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  1. I

    [SOLVED] Replace old Corsair TX750v2?

    I recently experienced the death of a pre-built Dell Inspiron 5675 (self-inflicted wound, lol.) I've taken several parts from the Dell and my old gaming rig, and built a 'new' system from the ruins. One of the parts I salvaged from my old rig was a Corsair TX750v2. My understanding that this was...
  2. A

    Question Games stutter on Ryzen 7 2700

    Games stutter too much sometimes While playing rainbow six siege the fps is constant 60 with v sync on and very very rarely the frps drops to 55 and goes to 60 again. While playing Csgo the same thing happens , the game freezes for a sec.. Then while playing Fallout 4 game stutters after 30-40s...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] My Blueray burner is recognized by windows 10

    But I cannot get autoplay to work in windows 10 ,even just a blueray player autoplay will not come up .they are in Device manger .have tried deleting them are reinstalling no good auto play is turned on .It seems quite a few people have this problem in windows 10?
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Problems on first boot of PC, tried various troubleshooting steps but have been unable to find answer

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've been on this forum, however I have issues of my own now. I bought my current PC a good while ago, and have been swapping parts in and out ever since I've gotten it. Current PC specs are as such: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700X (OC 3.9GHz, 1.375V) Motherboard: ASRock X370...
  5. mikebik

    Win 10 crash ryzen

    Hey. I'm using the corsair lpx 3200 on a ryzen 2200g since my asrock b450 supports 3200 and corsair says it supports ryzen and I keep trying different speeds and timings. It only works well on stock speeds. Is there a mobo that supports this ram?
  6. L

    [SOLVED] My desktop PC when turned on today, after a few seconds shut down

    Hello Today my computer which I have more or less since 2015 or 2016 when I turned it on, then after 3 seconds it shut down immediately. I waited a minute or two, turned it on and it works fine But I am afraid that it happens again. Does this means maybe the power supply is dying? I think I...
  7. X

    [SOLVED] Old Dust Computer Back To Life

    Hello, this being my first post ever here at the forum i want to apologize for any mistake i might end saying at this post. So, I've bought a "new" computer that i would like to use as a working computer to use to make school works, at word, excel, etc... The Specs : MB => ASRock...
  8. M

    When I adjust my laptop screen it goes black

    So I have a Asus laptop and I have had it for a while but about a week ago the screen would go almost completely black too the point I can’t see my screen unless the lighting in the room is just right(still I can only make out the whitest parts of the screen) this would happen when I move the...
  9. O

    Raid 5 Building Stuck a 0%

    So: Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Asus 990FX R1.0 6x WD Red 4tb HDD 5600 rpm 1x 240 GB SSD OS 1x 120 GB SSD Games The 6 WD drives are run in RAID 5 config directly from the 990FX mobo, configured through a 2 part pre-BIOS/BIOS configuration. -You set the sata port config through the bios but...
  10. O

    [SOLVED] I Just Bought An x3430 And I'm Worried My Motherboard May Not Be Compatible

    My motherboard is the ASUS P7H55-M/USB3, it has the same socket as the CPU I bought (lga 1156) and the CPU is on the same architecture as the Intel Core i5-7xx and Core i7-8xx processors which the motherboard does support so I assume it will be fine? If not, where could I get a compatible 1156...
  11. T

    What motherboard drivers should I install?

    I just built my first pc and wanted to make sure I get everything about the drivers right. I am using a ASrock Z370 Extreme4 and looked on their website to see a confusing list of recent driver updates (image below) so I was wondering if I could get some help knowing what drivers I need to...
  12. J

    Is it Normal For a Mother board to no Match up perfectly with the standoffs in a Case? I would appreciate your input. :)

    I Tried to install a Asus z390-a ATX mother board into a Corsair 570x. The stand offs line up except for the two in the top right, that are slightly misaligned. I spend almost 2 hours trying to get them to Align. So I just secured all the holes that did line up 7/9. I thought it could be the IO...
  13. N

    4690k One Core VERY Hot @ Stock speeds w/Corsair H60

    I figure i'd better ask someone about this before I throw the whole thing in the trash! Short Version: Core #1 is 95*-99* in AIDA64, rest are 60*-70* range with Corsair H60 cooler. Long Version: Began overclocking this computer about 4 months ago using standard gigabyte bios settings...
  14. C

    can my computer safely play GTA iv? specs below

    Dell Latitude e6430 with Intel core i7-3540M 3.0ghz and turbo boost. 16gb ram, intel Hd4000 + Nvidia NVS 5200M. I have a decent cooling pad, new Thermaltake grease applied, mesh removed from most of the airflow holes, and I have IOLO system mechanic's power sense set to ultra performance-gaming...
  15. D

    1x8gb corsir vengence LED

    Does anyone know where I could purchase one 8gb stick of Corsair Vengence LED? preferably in white, but it wouldn't really matter.
  16. cj89898

    Computer slows at idle, Returns to normal

    My computer slows down/sleeps/does something when at idle. All my power settings are set correctly so nothing should be slowing down/sleeping. Running Windows 10 Pro Specs: Some things I noticed which lead to this post: 1. After moving the...
  17. J

    my pc keep came out the bluescreen with different error

    i have this problem from last year 2017.when i bought the pc.AMD A8 5600k.12gb ddr4 ram(2 slot). Kingston HyperX.GTX 1060 6gb.before it was RX 260x 2gb. at first the bluescreen came Kernel security check failure.then cam on with different error.i bring to my local store and they say my cpu over...
  18. L

    Qualcomm Takes Hit in FTC Case, Must License Modem Patents to Competitors

    Federal court told Qualcomm to begin sharing its patents with competitors, as agreed upon under FRAND terms when the LTE technology was chosen as an industry standard. Qualcomm Takes Hit in FTC Case, Must License Modem Patents to Competitors : Read more
  19. H

    Can't open CMD , appear and disappear immediatly (flashing)

    everthing was runing smoothly , since i download a game that detected as a virus , the game was deleted automaticly by the anti virus, after that the CMD won't open and appear and disappear immediatly ( and other programs ) i'm searching for a solution a week ago ..... :( :(! Help please
  20. N

    Thinking of putting an SSD in my laptop but I’m not sure what model is right for me

    I have an aging MSI GE70-2QE Apache Pro I would like to put in an SSD into, but I’m not sure what model or storage capacity is right for me. I checked my laptop can take a 2.5” or mSATA SSD, now i just need to find the right model and capacity to suit my needs, please help me