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  1. M

    Lenovo E540 Edge No Power

    My PC occasionally has some error where it will refuse to start up. If I push the power button the LED lights up but the harddrive doesn't spin up and the screen just stays black. It was doing this for a while. I would just leave it for a few hours and then it would work again. Then it just...
  2. GureAru

    Can i Play any Games With This Specs?

    Specs: MOBO -Gigabyte B250M-D3H Motherboard Socket 1151 PCIE DDR4 CPU -Intel Pentium G4560 Kaby Lake Processor Socket 1151 3.5Ghz 3mb Cache VGA -ASUS DUAL-GTX1060-O6G Dual series of GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics provide sweet spot performance RAM -Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB DDR4 2400MHz (Black)...
  3. D

    Custom audio mixer/selector wiring help

    Hello Community! I have started a project and am at a stage that I would like my plans verified before I invest in the parts needed to complete the project. Here are the notes... I am looking to build an audio selector which allows me to independently control (through analog dials) my audio...
  4. M

    Lag in all games

    I pay for good net why would i be lagging in any game? like comeon...i have a $3000 pc so where is this issue comming from...could packets not be sent or some arent being received?
  5. J

    Upgrading ! :)

    Hi There! I've recently started to game a lot more and my computer is not doing so well with games. Choppy game play and mid - low settings on most games. I've about €500 to spend on a few upgrades. My Spec is below. Processor - Intel® Core™ 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Memory – 4GB RAM Video...
  6. G

    asusx551m not turning on

    With old battery,had problems charging,then it wouldn't charge,so bought new battery,again wouldn't charge,both batteries let me sue laptop until they died,now laptop is dead,is the problem the cord or jack,or could it be something else?thanx for any help Gneal
  7. E

    XFX PSU replace - EVGA G3 550 or Corsair RM550x?

    Hello, I have a XFX 550w Pro with a faulty/clicking fan, it's now to the point I need to replace. I think I've narrowed it down to either EVGA G3 550w or Corsair RM550x. Just an i3/1050 Ti to power, so main thing is reliability and noise level. Which would you recommend? (other suggestions...
  8. B

    files transferring speed??

    copying files (actually cut and paste) from the internal drive to a portable drive, on USB 2.0 The average speed is usually 20MB/s to 30MB/s . Is it a normal speed or could it be optimized to higher speed?
  9. M

    New GPU, error code 28

    I bought a new GPU for my old PC. AMD Radeon HD 7750, the spin is working, but if I plug in it doesn't show anything, so I switched to iGPU and I can see that in Device Manager I get error 28. I installed the driver, PC restarted and still I have the problem. I can't update the "missing driver"...
  10. D

    Can Someone Tell me If These Specs are Good or Alright

    Processor- AMD AM3+ x8 FX-8320 3.50GHz Video Card- 2GB Radeon R7-360 PCI-E VGA Card Ram- 16GB DDR3 SSD- 240GTranscend Also would be great if you guys could compare it to these specs Processor- AMD A10 7800 Quad Core Video Card- 8GB Radeon Ram-16GB DDRE SSD- N/A Thank you In advance
  11. Gartix

    How I can change the size of icons and texts and -just all- in Adobe Photoshop CC?

    Hi guys. I had a small,and its very small icons and everything in photoshop CC,whole other programs and windows (10 PRO 64 bit) its just fine,just when I open photoshop the icons and everything its that small that you almost cannot target the icons,and work with this just really sucks...I...
  12. T

    What is the best cpu this motherboard can handle? I do know that the motherboard can handle 16GB of RAM so I also need a cpu that can handle that 16GB's of RAM. (I'm doing this project for fun and I know building a new...
  13. A

    How to enable XMP on TOSHIBA BIOS?

    Hi All! I'm currently updating my TOSHIBA Satellite Pro (A660-x), and have recently added Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB DDR3 1600 MHz (same type) to 2/4 memory slots; I've left the other two slots empty. When opening CPU-Z, I find the following under the "Memory" tab: General Type: DDR3 Size: 16...
  14. K

    New Build & I Have No Idea What I Am Doing Will Post Updates If Helped

    Approximate Purchase Date: Some time in the next month but the monitor might be in the next week if no one opposes Budget Range: $1500-2900 After Rebates; After Shipping System Usage from Most to Least Important: AAA games and streaming Racing set up with wheel and pedals. Watching videos...
  15. B

    How many case fans?

    My case i am going to get is corsair carbide spec-01, graphics card is GTX 770 and and Intel i3 6100. Is the front intake fan that comes with the case + one added fan at the back as exhaust enough? Or will I need more Thanks in advance
  16. W

    Graphic card upgrade from GeFroce 920m

    hi everyone plzz help me in this question that.... is it possible to upgrade from Nvidia GeForce 920m to any Nvidia gtx series Dell inspiron 5558 specs :- Intel core i7 16 gb ram 4 gb graphic memory 2tb hard disk
  17. M

    BeyerDynamic MMX300 or Sennheiser PC363D for gaming (mainly FPS)

    As the title reads. Which one would be best for gaming? I've seen a few threads with similar questions, but never found out which would be better for FPS. Also; any others worth considering or cheaper, but better, options? Open for it, but already ruled out a ton of other headsets.
  18. Yogi2367

    GPU to Run PhysX

    I am currently running a 4790K on a Asus Z97-A 3.1 Mobo with 32GB of RAM, mounted in a Cooler Master HAF 932. I'm driving a pair of GTX950's in SLI and dedicating PhysX to the CPU. I would like to get the PhysX off the CPU and onto a card all its own and still keep the SLI. The problem is that...
  19. M

    mother board quistion

    can i install normal case fan in the cpu fan header?
  20. I

    Budget Video Editing/Streaming PC (Around $400-$550 USD)

    I have a friend that needs to do some basic video editing and livestreaming with a group of friends, as well as maintaining a YouTube channel for the same group. I asked him what type of budget he had and he said "Anywhere from $400 to about $550." I told him I can build it, and he needs to just...