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  1. W

    Easy question (hopefully) about USB KVM cables. Thanls

    Hello Folks! :bounce: I have a Belkin KVM switch (model F1DZ104T) that is capable of using PS/2-based or USB-based kvm-cables. Although, for the console it only allows PS2 connections. So far I have been using PS/2-based kvm-cables but I want to start using USB-based kvm-cables. The manual...
  2. Vakou

    New pc won't power on

    Hello everyone I cannot power on my new pc. This is the first time I have built it my own. Motherboard: Gigabyte AX370 gaming k5 CPU:Ryzen 1700x Ram: Gskill trident Z16gb (2x8) 3200hrtz cl16 PSU: Corsair CX 650M GPU: gtx 1060 3gb * Tower Old but mostlikely working. I just assembled my new pc...
  3. B

    Ryzen 5 1500x or i5-8400?

    Ryzen 5 1500x or i5-8400? The ryzen 5 has 4 cores, but clocks in at 3.5GHz base clock, but can be overclocked to 3.8GHz. The i5-8400 has a base clock of 2.8GHz, but has 6 cores, and can be overclocked to 4.0GHz. What should I buy? What would be the best for Destiny 2? Note; I do not plan on...
  4. B

    Coffe Lake builds or Core-X builds ?

    Hi guys , I need some advice here. There is 2 options : 1. Go Coffe Lake for : + Cheaer price. + Higher Core. + Cheaper mainboard. - Lower Processor Base Frequency. ( Im not OCer ) But after seen this Intel roadmap cpu...
  5. G

    M.2-2242 NVMe Drive?

    So I opened up my laptop for the first time since I got it around 3 weeks ago today, and I found out that it has a second M.2 slot that I didn't even know was there. I thought "Great, my current M.2 SSD is only using a SATA connection, I could get an NVMe drive for this one and put Windows on...
  6. C

    My asus laptop keeps restarting

    I factory reset my asus laptop and it was installing windows 10 and my dad turned my computer off. When I turned it back on it
  7. T

    UX310UQ or UX430UA?

    I'm looking to get a laptop for the first time in many years, primarily for school and possibly web designing/programming (hobby, not professional) - and I'm wondering whether to get the UX310UQ-FB276T or the UX430UA-PURE2 (or possibly an entirely different model/brand? any input would be much...
  8. D

    System turns on but Monitor does not show anything

    My PC info: Acer V193HQ monitor Circle 400 Watt CPH698 V12 SMPS Two HDD: New Seagate Barracuda 1TB Hitachi 500GB Old one Intel DH55PJ Motherboard 2 slots : 2 DDR3 ram each 2GB LG DVD writer The problem started when "A problem with the hard drive has been detected" message shows up after the BIOS...
  9. R

    I found this build

    I found this build on pcpartpicker and I am wondering how much it would cost with a 1080p monitor and a decent headset and keyboard. I am new to this so I know little. https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/tXNnTW/entry-level-gaming-build Thanks
  10. kcarbotte

    You Can Pre-Order Boutique Systems With AMD's Threadripper Inside

    AMD’s upcoming Ryzen Threadripper high-performance desktop platform is just around the corner and boutique system builders a gearing up to take your orders. AMD revealed a list of authorized partners that can now accept your Ryzen Threadripper pre-orders. You Can Pre-Order Boutique Systems With...
  11. G

    Player's uknown battleground..Why i cant run it

    Ok people need some guidance... I have i3 4170 3.7 mb:Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H97-HD3 gpu: Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X 2GB WindForce 3X OC ram : 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz Why i cant run this game properly..?I tried everything,from reccomended settings to very low.I get fps spikes drop...
  12. B

    replace failed hard drive acer aspire 5738G with windows 7 ultimate

    my clicking hard drive failed I have purchased another hard drive same make and part number but will I have to purchase a copy of windows 7 ultimate Regards Barto
  13. O

    Windows 8.1 media creation tool the drop down menu wont show options

    When trying to use the media creation tool the drop boxs for the language edition and architecture i am doing this because my hard drive has been having issues and that might having something to do with it.
  14. G

    [SOLVED] 8GB of RAM installed, but only 4GB appears in properties?

    I just built a new gaming PC with 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3 RAM installed in the motherboard. When I open my PC properties, however, it only shows that 4GB are installed. It doesn't say "4GB installed, 8GB usable" or anything of that sort - it simply only shows 4GB and nothing more. Could one of my...
  15. S

    Graphics card and monitor don't have same display ports.

    My current GPU is a EVGA Geforce GT-740 SC (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/26nH8d). The monitor i use (My TV Actually) Only has HDMI(Full Size) and VGA Ports on it, while that GPU doesnt have VGA, and only HDMI(Mini Size). Is there any type of connector I can buy to make it work with my TV, or do...
  16. R

    Please help me in buying Gaming laptop!!!!

    Im a busystudent so i just have 1-2 hrs to play games . So im looking for laptop which will play modern games and upcoming at 60 fps... i dont to get desktop because its not that comfortable my budget is around 2000 cdn dollars .... Please reply
  17. PotatoChez

    Is this too good to be true? (i5-6600k Overclocking)

    Overclocked my i5-6600k to 4.6 Ghz, and when changing the voltages, I used the value right before it turned red. In addition these, these temps seem amazing or is it just me? http://prntscr.com/ffyxf3
  18. M

    can someone recommend a solid upgrade strategy?

    PC: R9 280X FX 8350 8gb DDR3 (2*4GB 1866) Corsair vengence 650W corsair modular PSU GA-990XA-UD3 A complete overhaul or just a GPU or CPU upgrade?
  19. A

    Gaming pc build

    I am going to be building a pc for gaming, I have £350 for the build, I already have a case, hard drive and CD writer, What would the best parts for my budget be?
  20. M

    Sapphire RX460 OC 2GB Performance issue

    Hello. A couple of days ago i got a RX460 . The card is supposed to be able to play CSGO,Dota,Other esports games with no problems. My CSGO is running at barely 60 fps on lowest settings and dropping below 50. My cpu usage is around 20-40 % when playing games. HDMI is plugged in the RX460,not...