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  1. S

    Can't find 5 ghz connection on my PC.

    So I recently switched to att uverse, at first all the connections was being found. But yesterday there was a problem on our landline and the att support did a hard reset on the modem which reset all of the settings. The 5ghz connection cant be found on my pc or my xbox one, but it is detected...
  2. Rossdowling321

    Is it okey to run EVGA GTX 970 SLI with fans on 100% for gaming?

    The PC is always being used for games wether its me or someone else, So roughly 8 hours a day. Will this shorten the lifespan of the card? or the fans only? and by how much? My idle temp on the top card is 45-50c, and when gaming its 75-85c, I also have a Zalman Z1 case which is terrible and...
  3. 1

    High Memory Usage 80%+ - Nothing open

    My memory/RAM usage is always above 90% sometimes it goes down to 50% then sky rockets again. I've went to task manager and chose "Show all processes from all users" and it just doesn't add up. I have 8 GB of memory, its a 1tb hard drive (though I don't think that might affect it.) My cpu is...
  4. C

    How much longer will the original ipad mini last?

    A few months ago, I dropped my ipad mini and the screen cracked. And just recently i thought about replacing the screen. So I'm wondering if it's worth it, will the original ipad mini still be good enough for watching videos and playing games for a while?
  5. C

    Graphics card for Intel G33/31

    Well, I have an Intel G33/31 motherboard with Intel Pentium dual core E2200 @ 2.2GHz and two 1GB ddr2 Rams installed. My smps is of 450 watts. Can someone please recommend me a good graphics card which i can install for playing PC games? i like the ZOTAC NVIDIA GT 730 2GB 2 GB DDR5 Graphics...
  6. M

    Sapphire r9 380 nitro overclocking.

    ok so i have a sapphire r9 380 4gb nitro.. core clock is 985mhz memory clock is 1450mhz default.. so how much can i overclock i am a total noob at overclocking,, also i have a 600w power supply.. pleae someone gimme tips of how much can i overclock safely and details.. thanks
  7. N

    yeah so just sold my titan x for £680 ....what card should i get now?

    titan x was really good but i heard that some 980ti's have better coolers and overclock to speeds beyond that of the titan x! what graphic card make and model shouldi go for? thanks
  8. R

    Choosing between Asus and ASRock z170 MB Gamer Advice needed

    OK Building my newish pc, I have decided on a I7 6700k, 16gb of DDR4 Ram, Noctua CPU cooler, Gigabyte gtx 970 G1 The last thing up is the Mother of all boards : )) I'm primarily a gamer, I play mostly 1080 res, I like to think I can go to a 4k monitor in the next year when I get a new VC and...
  9. C

    Nice budget gaming motherboard?

    Hello, heres my build. I need a decent mobo for $80 max. It needs to be able to hold 32gb ram, 1600mhz (or higher), crossfire or SLI capable, whichever you think is best. I'd like it to have no problems with overclocking (not heavy oc). I'd like it to have no...
  10. C

    Cannot get Video Driver to install on Windows 10

    I have an ASUS Sabetooth z97 Mark2, updated to the latest bios and when I install Windows 10 the first thing I notice is it is using the default microsoft video driver. I have an ATI FireGL v7350. I downloaded the latest driver and installed it, but it does not get picked up. I have updated...
  11. R

    Need advice on how multiple 1-1 VPN networks can be best set up

    Hi everyone. As per the title, what are good ways of achieving the following setup: 1) A central server (possibly with static public IP), such that 2) Multiple external systems (such as industrial equipment connected to routers OR computer systems themselves) can be configured to connect to (1)...
  12. R

    does the zalman z11 NEO a good case -cooling and looking ?

    i want to buy that case i like the side windows of that case can that case fit skylake new motherboards ??
  13. L

    Pc VERY slow

    All of a sudden about a week ago, i started to notice a change in my pc's performance. It takes much longer to boot up. When i scroll down a page its all jumpy and laggy, same with typing. When i open and close a window instead of dissapearing i can see it fading out. However it seems to be...
  14. epicninja21

    Asus P8Z77v-lx - Will it work with a GTX 970?

    Hello all, I'm going to be upgrading my GPU from a GTX 660 SC to a GTX 970 when the money for it comes through. However just before I want to purchase it I was wondering if my mobo was compatible with it since some of my friends have had problems with the 970 on older boards. From what I've...
  15. E

    Should I sell my current Rig and buy a brand new when I can? or just wait and upgrade.

    Okay, I'm an 18 year old saving for a car, I'm thinking of selling my computer to reduce the time it takes to purchase one. I've estimated the value of my computer at 715 (two years old) The goodies are as followed MOBO-Asrock FM2A55m-DGS APU(ikr?)-A10-5800k RAM-g.Skill Trident 8GB DDR3...
  16. crashof43

    A Seagate 1 TB Expansion Drive Question

    I have a Seagate 1TB Expansion drive.....I am moving 7 months of my desk top picture folders that are around 5 gb and that are monthly named as "June 2015 July 2015" one by one to the Seagate Expansion drive.....Thats going Ok and Seagate tech support told me that i can not set them in order...
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Should i sell my mac and get a hackintosh?

    I have a mac mini mid 2011, i can get about 350$ off of it on eBay or craigslist. Is it worth it to sell the mini and get a hackintosh? My mac mini is the base line mid 2011, which is an i5 2.3GHZ w/ intel hd 3000 graphics. 8GB of ram and 500gb of storage. The hackintosh i could build is a i3...
  18. M

    Is the GTX 970 the best gpu for 1080p?

    I am going to purchase my gaming rig and wanted to know is the gtx 970 the best gpu for 1080p gaming ?
  19. M

    New Ram Problem

    I recently bought a new 4gb of hyper x fury 1600 as i already have one and wanted to upgrade to 8gb. . i tested the pc with new ram(with and without old) and nothing happened. Just to be sure i tested old ram on it's own and without any ram and everything worked. Is this a problem with the ram...
  20. nathansnider6

    does this work?

    do these things work? im trying to use my chrome cast with a monitor that only has a dvi and vga output