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  1. M

    G-Sync, Fast Sync, V-Sync

    I am using a 144hz monitor with G-Sync for a while. Since I have it I turn G-sync always on and V-sync always of in all games. With G-sync I never experienced any screen tearing. I mostly play single player games in WQHD 1440p on highest possible graphics settings for best visuals. I only turn...
  2. dje_music

    What is best Ryzen 2200G Cooling option?

    I haven't built a computer in 15 years, and just built one with a Ryzen 3 2200G, stock cooler, sitting on an Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming mobo, 2x8Gb Ripjaws 3200Mhz sticks, all in a Corsair Carbide Series Spec 01 (which was evidently a poor choice for aftermarket cooling as it specs out no more...
  3. S

    Dell 7010 MT Hard Drive Storage Removal

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone knows of or may have experienced this problem and if they have some insight for someone who is still somewhat green to computer tear downs. I recently got a Dell 7010 MT that I was using for web browsing, light work, light gaming. I had a 790 which was the exact...
  4. M

    Trying to upgrade a Toshiba P745-S4012 CPU

    The current CPU is a i3-2350m, I am trying to get a quad core 2nd or 3rd gen i7 in the laptop. The i3-2350m's TDP is 35W, and yes...the laptop is socketed. It looks like the dual-core i7-2620M is known to work, but I'm not really interested in that. If anyone has any insight on theoretically...
  5. E

    Looking for a budget gaming chair (below are the options, recommendations are welcome too.)

    Good day lads! So unfortunately, my chair's backrest gave up and I only have the seat now, literally. I'm looking for an affordable chair but with high quality. So far, I've seen ones that are pleasing to my budget range and what I think have a decent build quality. This is what happened to my...
  6. Crashman

    Best Motherboards

    Here are the best motherboards for Intel and AMD’s top processors. These boards offer great features, overclocking performance and pricing. Best Motherboards : Read more
  7. Z

    SImple question about monitors

    BenQ XL2411P or ASUS VG245H? for gaming and watching movies
  8. limeingames

    My powerline gives me slower speed

    I just bought TL-PA7010P KIT so I could use my 300mbps internet, but irl I get only 110-150mbps. Connection path: Gigabit internet cable -> TL-WDR4300 router -> PL Adapter #1 -> PL Adapter #2 -> Netgear router R6250 -> PC (all routers and cables supports gigabit internet) Can be using 2...
  9. L

    Motherboard Overheating (100+ Celsius)

    Something on my motherboard is overheating, I've looked at both CAM and LINK and both say the same thing, Temp #12 is reaching 105 degrees Celsius. I've had this issue for like a month or two. Originally I thought it was my graphics card overheating because when this issue first started, I...
  10. D

    Broken SATA Power Connection On Hard Drive

    I have a 1 tb hard drive and it was not working. when i took it out and looked at it, the sata power connection was destroyed. does anyone know how to fix it?
  11. M

    Asus Crosshair Hero VI X370 or ASUS ROG Prime Gaming X470-F ?

    I would like to know which would ve the best in terms of features but main for OC'ing the Ryzen 1700 cpu.
  12. K

    How to use different badges?

    How can i change my badge title under my profile name, to change the one i am currently using? Thanks in advance!
  13. B

    Free Anti Virus

    Any anti virus you can suggest? Ive been using malwarebytes like the free trial. But is there any free quality anti viruses?
  14. S

    PC turn on, but no display

    Hey everyone, when I was playing a game few days ago my pc just randomly lagged, made a weird trrr sound and I could see a lot of yellow glitchy squares all over the screen, then it just turned off. Since that, when I turn on my pc, everything seems to be working, even keyboard lights such as...
  15. S

    Gigabyte Z87 Boot Loop

    Hi all, I have a PC with a Gigabyte Z87-UD3H motheboard, i7-4770K processor, Corsair Vengeance RAM. IMAGES: VIDEO: I recently removed my CPU cooler to reapply thermal paste to the...
  16. S

    What is a good price to sell my gtx 970?

    So I have an evga gtx 970 with acx 2.0 cooling. I got it for $120 around Christmas time. What would be a good price I can either sell it at on ebay or craigslist? I don't want to rip someone off at all considering I got it for kinda cheap.
  17. M

    High CPU Usage when opening taskmanager

    When everi open task manager my cpu goes to 82 or sometimes 100,91,81 I tried restarted checking if any updates but nothing closed every program and when i open task manager cpu usage spikes up to 100 or what i said above for a split second and then goes to 9%-0-1% is this normal or a virus...
  18. S

    cooler for 8700k

    i am going to buy a 8700k, i already have a Cooler Master Hyper 212X, do you guys think this is enough or do i have to upgrade my cooler to stay cool when im overclocking
  19. L

    Google Home Helps Attackers Find Your Home

    Google Home and Chromecast devices are affected by a firmware design flaw that could allow attackers to find your precise location Google Home Helps Attackers Find Your Home : Read more
  20. I

    Overclock i7-8700k Blue Screen

    Hello, I am struggling with overclock my 8700k to 5ghz, it gives blue screen CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT and I am not sure why, I use ASUS prime-a z370 updated to latest bios update. For Voltage I use 1,35 I tried up to 1,38 and still same Calibration Line tried from 4 to 6 Up to 140% receiving...