when I got it but I eventually got drivers on it and now it works fine until I was playing Destiny 2 last night and the game randomly froze, I saw some artifacts, then the screen turned Purple/Pink and...
  13. OmerSheeru

    Question Underperformance in games

    I own an rx 470, and when i play games, it just bare bones gives out 30-40fps when it should be giving 60fps...cpu is not bottlenecking...gpu usage is fine...but it just doesn't change performance even after overclocking...i know my way around a pc, but i can't seem to figure this out, temps are...
  14. JJMA1997

    [SOLVED] Upgrading PC

    Hello, I’m currently thinking about upgrading my pc when I go back home in about 2 weeks. I have around 460$ for upgrades. Here are my current specs AMD FX-8320 8 core 3.5Ghz GTX 960 FTW edition 2gb 8 GB DDR3 RAM (don’t remember the brand or speed but I believe it was a sh**ty one) I struggle...
  15. Question Glitch in my taskbar

    Whenever my taskbar goes down and disappears, as it goes down there is a small but very noticeable and annoying gap between the bottom of the taskbar and the bottom of my screen, what is is and how can i fix it?
  16. iShoTz

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my Pc

    Looking for a good price upgrade should I buy and replace or buy a new Pc? I have Cpu - Pentium G4560 Gpu - GT 1030 RAM - 8 GB ddr4 PSU - 300W Motherboard - Asus H110 120Gb SSD 250GB HD
  17. supermanu15

    [SOLVED] Flashing an XFX RX 470 to an XFX RX 570?

    I have yet to see what BIOS my RX 470 has because it might be one of these: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/187196/xfx-rx470-4096-160913 https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/185588/xfx-rx470-4096-160730 And planning to flash it to this...
  18. hoangvietha

    Question RX 570 Problem

    Basiclly,I've bought a nice RX 570, every excitement fade away when I open the game, every still fine until i hit play option. The card use over 90W then everything crash, The fan in my case spin like nothing control itseft, game's music still on, but nothing except a black screen. My specs...
  19. Info Graphics Card Comparison Table (A Sortable Database of Desktop GPUs)

    A consolidated list of Desktop GPUs (by AMD and Nvidia) for comparison of different brands and models (the link to the list below opens to a shared Google Spreadsheet, no sign-in is required): Link: GRAPHICS CARD COMPARISON TABLE - A Sortable Database of Desktop GPUs (1,086 GPU Models listed as...
  20. J

    Need Audio Working

    I have a Onkyo Audio Video Receiver TX-SV545 and i am trying to get surround sound from a Samsung HDTV Monitor which i am currently using as a TV. How do i get this to work?