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  1. Adhi 007

    Question Low CPU usage and high CPU usage

    My CPU : and ryzen 3 2200g GPU : RX 480, 8gb While playing old games like sleeping dogs with medium settings I get stable fps of 72 ( limited fps to 72 my monitor refresh rate is 72 ) GPU usage with medium settings 60-75 % CPU usage at medium settings 55-75 % with few fps drops when I change...
  2. zombiesoul

    Question GPU Undervolting/Overclocking

    I was using Resident Evil 2 remake to check Gpu Undervolt, after a few tries I got it to stop shutting pc off but after a few minutes of playing game crashes I have mostly everything at Max graphics settings including 200 percent image quality. So my question: if I am undervolting or...
  3. Mazdamundi

    Question Overheating laptop CPU - undervolt or turbo boost?

    Hello community, New guy here! Hoping to get some help with a new laptop I bought recently. Over the years I've often come across TH articles when dealing with computer problems. Hoping the community here is just as helpful! Anyway, I recently got a new laptop: HP Omen 15 dc0006 that comes...
  4. Z

    Question Does undervolting a GPU give more fps?

    I have heard that undervolting your GPU gives more fps and lowers the temperature. Does this work and if so, how does it work? I am thinking about undervolting to get lower temperatures on my rx 580 oc.
  5. orodruin

    Question Asus Strix Vega 64 Undervolting Question

    I've been applying undervoltage to my Asus Strix Vega 64 card for a few days. But I haven't found stable values. I think I'm misusing the process. I didn't get that. I enter the wattman settings when the card is in a balanced profile. I turn off the Chill feature. I set the card to manual...
  6. G

    Question i7 9700K Noctua NH-D15 running hot!!?

    Hey, so I've sold my previous i7 9700K build and got a new one. i7 9700K RTX 2080 ASUS ROG Strix OC ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 Gaming F 16gb G.skill 3200mhz Noctua NH-D15 EVO 970 m.2 EVO 860 Toshiba 2TB HDD Corsair RMX 750 Nanoxia Deep silence 5 rev b. Full tower with 4 140mm fans. The cpu...
  7. F

    ffmpeg and two (2) logitech 920 webcams

    I am using the following line to preview my webcam: ffmpeg -s 1280x720 -framerate 30 -pix_fmt yuv420p -rtbufsize 100MB -f dshow -i video="Logitech Cam#1" -c:v copy -an -f sdl "WebCAM Preview" this line works fine with cam #1, however when try it with cam #2, I get the error: [dshow @...
  8. C

    $800USD gaming pc (South Africa)

    Approximate Purchase Date: Withing 1-2 weeks Budget Range: <R11000 (about $800 USD) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, browsing, very little coding, rendering, potential streaming definitely not priority Parts Not Required: Optical Drive, Harddrives, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse...
  9. Z

    My pc keep turning off/on continuously!!

    well, i upgraded my motherboard, ram, and cpu and put it together. when i power up my pc, it started to turning off and on continuously. right now im gonna exchange my cpu and new ram. Method I tried use: 1. Re-seated everything. 2. use a power supply tester and power supply still work. 3...
  10. 1

    GTX680 GPU Usage PROBLEM

    I've tried to play Far Cry 4 but the GPU Usage gets low like from 98% to 50% and the FPS get like 20, then GPU Usage returns to 98% and the FPS get 50~60, some guys from other forum said that my CPU is bottlenecking the GPU, some said to unpark cores (Already done), but the problem is not...
  11. I

    Best laptop for a £750

    I have a £750 budget for a laptop. I've been looking at this one on amazon but I've never had a laptop so I'm not sure if it's good for it's price. http://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-GP70-2PE-026UK-17-3-inch-Bluetooth/dp/B00J2PLCJ2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1407201754&sr=8-2&keywords=msi+laptop Any...
  12. O

    what do you mean by when an ssd is been mirrored

    i just want an explanation on what raid means
  13. Andreas414

    Ebay Video Card Warranties

    I'm considering upgrading my video cards and have been looking at some R9 290s on EBay. They're new OEM cards, so they don't include a warranty, but they do have a 14-day return policy. Having never owned a video card that failed, I was wondering if it's likely that I'd encounter most...