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Forum discussion tagged with Typhoon.
  1. S

    Will a ddr3 memory card affect a graphics card's performance?

    I bought an asus gtx1050 ti expedition today and i mistakenly bought a ddr4 memory instead of a ddr3 one ahhh Will my graphic's card performance get goofed up if i use a ddr3 memory card or not? My mobo is p8h61 lx3 plus from asus hope it helps a little thanks for answers!
  2. D

    Trying to upgrade my pre-built computer. My head hurts.

    Hey everyone. I just got my computer back, I send it to repair a BIOS problem and it just arrived today. I want to upgrade it. I was wondering if I can. My specs: - Mobo: Medion H81H3-EM2 chipset from Intel - CPU: i7 4790 - GPU: GTX 750 1GB - RAM: 8gb DDR3 - PSU: 350W random brand I was...
  3. F

    Do i need motherboard with crossfire for dualgpu

    I bought HD 5970 and as i get knowed itd dual gpu. I am buyng H81m and would like to know do i need motherboard with crossfire?
  4. S

    HP Elitebook 840 G1

    Hello all, I was recently given a HP Elitebook 840 G1. As it was free, I was looking into putting some money into it for upgrades (moderate gaming). It is sitting with a dule core I3-4010U at 1,7, 8gb of RAM, and the built in HD Integrated graphics. I am happy with the RAM but would like to...
  5. T

    Frequent ping spikes even after upgraded router and modem?

    The internet is usually fine when just browsing websites but when I load FPS games the ping frequently spikes even after I bought a new router and integrated modem. I'm guessing this would be either my adapter's issue or the ISP's issue (on the bill I think my parents are paying for 8.0M...
  6. S

    High speed cpu in i3

    what is the highest clock speed in intel core i3 4th generation and what is the product number of it
  7. Max Guymer

    £400 build for my friend, thoughts?

    I recently convinced a friend to switch from console to pc and he now has a budget of £400, so I put him together this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GqcVHx Are there any improvements that fit into this price of £400, also how well will it run in 1080p games, I'm guessing around mid to high settings?
  8. A

    ASUS GTX 970 Strix is 1x8pin, reduced performance if 1x6pin connected?

    I just bought an ASUS GTX970 Strix, it comes with a 8 pin connector and my PSU only has a 6 pin connector. So, doing some research, I found that they are backwards compatible, I can connect the 6 pin from PSU into the 8 pin in the GPU, only missing 2 ground pins which one of them is a detect...
  9. FredJr

    Thinking about upgrading

    Thinking about upgrading. I currently have two GTX 780's. Should I get another one or sell them and buy two GTX 980's?
  10. J

    August 2014 $550 Best Gaming PC Build?

    I would like to purchase a gaming PC but I'm not the best at computers. I saw some good ones on Ironside so I asked the guy what was better about one of Ironside's computers compared to another one and he said the cases are cooler.....that computer costs $745......I need your help!
  11. X

    Somthing i should upgrade

    What should i buy new to my pc? I got money atm so i wanna upgrade something or is it good enough for bf4 on ultra? Sorry for shitty english My Specs: Cpu: Amd fx 8350 Gpu: Msi gtx 780 Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Psu: Corsair cx600 8 ram
  12. Kareem Ghanameh

    Battlefield 3 is laging even in campaign?

    I have FX 6350 3.9Ghz R9 270 XFX Kingston Hyper X 8gb ram 1866hz Still BF 3 NOT 4 is lagging a lot!!!!!!! I used to play it with same GPU but 4gb ram and Pentium G3420 and it was better, I don't think it's the CPU so what is wrong ? :/ I installed the catalyst 14.4 driver I have Win 8.1
  13. Ninjamilez

    New to PC gaming. Need help with choosing components.

    I'd like to build my first gaming PC and I need some help with choosing components. I already have a good idea of what I want but I'm struggling with choosing a graphics card. Currently, this is what I'm considering: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H ATX LGA1150 CPU: Intel i5-4670K Cooling...
  14. C

    3rd Gen i5 vs 4th Gen i7.

    Hi Guys, I would love to have some opinions, on how important the difference between a 3rd gen and 4th gen processor is in terms of speed and pricing? In terms of speed would you rather go for a 3rd Gen i7 or a 4th Gen i5? Also, I wonder how the pricing of the above two would compare? Thanks
  15. O

    How will this handle games

    Will it play games like Metro 2033,Crysis 2 and the upcoming BF3 at all the highest settings? ASUS 24X Burner Black SATA Model DRW-24B3LT LightScribe Support - OEM Thermaltake Element G VL10001W2Z Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case SAPPHIRE 100311SR Radeon HD 6970 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express...
  16. B

    Super Orb

    can i mount a super orb on my pentium III with socket 370? and, does it fit into my Asus CUSL2?
  17. G

    TNT 2 M64

    I am wondering how far people have overclocked their TNT 2 M64's, and have they used much/very drastic cooling methods?
  18. G

    Laptop Mobo Problems, No Power!

    Hello, recently I installed a new motherboard in my laptop, an asus g71gx because the old one went bad. After installing everything to almost exactly how it was before I started, nothing happens when I plug the power in. No lights, beeps or anything of the kind. Absolutly nothing happens. The...
  19. kenbb1983

    Memory for a Sony Vaio PCG-7G2L

    I'm looking for two 1gb chips for a Sony Vaio PCG-7G2L Laptop. I know it takes 533mhz or maybe 667mhz ddr2, i just want to make sure i get ram that matches the laptop. Thank you:)
  20. toastedsocks

    What is a good thermally conductive, but electrically non-conductive liquid?

    I am going to build a submersion PC, but I was wondering what liquid is a great thermal conductor, but at the same time non-conductive of electricity?