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    Over clocked my 8320

    So I decided to do a basic over clock on my 8320 but I noticed that when I look at the clock speed in CPU-Z, the core speed fluctuates between 1404mhz and 4012mhz when I'm not doing anything is this normal? I'm guessing its ok as I tried playing a game and it stayed at 4012mhz and max temp at 51
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    IS asus gt 1030 pheonix oc edition is compatible with dh61ho motheboard ?????????? in this website that asus gt 1030 gpu is there ... check that .............and ..............see if it is compatible with...
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    Advice on Upgrades to Old Gaming Tower (€1000-1500 Budget)

    Hi Guys! It has been a while since I last upgraded my gaming tower and was wanting some advice. Had a good experience with your help last time I was looking to upgrade so I am back :). I have copied and pasted the suggested template Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next month Budget...
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    Upgrade RAM after changing processor

    Hello. I am upgrading my laptop's processor from i5 to i7. It shows by HP owner manual that the processor(Intel I7-3520M) is compatible. My question is if I change the processor, can I upgrade my RAM from 16 gb to 32 gb judging by intel's specs from website.
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    Buying New Gaming PC

    Hey guys, I am going to buy a new gaming PC and am looking for some knowledgeable opinions. My price range is 1000-1500, but I could go a bit higher. I play a lot of online poker, that’s the primary use of the computer. I also play games like hearthstone and civilization. I’m a computer newbie...
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    Which SSD to use in Alienware 15 R2?

    I have an old Alienware 15 R2 with 1 TB HDD. I have never looked inside it but it seems it has 2 slots for M.2 SSDs. So I'm planning to buy an M.2 SSD and install it myself. But I'm bewildered as to which SSD to get for my machine. I wanted to buy Samsung 960 EVO but I'm not sure if my...
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    Does ddr5 graphics card run/work on ddr4 mother?

    I have a ddr4 motherboard. I am buying a gtx 1050ti g1 gaming gpu (ddr5).Can my ddr4 motherboard support that ddr5 rgraphics card?
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    Can't press one key when pressing multiple keys at the time.

    I have the "Pluscom gamer" keyobard, got it for really cheap and started coming back to a game I played a while back. The game requires holding down W and Spacebar most of the time and switching hotbars with 1-9 keys at the top. When I hold down W+Spacebar, I can click any key I want BUT "4"...
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    Need Advice on GPU Choice and Compatibility Between Other Components

    I have a lot to say, so prepare for a mouthful. I'm considering building a gaming PC, and since it's my first time I would like advice on my build. To give a little bit of background on my plan, I would like to build a monster PC. That being said, I still do not want to waste money if it's not...
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    Can't sign into my microsoft account

    Ok, about 2 weeks ago I rebooted my computer. When I logged back into my account after the reboot, it took forever to do so. When it finally opened windows there was an error message saying it could not login to my microsoft account. It gave me 2 options. Sign out and close. If I signed...
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    intel i5 questions

    Hey, i was wondering about 2 things, because i'm getting a new processor soon, i was thinking of getting an i5 7500 but the 7600k is only a few dollars more but does not include a cooler. I was wondering 1. what processor i should get and, 2. if i can use the intel stock cooler that i have on...
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    1050tiFansspinning NOdisplay output.

    Cpu in my pc (amd fx 6350) died. Put my gpu in my friends half built pc with my hard drive so still had drivers etc. Was able to return dead gpu and bought an fx8350. No beeps indicating something wrong with gpu. Gpu still works in friends machine. the fans spin but there is no display output. I...
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    Ideas on ways to upgrade.

    Hey everyone! I built my first gaming PC a while back and it is still running great but I am finally noticing that its starting to slow down at times. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could do to upgrade without going with a complete rebuild. Here is what Im running now. Thanks...
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    GTX 1060 Temps

    I recently purchased a GTX 1060 (Evga 6gb if this matters) And I noticed that during gameplay it was running around 80-82 degrees. I took the safe route and shut down the game. What's the safe temperature for these cards, and if I'm running it to high, what would the problem be?
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    MSI Announces Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset

    The Immerse GH60 doesn’t do much to differentiate itself, but its no-frills, all-analogue approach might be attractive to those who are just looking for something comfortable, convenient, and reliable. MSI Announces Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset : Read more
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    Computer Turns on Then Turns Off

    I recently have done a case swap with all my parts, and when I plugged in everything seemed to be in working order. The motherboard beeped and started windows, then it randomly turned off. I’ve been looking on YouTube and replaced ram, no, took out graphics card, no, bought a new PSU nope. Any...
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    No sound on my PS3

    Okay, so I play on my PS3 on a monitor that has VGA. I have a problem that I can´t hear any sound. Could such things like this work?
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    GPU showing 0mhz in core and memory clock, artificating

    Hi all, I'm currently helping my brother build his first PC and ran into a headache. My bro bought a MSI TWIN FROZR 750ti off a used PC reseller about 1 month ago, and when I tested it, the graphics card was fine. However, upon assembling into the new PC, the GPU was showing severe artifacting...
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    Realtek HD Audio suddenly went missing

    Ive been dealing with this issue for about 7 hours now, first off, I restarted my pc earlier today and when it booted back up the audio icon in the tray looked like this When clicking it runs a troubleshooter which doesnt fix anything. Looking at my sound devices, only these are showing, the HD...
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    Is this my graphics card doing this?

    I have some pictures of my screen and was wondering if I need a new graphics card or if it's something else any help would be great thanks. [/URL][/img]