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  1. S

    zotac nvidia Gtx1060

    Is zotac nvidia Gtx1060 is compatible with z 370 motherboard s
  2. A

    New Build Assessment

    I'm building a system that is going to be specifically oriented for VR gaming. Not that I wouldn't be able to do anything else with it, but VR is where I'm really focused. The problem is that I don't know what "good" looks like. I understand the numbers, but I don't know where they will actually...
  3. T

    Motherboard-Ram compatibility ddr3-ddr4

    Is a ddr4 ram motherboard compatible with ddr3 rams?
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Battlefield V Maintaining high FPS

    Hi, I've been unable to crank 144 fps consistently on BFV since release. No matter what combination of settings I use, I always get fps dips down to 95 every time I get into engagements. I've checked my temps, CPU usage, and GPU usage, but they all check out fine. Nothing ever over 60 Celsius...
  5. B

    Looking for monitor suggestions based on my filled out "start here form".

    Hallo TH Community! I am planning on buying a new monitor shortly. My exisiting monitor (BenQ GL2450) will then serve as a second screen. If possible I would love a matte design with thin bezels (I know my current monitor has rather ugly, shiny bezels). I looked around and found three models...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] 4 pin header 3 pin ledstrip

    I bought a ledstrip which is adressable and only has 3 pins. Is there anyway I can connect the ledstrip to the 4 pin rgb header on my motherboard? I have an asus rog strix b360-f motherboard.
  7. dogsnpups159

    [SOLVED] What To Upgrade To Next?

    Hi, i have a Core i5 760 cant oc it so its at 2.9ghz, PNY GTX1050 ti oc, 16 gb 1333mhz ram, stock dell motherboard, a cx650m psu and a DeepCool Captain 240 ex white aio cooler diy'd on, what should i upgrade next in my rig to give me better gaming performance? i play games like gta5 pupg...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Looking for a low budget flat screen

    My CPU is on fan also spinning But monitor showing out of range
  9. X

    [SOLVED] Video feed issues - brand new pc

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a brand new pre-built PC (Overclockers UK). I'm connecting this PC to a (also brand new) monitor via mini DP to DP. Upon launching games, the video feed often cuts with 'mini display port not detected' message appearing on the monitor. Alt+tabbing or hitting the...
  10. S

    Black screen when i hit low fps (gsync compatible combo)

    Benq ex3203r 1440p144hz hdr freesync 2 1070 ti (yep, new 417.71 driver, g-sync compatible, totally could be a problem) 19 pin displayport cable 1440p144hz goes flawlessly, bandwidth is not a problem here. Screen goes blank for 1-2 sec when fps goes below 50 fps mark monitor support...
  11. A

    [Need advice] Trying to build a pc

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of building a new pc for FF14 to replace my current PS4. It's my first time doing so and I'm not sure if the parts I picked will be compatible with each other. Below is the link to the list that I created. I heard that pcpartpicker is not foolproof so just wanted to have...
  12. ceriumin

    [SOLVED] Damaged Hard Drive?

    Not long ago, I was cable managing my desk and moved my pc and dropped a side of it and it hit the floor (was not strong it was only a drop from like 3cm) and i put it down while i was cable managing. Today i cable managed everything. But also i cable managed the inside of my pc and moved my...
  13. F

    my laptop keeps shutting down when open due to virus in internet connectiion???

    whenever I switch on my laptop a black bar appers at the bottom and laptop shuts down in seconds...but if I open laptop and disconnect it from internet then it works fine..what to do?? please help..
  14. S

    RAM compatibility on my Motherboard [HELP]

    I have a P8H61-M LX3 PLUS motherboard and I'm currently running a i5-3470 processor with 2 ram sticks which are Avexir Blue LED 4GB RAM 1600mhz and a HyperX Fury Blue 4GB RAM 1600mhz. CAN MY MOTHERBOARD HANDLE A HIGHER FREQUENCY 1600MHZ OR HIGHER OR NOT??? Here are my screenshots...
  15. drjackool

    [SOLVED] CPU Water Block

    Hi I amazing why Closed Liquid Coolers (even cheaps) has more of screws for them water block but EKWB only has 4 screws? Is leakage possibility more on 4 screws?!
  16. N

    Need to Upgrade on a budget and in steps

    Hello everyone, I built a somewhat decent pc a few years ago on a budget that I used for last gen gaming. I'm looking at upgrading in steps as I don't have a lot of money right now. I'm going to do 1 upgrade every quarter for this year. I primarily use this PC for gaming and would like to be...
  17. N

    [SOLVED] GPU best to use with a 1440p monitor?

    Ive been upgrading my pc over the last few months and the last part that can be upgraded is the gpu. Ive just got a a 1440p, 144mzh with gsync monitor but ive found im loosing fps and a lot of fps in intense area. Just wondering what would be a reasonable upgrade for my 1060 6gb for a round...
  18. F

    Is an RX 570 OC'ed to 1450Mhz the same as a stock RX 580?

    I'm new to all this, and did some research here and elsewhere, but I can't seem to find an answer. Apologies if this is a repeat question. I have overclocked an MSI Armor RX 570 Mk2 to 1450Mhz, with RAM OC'ed to 2000 Mhz, using Wattman. Temps appear to be in the low-70s. 3DMark Stress Test...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] IS GTX 980TI worth it this while ?

    IS GTX 980TI worth it this while ? my specs: i7 8700 16gb ram i needa a used gpu because the rtx 2060 will cost me around 450$ ( in my country ) so, how about to buy asus rog strix gtx 980ti used from a friend in very good conditions for like 270$ warrenty for 2 months. the prices in...
  20. O

    [SOLVED] Leaving Hard drive cable and bracket in pc?

    Excuse me if this seems like a silly question, but does it make any difference if, after removing the HDD from a PC, you leave the bracket and cable (by which it was connected to the PC) in the PC?
  21. S

    Increasing problems with new PC, could the motherboard be the main source of issues?

    Problems seem to be never ending...I'm just about to throw the whole computer out the window..(5 floors high enough? ;) This is what the PC does now: - Pushing HDMI cable all the way in the slot shuts it off...if I wiggle it, it starts working again - Screen becomes blank randomly (no signal)...
  22. D

    plz help me

    i just downloaded epic games launcher, allowed it through firewall, and run as administrator but it still wont open
  23. X

    [SOLVED] EVGA Z370 Micro - Inconsistent boot, Error leds, C post flashes

    It boots sometimes, only with my old GPU though. When plugged in but not on, the red (cpu_pwr12v_led) is on (indicates no/low power), as is the (5v sb_led), which might be on normally. When the power button is pressed the code led shows C for a split second,all fans pulse, and shuts off. If...
  24. D

    [SOLVED] Case and CPU Fan along with case LED’s won’t turn on

    I just built a computer yet it won’t turn on. Idk if I have things plugged in wrong or not but this is my first time building one. My specs are: DIY Model X PC case, TB350-BTC Motherboard, Amd Ryzen 3 2200g with wraith stealth cooler, T-Force 1x8gb DDR4 Ram, and an EVGA 600w silver power supply.
  25. S

    [SOLVED] Will this PC run games @1440p 144hz?

    I play CS:GO and Siege most of the time, and a mix of other newer games such as Battlefield 5, Black Ops 4 and more. I’m planning on getting the Acer Predator XB271HU to run these games at 1440p, 144hz and high - ultra settings. Will it work? Here’s the build...
  26. K

    SSL Issues caused by Hardware issues.

    When ever I access any site I get SSL issues varying on which ever site most frequent being ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. I have tried all the countless fixes on the web from clearing ssl cache, setting time and many other fixes all with no avail. Now to my Troubleshooting steps I have already taken...
  27. W

    Opinion on my Gaming Build

    What can I improve? Price max is $900-950 PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor ($174.00 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: ARCTIC - Freezer 33 eSports ONE (Black/Red) CPU Cooler ($31.98 @ Newegg) Motherboard: ASRock - Fatal1ty B450 GAMING...
  28. B

    over current have been detected on your usb device

    Hi guys, first sorry for my english, it isn't my main language. I been getting this error for the past 3 days , it started out of nowhere when i was playing, my mouse (which was plugged on one of the rear usb ports) stopped working and i tried pluggin it in another rear usb port but none of...
  29. R

    Looking to replace socket 775 on a Dell XPS 730

    Looking to replace socket 775 on a Dell XPS 730 with a socket 1150 or 1155? Will there be any parts that do not synch up with switching Mobos specifically? (1000w power on the 730) Just need new cpu and gpu to play Crysis 3. Thanks
  30. D

    Dead Motherboard? (Old LGA 775 board)

    Recently tried to boot an old system which has an ASUS p5kpl/1600 motherboard. Would not post at all whats so ever. Tried different PSU and GPU but still nothing. When i remove the memory and try turning it on, it would beep to tell me memory error but once i reinsert it, nothing! Was hoping to...
  31. A

    Best Z390 motherboard

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a new gaming mobo for my new build i was considering maximus x code then i started to look for xi hero call of duty edition but im still confused what would be the best choice in terms of performance , look , audio and durability and value for money i like that...
  32. C

    [SOLVED] asus prime b350-plus rgb

    I just bought a asus prime b350-plus, I have a Martexx 55 case but can't find out how to use the rgb fans
  33. K


    Guys i need help. I will buy the asrock b450m pro4 and i dont know where do i plug the 3 pin case fans. Can you help me ?
  34. W

    XMP Profile enabled but doesn't work

    I have ASRock B450 Pro4 and TEAM T-FORCE Vulcan 2x4 (8GB) DDR4-3000 RAM but the problem is my RAM speed is running at 2400mhz, so i tried to enable XMP Profile 1 to make it 3000Mhz but doesn't work, after enabling that I check my RAM speed again in task manager > performance but it's still the...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] I3 8100 question

    Will an i3 8100 duo work alright at gaming
  36. J

    [SOLVED] Temperature i5-7600k AIO

    I overclocked my I5-7600k to 4.9ghz and 1.408v with ASUS program (ai suite 3) and after playing Battlefield V 1h in ultra FHD 60fps is making 78°C with Coolermaster Ml360r watercooling. The case is the envolv x . Is safe this temperatures ?
  37. L

    which color slots do u put the pink and green wires in for a head set to work for xbox 360

    I have turtle beach 350vr stealth and it comes with this green and pink wires and one is for the headset and the other one is for a mic but i cant find to put the one for the mic i have a samsung tv
  38. scrubs2708

    i7-9700K VS i7-8700K (gaming and Streaming/content creations)

    I am building a new pc and my goal is to have as many frames as possible while streaming but I don't know if its worth to buy the i7-9700K over the i7-8700K I am sure that you can game and stream on both the i7-9700K and i7-8700K and I know that I will be dropping in frames. but I was...
  39. N

    RX 580 gts xxx edition

    HI GUYS, I have dell t5500 x5690 hexa core processor 16 gigs rams and a power supply of 875 watts I want to buy a xfx rx 580 gts xxx edition 8gb vram can I power this card by an adapter will it work fine I have two 6 pins but the card needs one 8 pin can I use a single 6 pin to 8 pin will it...
  40. P

    [SOLVED] Tv tunner setting in pc

    I have all in one lenova pc . It have only hdmi port how i connect tv tunner with my pc plz assist me