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  1. Kellar21

    Question PC will only boot properly after reseating RAM sticks. Otherwise works fine

    I don't know if I should post this on Windows forum, but since the RAM seems to be determining factors, the mods can feel free to change it. Basically, everytime I want to use my PC, I have to do one of two things. 1-Turn it on, it won't boot, fans will spin, but only the power led will stay...
  2. Koushik Das Sunny

    Question Can INTEL DH67BL Mobo Supports Win 10 64bit ??

    I Already Use Win 7 64bit in 2019.... Can My Mobo ITNEL DH67BL (with i5 -2400) Supports Win 10 64bit ? Can Win 10's Driver Support in my ITNEL DH67BL motherboards ??
  3. yeti_yeti

    [SOLVED] Recovering MS Office 2016 after a system upgrade.

    Hello forum users, I have upgraded my motherboard, processor and ram yesterday and so far I have been pretty sucessful about recovering all of my backed up data and/or software. The one thing that bums me out is the situation with MS Office at the moment. I purchased it about a year ago and...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Win10 dual work space

    Hello every one, i have one computer, and on some repeated tasks, i like to use TinyTask.exe or AHK scripts. but in order for this two to run and fonction good, i have to stay a way from pc, so is there and methods to creat a dual work space on 1 pc, something more than a simple split my...
  5. G

    Question Random Kernel-Power logs? Please help!

    Hello, I was incidentally browsing my event viewer when I noticed that I had 32 events of kernel-power (event ID: 41) in the past 4 months. This raised concerns because I experienced only 2 crashes in the past 4 months, definitely not 32! Literally, had I not been randomly browsing my event...
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] ntoskrnl.exe High Disk Usage

    My laptop runs for a short while (~30 minutes) after booting without much of a problem, but shortly after begins running hard and its fan goes into overdrive when I'm watching a video, I open a file (anything), etc. When I check task manager, the "disk" usage is always at least above 95%. After...
  7. artemisfowl872

    [SOLVED] system crash caused by smartscreen.exe

    Hi, my system suddenly crashed without bsod, and I'm trying to understand why and what happened. I'm somewhat used to bsods thank to the infamous shield controller drivers, but this time the os simply froze while using chrome, blasting noise through the tv it was connected to. (the classic...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Explorer restarts when i open a game

    Whenever i launch any game my explorer quickly restarts (desktop and taskbar refresh) , and that causes my games to open a little bit slower. When i go into the events viewer there's a warning sign on winlogon and when i open it , it says the shell stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe was...
  9. S

    Question Windows 10 game bar not working

    I have recently updated my pc to windows 10 from windows 8.1 pro.. also i have installed latest drivers...and also my "record game" or something like this option is enabled in the settings...but still of this .,,my "windows 10 game bar" isn't comming when i press ( Windows+G ) key combination in...
  10. Magginer

    Question BSOD constantly, send help

    Hello! i just make a new build but i recive constantly BSOD when i open Steam and Blizzard app. I can navigate on firefox, watch netflix/youtube/etc, Photoshop... Only when i open Steam the system freeze and then get a BSOD Already did: Clean install of OS W10 (3 versions, all the same problem)...
  11. W

    [SOLVED] How to fix the Sound on my Win 10 System?

    After the new windows 10 update my sound stopped working. At first there was a problem with my drivers which I fixed. Now the drivers seem to be working but I still don't have any sound. I can't play a test sound and it says everything is working, but it doesn't. If I run Media Player Classic...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Need help setting up second monitor for asus b450m-a motherboard

    Just recently bought a premade pc from cyberpower, motherboard in title. The monitor is an acer and im trying to connect it to the onboard graphics using DVI-D port/cable. Cannot find the settings for turning on-board graphics on. Allowed Virtualization in the Bios, but most guides sent me to...
  13. Gravewalker

    Question Windows 10 Update error 0x80240437

    I've been getting Error 0x80240437 while trying to update windows 10 from 1809 to 1903. I've practically tried every solution out there but nothing seems to work. I believe this is some sort of network issue as I'm unable to update Apex Legends and also the FACEIT Anti Cheat. Pls help
  14. M

    Question Dual booting setup

    I apologise if this has been asked before, but I'm running out of time. I have Windows 7-64 Home installed on a 250 SSD, shrunk the drive to half to install Windows 10 on it. Downloaded Win 10 to a 14Gb USB and set my system to boot with it. Installed as a brand new system into that empty...
  15. S

    Question [Windows 10 clean install] Booting from USB freezes on black screen w/dots

    I recently built a computer (see parts list below) and I am attempting to install Windows 10 via a USB on a new SSD (NOTE: This is a brand new install, I don't have an existing harddrive with Windows on it). I have downloaded the Windows Media tool and formatted the USB correctly with an active...
  16. W

    Question New windows update causing games to crash/keyboard not working

    so i am currently playing two different games and both of them crashes in a way that keyboard and mouse stop working(not litteraly stop, but keys don't have the came effect). for example In Plague Tale when I press "c" the character just crouches but doesn't stay crouched. In League my left...
  17. S

    Question Automatic repair

    My PC will not start windows. Getting this message. Strange reason is that I don't have G drive. Log file G:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srtTrail.txt Can anyone help.
  18. W

    [SOLVED] Urgent help! Does new windows setup remove old files?

    So if i reinstall new windows from usb (old one got destroyed), does the files i had in my pc before get destroyed? Or can i acces them as before, but with a new windows setup.
  19. B

    Question Windows 10 Update

    Some background: A week ago Win10 prompted me for a restart for an upgrade. Once my PC rebooted I was greeted with a black screen with a blinking underscore. I investigated and it turns out my UEFI partition was deleted. I ended up having to wipe my drive and reinstall Win10. After...
  20. Question GPT SSD Win 10 will not install- new hard drive

    GPT SSD Win 10 will not install- new hard drive Help? I am trying to install windows 10 on a brand new hard drive: WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5"/7mm - WDS100T2B0A by Western Digital Every time I try it fails right at the copy window it fails to say something about media or...
  21. Tclarke94

    Question Rx Vega 56 crashes every time I play bf v

    So I upgraded g from a Rx 580 to a Vega 56 last week, ever since every time I play bf v I get way better performance but the game gets some sort of tearing artifact every time I play and most of the time the game crashes with no warning. I do not have any issues like this in want other games no...
  22. A

    Question Swapping SSD from old Laptop to new laptop.

    Hello all, I’m currently using HP probook 4530s laptop with SSD and Win 10 pro OS. I have purchased a new laptop HP 450 G6, with HDD and DOS on it. I want to use the SSD from my old laptop (4530s)in my new laptop (450 G6), can I just remove the ssd and replace it with the HDD? ( I know most...
  23. Question Unsure whether to remove broken Linux installation in dual-boot mode with Win 10 before cloning to SSD

    Hi folks, I have a dual-boot setup with Win 10 and Elementary OS Juno in the HDD of my Lenovo Y700. The Linux worked great for a few weeks, then it started booting up to initramfs. I tried a bunch of commands I find online but none worked. Last week I installed an SSD (970 Evo+ 500GB) and I...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Win10 bought from store on USB not recognized

    I have a B450 Aorus Elite AMD4 motherboard and I am unable to get it to recognize a Windows USB stick which I bought from Microcenter. If I put a plain USB stick in the port, the mobo BIOS will recognize it, but the USB stick I bought with Windows on it, it won't see it. Everytime I boot, I get...
  25. Sherjeel

    Question Randomly screen starts to flicker and system get stuck

    I'm really annoyed with this problem. My laptop screen suddenly start flicker and after a restart every time . I get a different error each time 1: system thread exception not handled 2: driver irql_not_less_or_equal 3: page fault in nonpaged area After one or two reboots it works for 10mints...
  26. swintzten

    Question First Build, Debug Codes & Bootmgr Corrupt

    Hey everyone. So after a long time, I finally have done my first build. Thought everything went okay but when I went to start it up for the first time, I entered the bios and attempted to load from my win10 pro USB that I bought off of newegg a couple years ago and never used. I usually get...
  27. S

    Question No bios showing (black screen with solid underscore)

    Hello! Just today my computer at first started with no issues at all. Untill i started a game and it just would’nt start up, and discords window not able to pop up, but the app was still running in the backround (i could still hear my friends talking in discord from entering the server before...