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  1. avalloa795

    Cannot delete/modify a downloaded .pdf file (but can still open it)

    Hi all, I have a rather peculiar issue. I downloaded a pdf file a few weeks back and have not been able to delete it. It was just a single page .pdf for some diagrams I use for volleyball coaching. Ever since then, I cannot delete or modify it in anyway. I am still able to open it, but whenever...
  2. O

    Question Problem with copying and pasting image files in Windows Explorer ?

    When I first open windows explorer, I'm able to copy and paste image files from one folder to another. However, if I try to do this a second time, the files won't transfer and I have to close windows explorer and reopen it in order to copy and paste files. I just want to copy and paste, not...
  3. orioch

    Question PC unusable until windows explorer is restarted in task manager

    Hello everyone! To start off, here are the specs: specs (pcpartpicker), and the PC in question is my fiance's. More often than not, when my fiance boots up his PC, it will go to a black screen and show a loading wheel cursor for an indefinite amount of time. Restarting windows explorer on task...
  4. D

    Question Windows Explorer and Other Apps and Processes Crashed Over the Past Seven Days

    I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Windows Explorer and other apps and processes crashed over the last seven days. Windows Explorer crashed the most. Here is the detailed information for each crash from Reliability Monitor. Source Windows Explorer Summary Stopped working Date ‎5/‎3/‎2022 6:58...
  5. C

    Question Every 60 Seconds, Windows 10 Freezes / CPU usage rises for 2 seconds (then resumes)

    Every 60 seconds, exactly on the minute (second hand on 12), almost all pop-up windows flicker and the computer freezes for about 2 seconds or less. If I'm typing a word in MSWord, for example, the word can't be finished until these few seconds pass. To troubleshoot, I opened Task Manager and...
  6. AntiSipater

    Question PC boots to black screen

    Computer boots to black screen on startup, have to restart multiple times (around 4-5 times) to actually get it working, except for the apps that open on startup like my AntiVirus and Asus GPU Tweak rest of the screen behind is black, I can press Alt + Ctrl + Del to open Task Manager still the...
  7. J

    Question PDF thumbnails showing black lines in Explorer!

    Hello everyone, Has anyone experienced this problem before, where I have PDF thumbnails that display black lines when viewed from the Explorer? The pdfs are fine, though...
  8. khodex1997

    [SOLVED] Explorer.exe crashing when opening from taskbar, right clicking, and copying/moving

    So this started out as me having some windows file corruption. Sfc couldn't fix it and dism couldn't locate source. I downloaded the windows media creation tool and downloaded an iso and copied the install.esd to my external drive and extracted windows 10 pro from it to install.wim. Dism still...
  9. sharebaby

    Question Second Hard drive not showing in windows explorer

    Second Hard drive not showing in windows explorer Does anyone know how to get a 4 tb hard drive which I just installed and attached the data cable to it to show in Microsoft Vista Windows Explorer? It is a Western Digital Hard Drive ATA. It is however showing up in the Microsoft Device Manager...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] Windows explorer freezes when right clicking/opening drives window directly ?

    Hey, I've been running into a strange issue lately.. In my assumption, windows explorer seems to freeze once I: for example, right click on desktop (other places like on files is fine). OR when I try to open my drives window aka "This PC" It only shows "working on it..." and doesn't do anything...
  11. SciSaif

    [SOLVED] How to remove folders from navigation pane in windows explorer?

    I created this folder by mistake and now I cannot remove it, please help
  12. O

    Question Not able to drag url shortcuts into phones folders through Windows 10 File Explorer and a USB-C

    When I try to drag an internet shortcut that is in a Windows 10 desktop folder to my Samsung S20+ Cell Phone, the desktop makes a dinging alert sound and the links do not paste (this also happened on another phone s9+ but was not an issue with Windows 7(. I do not know what the ding is since...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] invisible thumbnails on icons after a ram upgrade

    hi guys, I've been facing this problem where my icon thumbnails are invisible but the titles only appear throughout the windows directory, oddly it would occasionally appear fine when selecting or saving files within a software. The problem started when i've upgraded my ram from 16 to 32gb. I...
  14. R

    Question Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) crashing after booting Windows.

    Aight, making this in my last hope of trying to fix this **** [Moderator edit to remove profanity. Remember that this is a family friendly forum.] problem. So, these recent days I've been using my old laptop and it was doing fine, until a few days ago. Whenever I boot Windows 10, It goes...
  15. D

    Question Task Manager says System is taking up all of my Disk, saving files causes it to freeze / or take forever

    Hi! My computer has been slow for a few months now. For me, when I'm on a browser or a game I don't have any issues. It's opening things that seems to make it just stall forever. For example, if I go to save an image from the web onto my computer, right click -> save image as? It will open...
  16. araltan

    [SOLVED] Context menus, windows explorer and desktop goes completely black.

    This doesn't happen eveytime I use my laptop but it does most of the time. After a while of using my laptop without forcing it too much context menus, windows exlorer and desktop goes pitch black. You cannot see anything but you can still click whatever is actually behind this black curtain. It...
  17. S

    Question Windows Explorer Causing Hitching

    After I have returned from deployment for several months, my Windows updated. And ever since the newest update, I have noticed that after some time, either a few hours or a day or so, my sessions start to hang or 'hitch/lag' every 60-80 seconds. I notice it when I'm typing, such as this thread...
  18. B

    Question File System types for optical/rewritable drives

    I was just wondering if there's a way to make CD/DVD drives appear under their own File System types in Windows Explorer through the registry or elsehow, just like with FAT32, exFAT and NTFS drives, etc. If not then it'll just have to be a feature that I suggest to Windows and Microsoft Thanks...
  19. R

    Question Green bar of death, broken windows explorer...troubleshoot help please

    Hi, Since last October/November my windows explorer randomly stops working properly. Sometimes it happens in minutes sometimes after hours of use. I only use pc for 2d and 3d CAD work. The issue is: All of a sudden I start getting green bar of death if I try to open any folder. The thumbnails...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] New PC Build - Looking for review please

    Helloo Im thinking of builing a new pc, instead of upgrading my current prebuilt so far here the specs ive gone with Intel Core i5 8600K 3.6ghz 6 core Cooler master Hyper 212 evo Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Corsair Vengence LPX 16 gb Western Digital 1tb...
  21. DeathByRads

    [SOLVED] PC won't boot, hanging at postcode 72 (PCH devices initialization)

    I have been recently running into issues with my computer, mainly regarding the boot process. I think this may have started when I downloaded drivers for my motherboard, since I had not done that even when I had initially put it all together. One issue that has been consistently happening is...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Cant use other Power Plan than Ultimate Perfomance

    So I builded my new pc and I was messing around when I noticed that in power plans I am in ultimate perfomance by default. Im trying to check balanced but it goes back to ultimate instanlty. I tried powercfg –restoredefaultschemes it fixes the issue until I reboot. Then it goes again in Ultimate...
  23. V

    Tips for switching from windows to linux

    I bet not a lot of people own a gaming pc (laptop) on linux. My dell G5 557 was with linux but with the pc knoledge of my dad who always knows what to do , he bought windows and i told him not to buy a laptop with linux because i knew i was going to have problems... In the lines of 130C Cpu...
  24. C

    Cant type my password in keyboard dose not wotk

    Can't enter my password the keyboard is locked
  25. B

    Powered hdmi to vga

    I have a old monitor (resolution 1366 x 768 ) and it only supports vga. Will powered adapter limit my resolution?
  26. M

    [SOLVED] Pc won’t power up

    I’ve sent back my Power supply, motherboard and case and pc still won’t power up I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but nothing is working. Any ideas of what I could do?
  27. G

    AMD’s Radeon VII GPU Is Coming to Alienware Area-51

    AMD just announced the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU in the Radeon VII today. The graphics card will be available in February for $699 and is also going to be in Dell’s Alienware Area-51 gaming desktop, we’ve learned. AMD’s Radeon VII GPU Is Coming to Alienware Area-51 : Read more
  28. E

    rx 590 or rx 580?

    i was wondering how likely it is that the rx 580 will overclock to the same speeds as the rx 590, and if its worth it for the rx 590.
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Do I have a "golden chip"? Overclocking 9900k Progress

    Hello, I am trying to see how much overclocking I can do with my 9900k: System Specs: Z390 MSI Gaming Edge AC Micro ATX EVGA Supernova 650 G2 80+ Thermaltake C5 Untouchable CPU Cooler I already OC'd to 5.2ghz with 1.5Volts
  30. B

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600 random 35-95 degree jumps

    Hello, i recently had my first PC professionaly built. Ryzen 5 2600 cpu, Asrock b450 pro4 mbo, Coolermaster 120 lite liquid cooler, Gigabyte RX580 GPU The PC was running great for the 1st three months. Now the CPU is overheating. The CPU overheats even during Idle, it doesnt matter what im...
  31. D

    300wtts generic psu overclock ram?

    Hello, I have a Ryzen 3 2200g with 2400mhz ram ddr4 dual channel. I did a overclock to 2666mhz that increased FPS. ¿It's dangerous to overclock until 3000mhz? I have a B350MDS3H and my generic psu 300wtts from my slim case antryx and not gpu. Thank you.
  32. C

    60hz 2ms Monitor or 75hz 5ms Monitor?

    Im looking to buy a monitor for gaming, and I found thie monitor ( for 130 on amazon. I will mainly be playing games like overwatch, but I do play Overwatch competitively, and I stream the game as well...
  33. X

    2nd external hard drive not recognized by Windows

    !!Setup below!! Today I bought and tried to plug in a seagate expansion plus 4TB external HDD. At first it didn't show up in the file explorer, but did in device manager, with a yellow triangle, saying it needs troubleshooting. The automatic troubeshooting however didn't do anything. The drive...
  34. Y

    Crash !!! Ryzen3 2200g with gtx 970 windows 10

    I have r3 2200g then I buy DVD Gtx 970 and why every time I play an example game (rainbowsix dota2 pubg csgo) will crash, sometimes up to BSOD full spec (asrock ab350 pro 4 ryzen 3 2200g (overclocked 3.8 1.4v) asus gtx970 team elite 2x4 GB 2666mhz)
  35. L

    zotac gt 1030 on a m73 10b6 sff?

    Hello! Will a zotac gt 1030 be compatible enough to run on this prebuilt pc? The specs of the pc is right here : I am really curious and i am very new to this whole computer thing. Thanks for your time.
  36. L

    Wierd Freezes and black screen

    So i have dell optiplex 390 and it has an i5 2400 8gb ram and rx 550 that doesnt need any external power and it has 280w power supply, and i have that pc for over a month and everything was fine but sometimes when i slammed on the table littlebit harder pc just froze and went black screen and...
  37. 3

    Saxophone Guitar Hero

    I am doing a project for school and was wondering if it was possible to register a breath as a button press. To give context I am making a saxophone version of guitar hero and need the breath to register as a strum. Thanks.
  38. jeremita

    Which component shall I upgrade to get better two monitors performance?

    Dear Community, Please advice. I have two monitors now, details as follows: The primary is: Iiyama XB327OQS (2560 x 1440, HDMI cable) Secondary: Iiyama XB2783HSU (1920 x 1080, DVI cable) Issue: When I have these two monitors on, I can see that overal performance of activities in browser's...
  39. B

    1050 Ti for 110Eu. Is it worth it and enough for Pubg?

    I am going to buy a used card. Is 1050 Ti enough for Pubg All Lows 1080p 60Fps min? Rest PC : 2600x, 2x4 3k mhz Ram
  40. S

    does MSI B350 PC Mate support Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4-3000MHz ram?

    Can I use Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4-3000MHz (CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) ram with msi b350 pc mate mainboard?