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  1. Discussion Z77 motherboard BCLK overclock 107.4MHz boot to Windows!

    Hi everyone! I've just been tinkering with my motherboard base clock and found the max. stable. Please let me know what you think! My motherboard is the ASUS P8Z77-M PRO. I have 3 storage drives in the PC. Here is the data: 107.6 - no boot, overclocking error 107.5 - stuck/freezes at windows...
  2. N

    Question 8700k Voltage Unstable with Gigabyte adaptive voltage

    I currently have a Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 and I still can’t believe how not user friendly their bios is. I’m coming from asus and I’m trying to figure out the adaptive voltage mode that gigabyte implemented. You set Vcore to normal and have a negative or positive offset but it doesn’t match up...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 Voltage differences between load and idle

    I have overclocked my ryzen 2600 to 4.0Ghz using 1.2375v in the BIOS. However, recently I saw that in CPU-z, HWInfo, HWMonitor that the Core voltage is shown as 1.232. The strange thing is that on idle in those programs say the core voltage is 1.232 when the cpu is idle or its usage is less than...
  4. J

    Discussion DDR3 Memory Overclock past XMP

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering about my overclock on the 2 memory modules I am using in my PC (Using ASUS p8Z77-m pro Motherboard and I7 3770): Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz CL9-10-9-27-2T 1.5V 2x8gb dual channel It is originally a kit of 4 but I purchased 2 sticks. I decided to mess...
  5. Amedinno

    [SOLVED] Overheating 4690k with H60

    Hi, im new into the overclocking world and was just messing around with my CPU and digging through the forums and wanted to try out overclocking I have a i5 4690k with H60 for cooling and I was just wondering is 4.3GHz @1.205V a good overclock and why my cpu temperatures go up to 100 degrees...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Massive FPS Drops In Particular Game

    Hello, I have been gaming on this rig for a few years. Pretty much all games run smooth at ~140 fps with high settings. However, I just got GTA 5 (relatively not demanding compared to other games i play normally) and I am getting sudden FPS drops from ~130fps to 0-10. These drops happen at no...
  7. Leoplate25

    Question ASUS Maximus Hero XI WiFi Cold Boot XMP

    Hi, i have a Maximus Hero XI WiFi. When i have the PC unplugged and then i plug it and, obviouly, i do a cold boot it powers up, then shuts down and then powers up again. I read in some forums with no luck till today. Setting the XMP profile do that, but if i change the CPU VCCIO voltage and the...
  8. aidfarrell70

    Question FSP 500w 80+ Gold good enough

    Originally from an acer predator g3 605. Was wondering if the 500w 80plus gold power supply would be enough to handle: i5 8400 rtx 2060 16gb ram image of my psu : https://ibb.co/DGY07Lt
  9. A

    Question OC R5 2400G Problem with Voltage

    Hello everyone, I have built a PC with the R5 2400G without a GPU. When I try to OC with Ryzen Master the Voltage sometimes goes up to 1.5 V (for just 1 sec every 5-6 sec). I OC only the GPU portion of the APU (i set it to 1400MHz and the voltage to about 1.5 V). I tried to set the CPU voltage...
  10. r00kie_69

    Question My pc turns off when house voltage drops down.

    So yeah My Pc which is connected to Ups turns off when the house voltage goes down. I tried without ups, still same problem. I tried new ups still same problem. When the power completely goes the UPS works and supplies power to my PC. I took my ups to service center and they said it's in good...
  11. S

    Question 1660 overclocking voltage?

    So I just bought a 1660 msi gaming x and I decided that I want to overclock it to reach 1660ti performance. I am new to overclocking but I managed to overclock it to +175mhz core clock and +275 mhz memory clock. The card seemed stable but my question is what should I do with my core voltage...
  12. L

    Question Gtx 1060 overclock

    Is this a good overclock for an msi gtx 1060 6gb ocv1 GPU Speed: 2126 MHz Memory clock: 4234 MHz All figures provided by msi after burner, have benchmarked via Furmark and Valley. Max temperatures got to about 62° but have been playing gta 5 and has sat around 53°. Just wondering if this is...
  13. D

    Question CPU Voltage way too high?? BIOS Wrong?

    I have a 3.6GHz (3.9GHz turbo) i7 4790. No k, so no overclocking here. When I check my BIOS my CPU Core Voltage reads 1.760V which has me worried. It also has Idle temps as high as 55 degrees C while in the BIOS. Once I boot up windows and monitor my CPU with Intel XTU it says 1.022V with...
  14. markofiu

    Question Offset kinda settings on Gigabyte mobo?

    Hey. I saw a video of an offset voltage setting, that with that setting you can run your cpu about 65C instead of 80-85C while stress testing. He did that with an Asus mobo. I'm kinda curious that is there a setting like that in Gigabyte mobos as well just under an other name? Or is that fine if...
  15. M

    Discussion 100MHz that costs a lot

    For about two years I had my 6700K running at 4.6GHz, VCore 1.344 and 84C max temp (with Prime95) with 4 memory sticks running at 3600MHz,16,16,36,2 Today I noticed that my setup is not really stable, so I decided to drop 100MHz Now running at 4.5GHz, VCore 1.28 and 74C max temp with Prime95...
  16. C

    Question Blue screen of death

    So I recently got an i7-8700k and an ASRock Z390 phantom gaming 6 motherboard for my computer it’s been about two weeks and I have had zero problems till last night when I was playing destiny my pc randomly blue screened. I turned my OC on my cpu back 4.5 (it was originally at 4.7) and my pc...
  17. L

    Question Overclocking Voltage Issue

    I am running a Ryzen 7 2700 with a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite Motherboard. I am currently having a serious issue overclocking my CPU and that is due to one thing, which is my voltage offset(DVID). No matter what I set my voltage offset to, my CPU caps at 1.2v (Tested in CPU-Z, HWMONITOR, and the...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Calculate Li-Po battery capacity. nominal or full charge voltage?

    So I have a li-po battery which says 15Wh on it, I'd like to calculate the capacity in mAh, but which voltage do I use, nominal (3.7V) or full charge voltage (4.2v) ?
  19. T

    Question MSI X470 Ryzen 7 1700 Overclocking Help

    Hey all, first time poster here. I have a few questions about the overclocking process for a Ryzen 7 1700 on an MSI X470 Gaming PLUS MOBO. I've watched a few tutorials online and have run some tests myself and determined that I'm pretty satisfied with a 3.0 to 3.7ghz processor OC and bringing...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] How to permanently change GPU clock speeds and voltage etc.?

    Does anybody know how to do this such that if you take the GPU outside of its current system and put it into another system it will remember the designated settings? I am not looking for changing it in afterburner and then requiring afterburner to load up every time I boot my system to keep the...