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  1. Z

    [SOLVED] Is my rx 570 gpu core voltage too low?

    Just got my new Rx 570 4g gaming graphic card installed. When I run hwinfo program the GPU core voltage is shown 750mV in idle. Is this too less for idle? I haven't tested it on load. AMD software version is 17.9.1. Everything is stock. This was after a clean installation of windows 10 pro...
  2. A

    Question Overclocking RX 470 Causes Rapid FPS Drop Every Few Seconds

    Hey guys! I'm trying to overclock my RX 470 to get some extra performance using Radeon Wattman but there seems to be a problem with this otherwise-stable overclock that I got. During gameplay I get massive FPS drops from 60 to 12 - 18 FPS for a few seconds and then it jumps right back to the...
  3. J

    Question (delete thread please)

  4. J

    Question Unstable at 4133 mhz but not 4000 mhz?

    I've got a fairly new PC (6 months old) with the following spec: Intel I9 9900k Xorus Xtreme Z399 motherboard 4 x 8gb GSkill 4133mhz memory 850W platinum modular power supply With the machine running on the default XMP profile (4133 mhz) I see errors in Memtest86 tests. If I take that down to...
  5. Prawnapple

    [SOLVED] 4 x 8Gb vs 2 x 16Gb

    I just bought 2 x 8Gb of ram on my new build. Apparently over-clocking may be an issue if I purchase another 2 x 8Gb (4 x 8Gb in total). This would apparently be due to my dram voltage I would need to tweak? So my question is, should I want to overclock, should I return my 2x8Gb and go 2 x 16 Gb...
  6. Stortebecker

    [SOLVED] Need help with my pc display mag241c

    Hello. This week i moved to Spain. I had no trouble connecting my pc components but my screen. Dont know if i need a voltage transformer (my screen electrical settings said 100v 1.5 a 50/60hz) even where to get one in Barcelona.
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Undervolting 1080 Ti is hot at Idle??

    Hi, I’ve been getting into undervolting recently and I found it super beneficial with my 1080 Ti Aorus, non-extreme as I like my PC quiet and run my fans on low RPM, due to this the GPU can sometimes hit 80°+ underneath max load. Undervolting made a world of difference as my card is now...
  8. DangerousPie03

    Question Can this safely make 17 volts?

    I want to be able to make 17 volts and 5-10 amps. I have a 12 volt lead-acid battery and a 12 volt to 5 volt transformer that can handle about 30 amps. If I power the transformer with the battery, can I connect the output of the transformer and the same battery in series to get 17 volts? Thanks...
  9. E

    [SOLVED] I5 9600K Overclocking

    Hi guys i hope someone of you have a better knowledge with overclocking than me and my friends.Yesterday I bought the i5 9600k and motherboard msi z390 a pro i put the macho rev b coller(Everything i bought new) to it and i oc it to 4.8 with 1.185v, and almost everyone of my friend telling my...
  10. cyrustheviruz1

    Question Static or auto/adaptive voltage for 7920x

    Recently I updated my work/personal PC with an X299 motherboard and core i9 7920X cpu that I got a very good deal on. My specs are this: Asus X299 Strix-E motherboard Intel core i9 7920X Corsair H115i Platinum Cooler (280mm radiator) EVGA 1200W Platinum Supernova (2) Titan X Pascal (SLI) 32 GB...
  11. Stortebecker

    [SOLVED] Moving my pc to another country

    Hello. Im going to move to Spain due my studies, i want to take my pc with me, since ive saved and spent a lot on it. Im questioning if its possible to take all, or at least most of it, with me. since the voltage here is 110v 60hz and in spain the voltage is 230v 50hz so i dont know if taking...
  12. J

    Question i7 8700k Overclock Settings Help

    So I'm new to Overclocking. I'm a pro player in Overwatch and I want to stream without getting too much FPS drop. I want to overclock my PC to help with that. I am currently running 4.8GHZ on 1.270 voltage. I want to make this better or more optimized and was wondering if anybody can help...
  13. willyburns

    Question Why is Asus' UEFI 'Adaptive Mode' voltage maximum going beyond what I set it to in Windows?

    Hello people, I'm trying to use Adaptive Mode for CPU voltage in the UEFI on my Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme, and despite having set the 'Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage' to 1.20V, when I load into Windows CPU-Z states that the maximum my CPU is using is 1.25V. I've looked into this and...
  14. N

    Question 3.3V off?

    Okay so i have a little bit of an older build AMD FX 9590 8 Core @4.7 Ghz Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard Sama BTX-800W 80 plus bronze certified PSU Gigabyte model gc-wb867d-i (ver 2) network adapter G.Skill ripjaw x series 8GB ddr3 RAM Sapphire NITRO+ radeon rx 480 8GB GPU And all of a...
  15. BioPyroTech

    Question Power cord to TV

    So my roommate received a Vizio Smart TV as a late birthday present. And of course, what was the catch? There was no AC adaptor power cord included with the TV. So I went thru my cable stash, and I found 2 cords that fit! However, cord #1 says 10A 125V. Cord #2 says 7A 125V. The TV says the...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Did I burned my ram ??? please help !!!!

    Today I bought Kingstone ddr3 4 GB ram and the voltage mentioned for that on it's label was 1.5 v. I installed the ram and turned on the pc and there was no display and the memok button was continuously on with red light. after about one minute I turned off pc by pushing the power supply button...
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] R5 1600X High Voltage and Clock Speed on idle ?

    Ambient is pretty hot most of the time considering i don't have a AC i also have a low profile pretty bad cooler especially for the TDP of the 1600x so i understand if i have high temps but around 60 c on idle ? My question is why does my voltage or clock speed not drop during idle or like 4 %...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] AMD Motherboards- more susceptible to voltage shocks?

    I'm living in a small town where power supply(AC) is irregular and voltage fluctuations as well as lightning shock are very common. Local computer repair technician has once told me that in our town, AMD motherboards and processors don't last very long due to the faulty power supply. He...
  19. U.D.A

    [SOLVED] 12.168 V on 12 V rail?

    I built my PC a few months ago: i7-8700k Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming WiFi ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 Corsair H100i Pro AIO Cooler GSkill Ripjaws V 16GB (8x2) 3200MHz CL16 Anyways, when i was in the "health" section of my mobo BIOS, i saw that the 3.3V rail was 3.366V, 5V rail was 5.05V, and...
  20. Question How do i make my new memory to work with old

    Hi i just bought a new memory and when i install it pc starts fine but after some time i get a BSOD with some memory error msg. Also CPU-Z says that memory now runs at 800 mhz insted of standard 1600 mhz. I am running 2x 4gb DDR 1600 from Kingstone mhz on Asrock 990 Fx Extream 3 Motherboard...
  21. gamerbrehdy

    Question case fan to cpu fan header.

    let's begin from the beginning I'm planning to buy a new cooler, one of those metal block thing m'jiggy's, that fits 120mm fans on it. This means that I'm swapping out my stock cooler for two 120mm fans. My plans are to fit it with the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120ARGB. BUT!!! I've heard that...