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  1. V

    Question Sync issue with HDMI to VGA adapter?

    Well, it's been a lively day trying to fix the following issue: When I plug an HDMI to VGA adapter into the HDMI port of my Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-42) to connect to a VGA only Samsung S19B150 monitor, the display works fine for a minute, after which it develops a weird pattern that I can only...
  2. Andrew Vauce

    Question Can I remotely control my room rgb lights from pc motherboard?

    Hello! I was just wondering if can i somehow control my room rgb lights with my motherboard. My motherboard (tuf gaming x570-plus) has 12V rgb port. I just want to sync my computer lights with my room lights and I don't want cables be everywhere in the room. Is there something like transmitter...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Audio/Video out of sync on VLC and BS-Player

    I'm trying to watch a movie on my PC, but they audio get's out of sync after a few minutes. I have tried using VLC and BS-Player but it happens on both of them. I have just did a fresh install of Windows 10. Everything works just fine. All the drivers are up to date. MOBO: ASUS STRIX Z270E...
  4. Techminator

    Question Data Backup/Synchronization

    I want to backup my 2TB external HDD, 1TB laptop HDD and 64GB Android Phone ROM to an external 5TB HDD. I want to set the backup in a way that whatever files are created/added, deleted or edited, including moving files/folders to different locations are reflected on the 5TB backup drive. It...
  5. T

    Question YouTube Audio Is Out Of Sync

    The audio on every YouTube video i watch is out of sync. I tried restarting, disabling hardware acceleration, and reinstalling the audio drivers. This keeps happening on every browser so it isn`t an issue with Firefox. The audio began going out of sync after i reinstalled my Windows 10. If i...
  6. R

    Question Control Gigabyte Aorus M2 ssd with ASROCK motherboard

    Hello all, I bought a Gigabyte Aorus M2 rgb ssd. I tried to control the leds, but to no avail. I have it installed in my ASROCK B350 pro4, which has two rgb strips connected to the motherboard. The perfect situation would be a complete sync with my RGB ssd, RGB strips and my Razer mouse and...
  7. xjcarter99x

    Question Mobo 5v ADD RGB and EVGA

    I am looking at the EVGA x299 FTW, x299 Dark, z390 FTW, and z390 Dark. I have a question on 5v ADD RGB support and the headers. I cannot see anything about whether the motherboards have RGB headers, or if they could support sync with a RGB controller with a 3 pin MB sync connector (4 pin slots...
  8. miknepa

    Question RGB Syncing Mess

    So, ive been on this forum before and it turns out that it really helped me out, thats why today i have another question that i couldnt find an anwser to. Long story short : I have following software for my RGB components (which by the way are all) and i would like to find one optimal time...
  9. editor1

    [SOLVED] sync compressing a back up video's ?

    Hi Can it be dun ? I hate waiting for hole new back up's. Most of my storage space is video's. Can video's be compressed without damaging the original file's ? Can 3T bites of assorted video file formats be compressed to 1.5T bites or more like 2T bites ?
  10. J

    Question Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite question

    Does the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite have the RGB header to connect the Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB with Aura sync?
  11. W

    Ethernet configuration/trouble shooting fails

    I have a Cox modem with cable connection from the street. I installed 3 Cat 6 ethernet lines, each (3) connected to a port on a 4 port switch. with the 4th port being connected from the 4Hubs to an Apple Extreme WIFI router. When I try to default Android devices to ethernet, the ethernet will...
  12. N

    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Compatibility

    Will the 16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (CMW16GX4M2C3000C15) be compatible with Ryzen 5 2600 and MSI B350m bazooka?
  13. B

    AMD fx 4300 overheating issue

    Hi, i bought a budget cyberpower GUA3100A gaming desktop on amazon last year and i have a few questions about upgrades, mostly concerning cooling and power supply my specs are: AMD fx 4300 quad core 3.8Gzh (not overclocked) amd radeon r7 240 2x 4gb DDR3 RAM 1 TB HDD gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 a...
  14. C

    pc to hdmi tv not working no signal

    i cant connect my pc to my hdmi tv today but before it runs smoothly i tried connecting in my other laptop and works just fine what could be the problem here :(
  15. M

    internal wifi HELP!

    Hi I was wondering if this wifi internal connection would be good enough for streaming and gaming at the same time. Btw I only have wifi in my house. Gigabyte Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card Components Other GC-WB867D-I It is up to 867 Mbps. The rest of my rig is i7 6700k cpu. Gpu is gtx 980...
  16. C

    Will the 4790k's single thread performance be bested by year's end?

    I'm looking to build a high end VR system later this year. I am wondering if the releases between now and then, particularly the Broadwell and Skylake E series, will best the current single thread performance king, the 4790k. Or if you think single thread performance is not extremely important...
  17. A

    moniter goes sleep mode after installing new psu

    (Sorry for my english) 2days before I orderd for Seasonic M12ii 620 evo edition and today I received it my old PSU was cheap quality I am using it from 4 years and I never faced any problem with it. After installing new PSU I power on and my moniter goes in sleep mode and showing no signal so I...
  18. D

    Which Laptop is Better?

    Hello there! I have deliberated long and hard over the topic of which laptop I should buy. I really want a laptop which is not too heavy like, for instance a GT72 dominator pro, and yet still have the capacity for games. I have so far settled on an msi gs60 ghost pro since it's amazingly thin...
  19. P

    GPU upgrade gone wrong! HELP!

    I've got a very strange problem due to a video card upgrade. I upgraded from a nvidia 460gtx to a amd r9 270oc and my computer is acting like it has had a stroke! Extremely slow performance in desktop and web browsing. Strange stuttering effect that happens consistently, renders bf4 unplayable...
  20. G

    Is that really all? That's almost no FPS-difference between my AMD and Intel?

    Ok, I am deciding how to upgrade my rig. Since I have an FX-8350 and love playing Arma 3 and DayZ - I had this silly idea that an upgrade to Intels i5 4670k would make a world of difference. Now I stumple on this: Is that really...