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  1. S

    Multiple Black boxes

    I am having issues while on the web. I am getting square black boxes that move when I scroll. They are in multiple spots on the screen. Is this my video card?
  2. D

    List of and bga cpus

    Can anybody sent me a list of and BGA (ball grid array) socket type cpus
  3. M

    Why i'm getting a bad fps !! ?

    Hello guys i have a core 2 duo E7500 and a gtx 650 1 gb i used to have a good fps in csgo etc... now i get a bad fps (less gpu usage) not more than 60 i even used to get 60 fps and more on now always 30 i dont remembre but i'm sure i changed something in my pc (windows options) so if...
  4. P

    Do I have a bad Motherboard? What do I do?

    So I tried my first PC Build last night, and when I went to power it up, nothing happened- no lights, no fans spinning, nothing. This morning I took it all apart and tried to find the source of the problem. Started with the psu (600W b1 evga) by doing the jumper test with the jumper supplied by...
  5. E

    Is my amd a10 7860k bottlenecking my rx 460?

    Some weeks ago i tried a friend's gt 1030 in my gear, the problem was that the first day i installed it i was getting the expected performance of a 1030 but next day the performance went down about 50%, the 1030 was running games worse than the a10 integrated graphics, i tought the gpu was the...
  6. G

    No keyboard keys working

    Only keys tnat work are wifi and num. Try and restart to get to safe mode F8 key not working
  7. P

    GPU for Vintage Gamming PC???

    Hello everyone Time ago I was planning to build a retro gaming PC, to run games such as GTA Vice City, San Andreas, NFS Underground, and other games from pre 2008 era. I was planning to buy the components for it, but instead I found a old HP DX2200 that some one was throwing away so I get it...
  8. T

    Are Heatpipe Cooler's able to leak?

    Hi there! I am purchasing a new PC off of Ebuyer, I am getting it built to my specifications and I do not want to have to use an AMD Stock Cooler, if I get a heatpipe, I know they have liquid in them,is it possible it can leak and destroy my PC components? Name of Heatpipe: Super Quiet Titan...
  9. S

    New AMD Ryzen 7 2700X No Display

    Hey guys, so I just installed the new AND Ryzen 7 2700x into my PC previously I had the AMD Ryzen 5 1400 which to my knowledge had a higher power consumption than this new cpu everything was working perfectly and the only thing I changed was the cpu now I get no video on my monitors. I've tried...
  10. A

    should i upgrade to ryzen if so winch ones

    hey there i am thinking about switching to ryzen cpus but not sure winch one to get i have budget of 350$. my current build is motherboard-m5a97 -CPU AMD fx 8350 GPU-gtx 1060 6gb wind force edition and oc edition it came oc psu csx 600 corsair bronze ram 16 gb ddr3 case nzxt black blue...
  11. R

    Easy way to keep track of Mobo and Graphics card updates?

    Hi I am not sure what the most section to post this question so if a moderator thinks there is a better spot for it please feel free to move it! My question is, is there an easy way to keep track of graphics card, Mother board/chipset, driver updates? I am having a hard time remembering to...
  12. D

    Unstable Ethernet Connection

    I have been having Ethernet connection issues for the past week. I have tried everything, my internet provider Spectrum even sent a technician out here to try and sort out the problem. The problem was still there even after he left. Whenever I am connected via Ethernet to my pc, I run into ping...
  13. F

    Upgrade or not?

    Hey guy's i'm really frustrated i'm a streamer on twitch i have the i5 4690k overclocked to 4.6ghz it's usage is basically 100% still runs nice with vsync enabled, I'm thinking of buying the Ryzen 5 1600 which i believe to be a solid cpu also this will upgrade my ram to ddr4 so bonus. I have the...
  14. ChaosLegionaire

    Want to replace AIO block with custom loop block.

    I currently have an MSI GTX 1080 Sea Hawk AIO and want to convert it to my new custom loop system. Will just any GTX 1080 waterblock work with my card?
  15. E

    My PSU is making my computer restart

    When i try to update my video card drivers my computer restart. I use WhoCrashed and he shows the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, bugcheck code 0x124, saying he was caused by a hardware problem I used speedfan to get this specs from my PSU Vcore: 1,10v +3,3V: 2,49V +12V: 12,02V +5V: 4,71V CPU VAXG...
  16. X

    What is the best upgrade from a Nvidia geforce 7300 LE on a budget?

    I have brought a budget PC to get me though doing assignment work but I also now want to upgrade the Pc to run a few games and be able to do some light video editing. But the only problem is I only have a very limited budget and my current power supply is only 250W. my current specs are; AMD...
  17. D

    Fractal Sesign Define Nano S - How to unplug front audio jacks?

    Hello, I am trying to increase clarity of my microphone by removing unnecesarry/potential background noise makers. I've read unpluging the front panel audio jacks helps. As they are usually crappy. HOW DO I ACCESS THE PLUGS of Fractal Design Define Nano S, MicroITX case? I've opened the case...
  18. H

    Need help with building a pc *noob alert*

    Hello guy, actually i wanted that how do we mount motherboard to the case? i have watched alot of videos on youtube but i cannot see clearly how standoffs are mounted and this step is carried on. If some would help me with this question i would be very thankful!
  19. A

    my laptop dell inspiron 6400 take several times press up of power button to boot. when i press the power button it turns but t

    my laptop dell inspiron 6400 take several times press up of power button to boot. when i press the power button it turns on but there is nothing on the screen, whereas when i press it again and again as turning off by pussing for a while and again push it to turn on it starts in multiple times.
  20. F

    No signal on brand new ryzen build

    To start off, I know that a lot of people have asked similar questions, but none of the answers seem to answer my problem(although it's more or less the same) So the thing is, I bough new pc, assembled it and now it shows no signal here's the partlist: geforce gtx 1050ti ryzen r3 1300x Asus...