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  1. K

    What cables do my PC components come with, and what cables do I need to buy?

    What cables do my PC components come with (as in like SATA, 4-pin Molex, etc)? Part list here: Also, if any of the components come with incompatible cables or don't come with the cables I need, then what cables do I need to buy? Note...
  2. L

    gtx 1080 gpu usage no higher than 20%

    Hey guys, i built this pc almost a year ago, and havent used it in the past half year. When i came back and moved the pc to a new apartment, i noticed that it was underperforming compared to the past. I updated all the drivers, but no help, so i did a factory reset and redownloaded all the...
  3. F

    Microstuttering I need help!

    Hey there, about a 8 months ago I bought myself some new parts for my PC. (Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX, Asus B350 Plus) in the beginning i had problems with microstuttering in games and some other programs but after a few hours of tying some things out that my friend told me ( im...
  4. M

    gtx 1060 6gb is running slow

    hello i have a problem with my gtx 1060 that i got about 4 months ago... it is under performing in all games and its making me mad when i got the card i could run farcry5 at max with 60+fps but now and lowest settings 1600x900 i dont even get 30fps. also i used to have a gtx 750ti 2 years ago...
  5. L

    Ryzen 5 2400g stock cooler will NOT install

    I'm pulling my hair out over here. I started a build today with the Ryzen 5 2400g and a MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard. The attachment of the Wraith Spire cooler was weird. I had to apply very much pressure and then the screws started making a really weird sound (possibly from the springs) when...
  6. C

    How to Install SSD in Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Touch

    I need complete, detailed instructions please for installing the HP SSD S700 Pro that I bought online into my Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 touchscreen laptop computer. I had planned on using Macrium free software to clone or migrate the Win 10 home OS to the SSD. All directions and advice will be...
  7. D

    What Parts Can I Cut Down on to Make this Builder Cheaper?

    Here is the parts list link: Thanks for your time!
  8. W

    My benq xl2411z can only get 60hz and I have a EVGA gtx 1070 with an HDMI 2.0 cable

    I am using an EVGA gtx 1070 with the benq xl2411z and it wont allow me to go to 144 hz. Any help???
  9. B

    Black screen when trying to install/Download

    When trying to install a game or some sort of software my laptop screen turns black with no cursor unless I move it around, then the cursor shows the the loading circld and the cursor size is bigger.Not sure what's going on.
  10. PaulAlcorn

    AMD Announces 32-core Threadripper 2, Shows 7nm EPYC CPU

    AMD announced new Threadripper models that reach up to 32 cores and 64 threads. The compnay also displayed a 7nm Vega GPU and 7nm EPYC CPU. AMD Announces 32-core Threadripper 2, Shows 7nm EPYC CPU : Read more
  11. C

    Samsung cfg70 144hz monitor

    Recently I purchased Samsung CFG70 144hz monitor and I am using it with Gtx 1060 6gb graphics card.. Previously I used a full HD 60hz dell monitor and while gaming I used to turn vsync on for all games to avoid screen tearing.. Now my question is in my new 144hz monitor whether I have to use...
  12. T

    Sony Camcorder - Should I buy the expensive Warranty?

    Just bought a Sony AX100. Should I buy the Geek Squad Extended Warranty? Consumer Reports says No because for the cost for almost any repair is $280 or LESS anyway so if you have damage after the 1 year manufacturers warranty, you can just pay it if you need it. If you reach 3 years with no...
  13. G

    Programmable Batmobile Headlines New Lego Tech Line

    You'll be able to build the caped crusader's car then use it to teach your kids about coding. Programmable Batmobile Headlines New Lego Tech Line : Read more
  14. T

    My Pc is so slow even with New specs

    So i've been having this problem where my PC is really slow like it takes 10-15 seconds o open chrome and I cant even run decent 60 fps on any game, Like Payday 2. Immense fps drops. PC specs: i5 7500 GTX 1060 6gb 8gb ram HDD
  15. F

    CPU Stress Testing new CPU fan

    So I just installed a new fan (hyper 212 evo) on my 4790k. It was my first time installing a fan and I think I did a pretty bad job considering I kept knocking the heat sink as I was trying to tighten the screws. But I started up my pc anyways and temps looked fine on idle (sub 45). At one...
  16. Y

    Replace gpu aftermarket cooler with another aftermarket cooler

    Hello guys, Just a quick question, can i for exmaple mount a twinfrozr v cooler(msi gaming gtx 960) to gtx 1060 evga version? I was just wondering.
  17. A

    Want to use mobile Hotspot for internet access on desktop using Zyxel P-660HN-T1A

    I have desktop PC with windows 7, android 7.1.1 mobile with internet access and ZyXEL P-660HN-T1A modem. In modem settings it has WDS screen but i am unable to setup any connection. I want to use internet on PC
  18. I

    Best amd mAtx (wont freeze)

    Hey guys, im wanting to build a new desktop. For the last two years I have had the endure the freezing and death of my desktop. I am wantong to go with an amd build. Can somebody tell me the best am4 mAtx mtbd that wont freeze or crash at all. Please.
  19. M

    asus rog vs acer predator monitor

    i just look the prices on both monitors on amazon and i found out that the 24.5-inch, Full hd, 240 hz predator is cheaper $78 than 24.5 asus rog, 240, 1 ms. should i just go buy predator than rog swift because it's cheaper? does the 2 monitor have big differences?
  20. X

    Cpu or Gpu

    Hello guys, i have decided to ask you a question about fps in csgo, im on my old pc i3 550 4gb ram and gt 430 graphics card, i wanted to upgrade to XFX Radeon HD 5850 . I am curently playing on 640x480 all low with 130 fps with drops to 30 when near smoke. Will i see any fps improvements with...