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  1. R

    Can I play GTA 5 AND FIFA 17 on my laptop?

    Can I run FIFA 16, FIFA 17 and GTA 5 or GTA 4 on my laptop? Configurations - Intel i3 6006U 6th gen processor ( 2 GHz clock speed) 4 GB ram and Nvidia geforce 920M 2 GB graphics card 5400 rpm 3mb cache Please reply fast.
  2. Fancyman5

    Best GTX 1050 ti

    Hey everyone, Looking to buy a budget GPU and am currently looking at GTX 1050 TI's. Just wanted to know out of all of the GTX 1050 ti's, which one is the best? Thanks Guys!
  3. C

    What do i do with my broken god like gaming carbon motherboard?

    I recently broke a mobo pin on my god like gaming carbon mother board and i recently purchased a new one. what do i do with the damaged board, can i get anything from it?
  4. A

    Help me please

    My acer laptop doesnt have a removable battery pack and its not turning on but when i press the power button the blue power light just turns on for atleast 3 seconds and off again but i can hear the fan turn on and off the same time as the power light
  5. H

    PC for Audio Listening

    Looking for a Micro ATX motherboard with a real good audio section, preferably with a headphone amp. This will be using an Intel I5 7500 CPU. Suggestions?
  6. M

    Can't seem to get 5.1 audio out of my PC

    Alright, so I got a new Denon AVR x2300W and fixed it all up with the following : 1. Front Towers + Center + Rear Bookshelves (Connected on Surround L/R, instead of surround back L/R). 2. The Receiver is getting fed through the HDMI port on my graphic card (PC) - Zotac GeForce GTX 970. 3. The...
  7. I

    Question about processor ghz

    Hi. Can someone please help me. After oc, i cant get precise ghz's. My goal is 4.1 ghz for fx6300, but its shows 4.11 is it ok? Or i need to change something?
  8. G

    LOOK: First pc build for LoL + overwatch

    Hi guys i'm building my first PC to play league and overwatch at ultra setting and have 144 fps cause i'm buying a 144hz monitor. I want to overclock the CPU and maybe the GPU too. Here's the build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/galopesalope/saved/#view=RmLYJx I know which component I want...
  9. E

    Does a cheap workstation motherboard affect gaming performance ?

    I have question . So i have a hp Z220 worksation with an i7-2600 and i was thinking about jamming in a GTX 1060 3GB which is compatible because i tried it . This worksation has an intel c216 chipset and i was wondering if the motherboard affects the gaming performance at all (fps drops) or...
  10. 9

    PSU rm850x pop sound

    Hi all, had this PSU a year or so now all good until this evening when I turned it on and sounded like a pop but doesn't power up at all. I have the rog maximus VIII ranger which still iluminates on the board. Note haven't looked inside to see the caps damaged etc due to voiding warranty. Any...
  11. kcarbotte

    Trinus PSVR Lets You Play Steam Games On Your PC, Here's How

    Sony’s PlayStation VR HMD is a nice piece of kit. The headset is arguably the most comfortable HMD available today, and it sells for much less than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It’s a shame you can’t use it with your PC. Or can you? Trinus PSVR Lets You Play Steam Games On Your PC, Here's How...
  12. S

    2 GPUs, different, want better performance in other than PhysX games.

    I have a GTX 660Ti 2GB GDDR5, and a GTX 950 EVGA SSC 2GB GDDR5, i have a few games that support physx, i can see a difference, but, i mostly play games like GTA V and GTA IV. Unfortunately they don't support PhysX. is there anyway i could see an improvement? i have an SLI bridge. maybe there...
  13. F

    will i start lagging if connect my laptop to an exteral monitor?

    Hello guys, I am interested of buying an external monitor for my laptop to play csgo... My Laptop specs: AMD A6-6310 apu quad core GPU: AMD Radeon R4 graphics so i was wondering if i would start lagging on games such as csgo i normaly get arround 70-100 fps on csgo and sometimes it drops down...
  14. J

    Looking for case upgrade from Corsair 300r (around €60-€70)

    What's going on guys So i'm looking to upgrade my more or less dated looking corsair carbide 300r windowed edition as I actually hate the fan cutouts on the window. I'm rocking a micro ATX Maximus V Gene MB and an H100i dual 120mm cpu cooler so those should fit in the new case. Also a quit...
  15. D

    Replacing a failing hard drive

    So I bought a new gpu and tried installing it and it wouldn't work despite being compatible with my system. So I took it to a shop and dropped 60 bucks to have them tell me the card isn't working because my hard drive is failing. They then tried to get me to pay 300 bucks for a new 1TB hard...
  16. B

    new motherboard wont pass post

    i installed a new motherboard and itll power up but the red led indicating a cpu problem comes on along with no signal on my monitor. do i need to install the bios before i put the motherboard in Previous specs MB: A960mv Currents specs MB: 970 pro gaming aura CPU: fx 8350 GPU: sapphire nitro...
  17. Inkiad

    No video output from graphics card

    Hello, Last night i shut down my computer. It was working fine, played DOTA with friends. This morning when i turned it off i saw no video output on the monitor. All fans and lights are on but no video. Tried VGA with the GPU, still nothing. Then unplugged GPU and i get video from my...
  18. A

    Strange file called "end" appears after i install a game

    To be very specific, i started playing an mmorpg called Riders of Icarus published by Nexon America, for some reason when i install the game launcher for nexon games, a strange file which i'm not sure what format it is, called "end" showed up in the E: drive(not sure if it has anything to do...
  19. F

    Keyboard stops working after upgrade

    I upgraded my processor, PSU, GPU, and motherboard (760GMA-P34). First boot went into windows as I used the same HDDs from old build. The keyboard worked long enough for me to login. After that however the keyboard stopped working. the num lock led was stuck on as well. I tried 2 different...
  20. Caio Khauam

    Help with CPU Overclocking

    Hi, so I am building a new computer and I am choosing between a amd fx 8350 vs a amd fx 8370E, which one has better perfomance and is better for overclocking using an hyper 212x? their prices are the same, so I have this doubt, any help will be welcome