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    AMD Gaming Problem

    Hello , I have 645 G1 laptop with AMD A6 5350 2.9 GHZ and HD 8450 AMD Ram : 8 GB but i have a lag Problem in many games i try in my laptop , although i update all GPU Drivers
  2. H

    Breaker keeps tripping

    Hi, i have a gaming pc that i built and everytime i try to play a graphic intense game my breaker flips. I have checked my power supply and it works properly and has more than enough to run whats in my pc. I have had my breakers checked and they said they are working. I have even tried switching...
  3. C

    Laptop to external 144hz monitor

    Hey i own a msi GE63VR raider (1060 version).I was thinking of getting an external 144hz monitor for it since the laptop display is a bit too small for my liking.I am pretty newb at this and was going for a samsung monitor with a dp 1.2 and hdmi connectivity. The laptop only has a mDp so my...
  4. M

    Pc keeps freezing

    I wish I could describe the problem further but I don't even know where to begin. I recently built a streaming pc. It was an old pc, bought it in 2014 from cyberpowerpc. Anyways recently I swapped out the MOBOs and CPUs. Whenever I start it up it would crash. Now it doesn't do that but it...
  5. R

    New gaming build on a budget

    Hey guys, i had to rethink my old build and now I present you with this. Please would you take a look and comment with any issues for suggestions. I have gone over my budget already so can't increase it. Tyvm
  6. J

    Laptop lag only when gaming

    I recently bought my laptop about 3 months ago ( Acer Swift 3). I was able to play games on my laptop without any issue for quite some time but recently, my laptop would start to run very slow when im gaming. However, when I am not gaming, my laptop is working fine. My internet connection is...
  7. T

    zero percent gpu usage.

    i have an i7700 and a gtx 1070. the day before everything was working fine then when i got on to play games after work my games were all getting about 30 fps and running soley off my cpu. when i check my system properties it says zero percent usage from the gpu. Does anyone know what could be...
  8. M

    Reformatting hdd and partitions for new motherboard

    Finished the hardware portion of my build and so far it all seems okay. The only thing I have kept are the hard drives since I wasn’t really wanting to invested another couple hundred bucks on top of everything else. ( or is that a mistake? I took a look at ssds and they seemed pricy for the...
  9. R

    new cpu seems like clock speed is low

    hi, I have been testing my new amd fx4350 CPU install under 100 % load, the temperature reaches about 67c max at a clock speed of 4100mhz. then can fluctuate down to 1406.2 MHz and the temperature drops coinciding this. the result text file from CPUID HWMonitor Report states 1406.2 MHz after...
  10. M

    How to cover a back panel of case

    I detached a gpu from Mobo of old PC. What can I cover its empty space with ?
  11. D

    One second power up

    Computer turns on one second then turns off. Tried 2 of the same motherboards with the same chip (brand new). Tried 2 different power supplies, one new, one old and same results. The fans spin and the motherboard lights up. Tried placing the motherboard on cardboard and booting it that way...
  12. A

    Stuttering in computer processes every 2-3 seconds

    This started yesterday when I plugged in a new Razer deathadder elite mouse I received as a gift. I opened a youtube video and started doing work on my second monitor but whenever I continuously moved the mouse pointer both the video and the cursor froze momentarily and then jumped ahead to...
  13. Atterus

    New Headset Advise?

    Hello Toms! Thanks for being the first stop whenever I need advise on picking parts or peripherals. Anyways, I'm looking to potentially upgrade my V-moda LP-2 headset into something else, especially after a friend of mine has been gushing over their new headset. It's about four-five years old...
  14. M

    hdd upgrade to ssd and larger battery, Win10 no longer recognizes wifi

    I upgraded my 2013 Dell XPS 15 9530 from the crappy dysfunctional configuration in which I bought it to an amazingly fast and long-lived SSD/9-cell battery config, which was the other config available at the time, and incidentally the only one that actually worked as advertised. It went...
  15. S

    ASUS P9X79 LE flashback with all components installed?

    So i have this ASUS P9X79 LE motherboard and im ready to do a flashback because im having troubles while i try to boot my pc. Is it ok if i just do a flashback with all parts installed, gpu, cpu, cooler, ram, hdd, ssd... If not what should i remove? Thanks in advance :)
  16. R

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 motherboard in to a new case

    Moved my Dell OptiPlex motherboard in to a new case and for the love of god can not get the front panel connectors to work as Dell use their own type of plugs I only have pwr,hd light and reset wires from my case was able to figure out the power one to turn it on but not the other to ones if...
  17. A

    Confused on the clock speed of my memory

    I recently bought an unlabeled set of ADATA XPG RAM and I wanted to find out any information about it. So installed the ram, booted into windows, and ran these commands in command prompt. > wmic MEMORYCHIP get >data.txt >start data.txt The text file gave me this information...
  18. M

    12v ATX problem or indicator

    Hello everyone, I have had a sudden power shut down caused by either a power spike or my graphics card burning out. After replacing the fuse, power supply and graphics card I found the computer would still not start. Following the troubleshooting guide that is stickied in this sub forum I...
  19. G

    My i7 6700k is running at very low speeds

    I’ve had this problem 5-10 times, my cpu goes to around about 0.20 GHz at its lowest but after 2-3 days it works fine again and is back to 4.2 GHz. I’ve looked this up everywhere and no one seems to have the same problem. Can any of you guys help me? Specs : GPU : GTX 1070 CPU : I7 6700k...
  20. G

    Electronauts VR DJ Game Made Me Feel Like I’m In Daft Punk

    Survios’ new VR game lets even the rhythmically challenged mix an impressive list of electronic songs in an imaginative, colorful virtual world. Electronauts VR DJ Game Made Me Feel Like I’m In Daft Punk : Read more
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    Does a default 07 Chevy uplander contain the ability to listen to music off of my phone?

    I purchased this vehicle today but as it's not on the road yet I haven't really looked at the sound system too much. Am I able to use my phone to stream music or am I going to have to upgrade the system?
  22. L

    Convert MBR System Disk to GPT

    Is this still impossible? ''gptgen'' doesn't claim to be capable of doing it, but bloggers imply it can? Like dmdordan I have been fooled. Tom''s guides as fantastic as they are, doesn't seem to warn users about this issue or how to avoid it. I have installed a M.2 and SATA ssd disk. Although...
  23. J

    Which GPU should I get for my new build and when should I buy it?

    I do not live in the states, so I have to wait for someone to bring it to me. I have a person coming this Friday an another one coming on December and January. I just did a new build because my 5 year old desktop´s motherboard died. This is what I bought now: Intel i5 8400 16gb Ram 2666mhz 750W...
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    IS 280W PSU enough

    I bought pc with old components and new GTX 1050Ti 4gb Processor is I5 - 3470 3.20 ghz RAM : 8 GB (2x 4gb DDR 3) 1TB HDD ( 250 + 750 ) And PSU : 280W LiteOn model: PS - 4281 - 02 Im really concerned that my gpu will burn after a while.. I want to know will this psu handle my components...
  25. J

    12gb PC3-12800 vs 32gb PC3-10600

    I currently have 12gb of PC3-12800 in my Toshiba Tecra C50. Would there be any advantage to replacing it with 32gb of PC3-10600?
  26. S

    Upgrading Mboard and gpu

    1 x nvidia gaming PC socket 1155 i3 i5 i7 (. Intel i5 3570 Quad Core, . 1155 Asus P8B75-M LX Motherboard, . 16GB DDR3 Kingston 1333 (2 x 8Gb), . Creative OEM SB Audigy SE, . Manufacturer Supplied Cooler, . DVD+/- RW - 24X (Pioneer DVR-S19LBK), . 500GB S-ATAIII Hard Drive 6.0Gb/s, . No Secondary...
  27. K

    QR Code File Scanner Software

    So basically, I have a huge set of png files that I have and I can't possible sort through them all just looking at each one, and was wondering if there was some kind of software that would look through photos and images and scan for qr codes and let me know which ones had it. Don't ask, it's a...
  28. E

    New to overclocking. Can someone please help

    I am new to over locking but am not a stranger to pcs. I want to overclock my current system but have no idea where to start. Can I please get help on where to start. My specs are MSI z170a krait gaming 3x motherboard I7 7700 rated at 3.6mhz H100i v2 liquid cooler 16 gb corsair ddr4 2666 mHz...
  29. F

    Have you ever heard of this PSU? Probox 430W

    Could you please tell me the quality? is it reliable ? I am asking this because my pc keeps shutting down(not rebooting) it powers off and then gets back on and this happens most of the time while playing games and sometimes when not, i have checked my CPU / GPU temps and they look fine, my CPU...
  30. P

    black screen problem Acer nitro 5

    display take so many time to after start laptop [black screen issue]
  31. S

    XMP profile, should I enable?

    Hi Guys, I'm currently overclocking a PC for the first time! So far so good, nothings blown up yet so these youtube tutorials are working! However, I read in an online forum the turning on "XMP profile" will boost my performance also on my PC? Basically I stream games and play, so will this...
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    GTX 1060 6GB with a 1366 X 768 monitor

    I am going to build a gaming PC soon. I decided to buy a MSI GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, since it is within my budget. I already have a 1366 X 768 monitor. At this lower resolution, will I be able to play all current games at max settings for next 3 to 4 years using this GPU?