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    Did i fried my MotherBoard with my RAM?

    Hi! I have a problem with my motherboard, today i wanted to change a RAM, i did it but my screen doesn't output anything. So in that hurry i pulled out the RAM till that PC was turn on. Then in the right of the slot a small black thing, i don't know exactly what is that, i supposed that is a...
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    Will it fit

    I have a deep cool tesseract case This case supports up to 31 cm length gpu's Im looking to buy the asus 1070 strix graphics card and it is 29.8 cm in length Will it fit or not cause im buying one tomorrow i know this is a stupid question but im afraid that it wont I also forgot to...
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    New PC build freezing - Motherboard and RAM incompatibility (Easy solution)?

    Hey I just want a quick suggestion before making a replacement. I built my new PC few days ago and it worked fine until yesterday where it started freezing randomly, even before booting to Windows. I checked for compatibility between this motherboard Z170-P and this RAM HyperX FURY 8 GB DDR4...
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    Combining ram advice?

    I have this corsair ram kit: http://www.newegg.com/global/nl/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233186&cm_re=Corsair_8_GB_DDR3-1600_Kit-_-20-233-186-_-Product I want to expand the memory but i dont know what combinations are possible. I dont want to spend € 50+. Thanks in advance.
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    Wifi & Ethernet Keep Disconnecting?

    By disconnecting I mean with the Yellow warning symbol on your network icon, which means no internet access. Back story: About 2 years ago we changed our modem because we had an issue like this but the old one was like 10 years old. Now we have a Surfboard SB6121. We also have had this new...
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    Phone SD Damaged?

    Hello guys, I recently switched phones and took my 32 GB sandisk micro SD card to put in my new phone, however it gave me an error saying it was damaged. Figuring I forgot to unmount it before I removed it I just allowed my new phone to format it and see if that works. It worked and allowed me...
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    M2 Samsung External Drive - Issue with W10

    Hi people, I have a problem with my old external disk. A few days ago I update my W10 to the new Anniversary Update and then start the problems. When I connect my disk, load the drivers and then give error "Drive no accessible. The parameter is incorrect". I check Disk managment and saw the...
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    Can I use any Cloverleaf cable for my monitor?

    I recently purchased an Asus PG279Q monitor, but came with the wrong cable. Every component for my new build has arrived, apart from this cable that wont be here for weeks. Asus recommended using an Asus specific one, but would any cloverleaf power lead going into the Asus power transformer be...
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    Help deciding which processor to get for my gaming/recording build

    I am building my first PC, it will be for recording console gameplay, video editing, and some casual PC gaming. I am trying to decide which processor to buy. My options are: Intel i5 6500 ($200) Intel i5 6600 ($215) Intel i7 6700 ($300) Intel i5 6600k ($240) I know that spending more will be...
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    Ready to give up on using an SSD as my boot disk

    I recently built a new system, with a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 motherboard and an Intel Core i7 6600K processor. I kept my old boot drive, a Western Digital WD1003FBYX-01Y7B0 1TB drive. Having read about the joys of booting and running off an SSD, I installed a 480 GB BP5 M.2 NGFF SATA drive...
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    whats the name of that 1 ISP cridentials program that someone on tom'shardware has?

    i need to download and install that one password saver program for to protect me on my isp. whats it called again?
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    280x on last legs HALP

    So i have a AMD R9 280x that was used as a mining card i think its on its last legs. i have 2 of them one in my partners pc and i have the [redacted] one, it constantly tears pixeleates and blue screens when i play LoL, WoW and rainbow 6 siege all on low to medium, is there anything i can do to...
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    Big pixels in the screen sometimes

    Hello guys, I have a question about my card its an msi r9 280 i connected it to my 40 inch television, but while gaming it sometimes turns red blue stripes and even dots in the middle of the screen. Dont even think its my psu. Its an 850 coolermaster. So how can i fix this
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    What is the best mid range graphics card/ GPU

    Hi, i am building a budget gaming pc and I am willing to spend up to $230.00 on a GPU, but nothing less then $200.00. I am thinking about buying the r9 380 nitro 4gb and for the cpu a i5 4690 non k. I am wondering if there is one better to go with the cpu. Thanks! P.S. Also I am wondering if a...
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    Amd ga78lmt-usb3 with Zotac Omega 980 ti

    I want to upgrade my graphics card to the one to the title my cpu Is good enough just makeing sure my pci slots CAn handle it
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    Major help needed

    Hi first time iv posted here as i have been having an issue with sky fibre 40/10... been with sky for 9 months had no problems at all untill 5 days ago...... i am a serious semi professional counter strike player and have been having a lot of packet loss, i have done everything i can at my end...
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    New PC,hard drive from previous pc

    So i am buying everything new except for the PSU and the HDD On my hard drive there is w10 installed and just about everything i need,its split in 2 partitions When i pop the hard drive in my new build will it even boot to desktop so i can transfer the w10 iso file to my usb for a fresh install?
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    LG Opens G5 Smartphone To Module Devs

    LG pushes hard into modular smartphone market by opening up G5 module development and hosting a mini dev conference. LG Opens G5 Smartphone To Module Devs : Read more
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    Having trouble with my toshiba satellite L655

    I have my toshiba L655 and it doesn't shut off but it closes the windows when I have them open and tells me that because of a problem and I reopen it again and within 5 minutes It happens again. Can someone help me with this problem.
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    Does this heat sink fit my cpu?

    Can i put Cooler Master Seidon 120V to my motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING PRO WITH intel i7-6700k skylake . My cases is Cooler Master 5 . Is it fit?