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  1. N

    Plastic Bag Question

    So my I let my friend use my GPU for use with the box and anti static bag with it but he gave it back to me in a plastic bag because he didn't want to bring the box. So i had it in my bag for a whole night and gave it to my other friend the next day. My other friend said that he is not getting...
  2. T

    problem with GPU fan

    hey everyone. I own a GTX 1080. I have a problem, that my precision xoc stopped controlling the fan curve. it stays at 0 rpm. my custom fan curve just stopped working at some point (don't know when) and now even if i try to manually increase the rpm speed to 100% it stays at 0 rpm. what do you...
  3. D

    ASUS H81m-CS motherboard gtx 1070

    Will the ASUS H81M-CS motherboard support a gtx 1070?
  4. S

    Monitor says no signal

    monitor says no signal. pc turns on all fans and lights turn on as they should, keyboard doesnt light up and fans are at 100% speed all the time. dead psu? it worked just fine the day before specs: ryzen 7 1700 zotac 1070 amp extreme asus prime b350 plus corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 2666mhz...
  5. F

    Black Screen Problem

    When I got on my computer it was perfectly fine. When i then decided to shut it off, after I came back for it the screen doesnt really come on everything works except for the screen its just black and when it does come back on in a flash it just immediately goes back off. Noe I just decided that...
  6. I

    urgent help require

    which one is the best booster and battery saver app for Android mobile.
  7. S

    Need a camera for night photography landscape and general photography

    I'm a early beginner in photography and I'm looking for a relatively fair priced camera (anything below £650 ideally) for night photography, landscape photography and general photography like around museums and just photographing city landmarks. I want to get high quality photographs that I can...
  8. J

    BSOD: Kernal Security Check Failure even after factory reset

    I've been getting this BSOD for a couple weeks now. Here's the minidump https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xp8rD7cdJM1HOob6ujCn_QdFoQAoN1PQ/view?usp=sharing I would get this bluescreen while playing Minecraft, using this program called FL Studio and just simply watching a movie. I've already...
  9. M

    Want to upgrade desktop pc for light gaming

    I would like to upgrade my older desktop just enough to play Sims 4. I have a Dell E520 with windows xp. it has two 512mb memory cards about a 100gb harddrive. i belive it has an intel g965 processor. besides that i'm not too sure what else it has. But basically i would like to upgrade it...
  10. C

    System volume is corrupted

    Hello. My Lenovo laptop got turned off during a startup and now it only gives me the "Start windows normally" and "startup repair" options. It does not boot in any way. Startup repair does nothing but tell my "system volume is corrupted". I've been searching for many solutions but have...
  11. N

    Keyboard keys not working.

    Specific keyboard keys aren't working. G, h, esc and space. I've tried remapping, reinstalling drivers and even a new keyboard but nope, nothing. Those keys just dont work. Any help please...
  12. L

    RIP my cpu

    my pentium e5700 3.0ghz i know its a <<edited>> old and its was running fine in my previous mobo but when i installed new mobo my cpu speed got down to 1.9ghz???and i guess my new <<edited>> mobo has LEGACY bios cuz i cant enter bios it only opens Cmos setting ..any help??or should i get new...
  13. F

    What Did I do Wrong (motherboard & cpu upgrade horror story)

    So, I recently got a new motherboard and a intel processor to upgrade my pc. I put the pecies together in what i thought was the correct order but ended up having to take it to microcenter because of some plugin and someother issues i dont know. when i brought it backi tried to play some games...
  14. L

    Nvidia Patches Drivers Against Meltdown And Spectre

    Nvidia released driver updates that contain patches for the Spectre and Meltdown CPU bugs. Nvidia noted that its GPU hardware remains immune to the two flaws. Nvidia Patches Drivers Against Meltdown And Spectre : Read more
  15. P

    Nvidia Volta / GTX 2000 Series

    So what are we going to get this year ? Nvidia Volta or GTX 2000 series ? Will the prices of GTX 1000 series GPUs decrease after the release ?
  16. T

    Gaming build ~£700

    Hello, I'd like to build a Gaming PC for around £700 preferably lower, but if there's some good hardware that'll make a big difference that's ok but not more then £800. I have my first build which is an old Gaming PC with ageing hardware which is slowly making life more difficult to try to...
  17. G

    Will a FX-4300 bottleneck a GTX 1050?

    Hello, everyone! So recently i thought about getting a GTX 1050 (Not Ti). Problem is, my CPU is an FX-4300. It's 3.80Ghz, and i don't plan on overclocking since i don't trust myself with it. Anyway, i can't afford to get a new CPU now but i really wanted to change my GPU since my GPU is really...
  18. aofathy

    1 long 2 short beeps then PC boots normally!

    Hi, I just swapped my GTX 750 which suddenly died somehow after 3 years while I was working with Photoshop with a new GTX 1050 which I tried in the PC store before purchasing and seemed to be working normally. However when I was back home and installed it in my PC, I heard 1 long 2 short beeps...
  19. S

    Proper psu for gtx 1080 ti

    Hey all I'm doing my first build and went with a gtx 1080 ti and a i7 7700k eventually oc. I'm looking to find the best psu, that will have the proper connections for it. I searched this but I couldn't find anything on pci express connectors , Only wattage. I see it needs 1 6pin and 1 8 pin...
  20. verynice

    Black Screen of Death After 20 minutes After Update/ Reset

    After an update started automatically downloading (thanks Microsoft) without any indication, it took place when I was upgrading my router. Because of this, the update never finished. No problem, I'll just start in safe mode and install it from there, right? That would be what I would've done...