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  1. D

    Can loose outlets damage equipment?

    So I had my PC plugged into a surge and then the surge into the wall outlet. Both outlets were loose and I had to make sure the surge cord was in the right spot so it would stay on. Anyway, I turned my PC off last night and I saw the surge protector box was off in the morning. It had to of...
  2. B

    Monitor cable not compatible to plug to graphic card

    The pins of my Monitor is 16 and graphic card is not compatible to plug the monitor to my graphic card how do i solve this? im new to computers im 14, do i need cable or ?
  3. R

    Pc lag issues

    Hi I had recently downgraded my laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 7 pro and my games lag terribly As well as programs even simple games like bloody roar 2, I have downloaded all the latest drivers but nothing works Specs Intel core i3 5005 @2. 4gb ram 64 bit
  4. W

    Frustrated Novice Installer

    I installed Windows7 Pro 64-bit into an Asus Prime Z370-A (With i7-8700k). The USB ports don't work and in the Device Manager the USB controllers and PCI Simple Communications Controller show up in "Other devices". Windows won't update the drivers. How do I update these drivers to get the...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Gtx 980ti and Maximus V1 Hero

    Hey there, So I am having trouble with having the NVIDIA drivers detecting my GPU. When i go to install the driver, it tells me that it couldn't find the gtx980ti, i went through with contacting NVIDIA support, and they couldn't figure it out, well they said that they will get back to me. They...
  6. M

    Late 2015 iMac: Same spec RAM - still not playing nicely together

    Hello, I recently bought 2x8gb @1867ghz sticks of RAM to add to the 16gb (also 2x8gb @1867ghz) that is in my late 2015 iMac. Despite tracking down RAM that is the same brand, clock speed, and latency; when installed together, the system shows the speed as 1333ghz. https://imgur.com/dhgDVM1...
  7. B

    Fan in PC revving up and down?

    I have had a sort of revving noise in my PC for quite a while, I assumed it was the Cpu or Gpu and since I have replaced both the Cpu fan and tried two different motherboards. I remember having the issue on and older PSU also, and have since upgraded to an Evga G2 Gold. I have turned unplugged...
  8. S

    Asus VS LENOVO

    The features are similar and the price isn't that far apart but for someone who will be using it to program, animate and edit images, between these two which would be better: Asus Vivobook A542UR-78A93CB2 or LENOVO IP 320-15IKB-454 ?
  9. N

    PC Build Websites

    Hello. The last time I bought a new gaming PC was in 2008. I saved for many years and spared no expense. I purchased it from a website that allowed me to pick the components and then they built the PC and shipped it. Without adding a lot of nonsense software that companies like Dell and HP do...
  10. M

    Mid range System Upgrade with iGPU - Ryzen 2400G or Intel (???)

    Hello, First time poster on TH. Need advice to select components to upgrade old Intel E8400 / 4GB DDR2 . The system will be used as general purpose home machine, primarily by kids (16 and 8 respectively) for their school / home needs. No need for discrete GPU as have a PS4. The idea of...
  11. S

    B450 tomahawk boot fail

    Hello,my motherboard doesn´t detect my usb that i need to install for windows 10 what should i do?
  12. G

    Picking RAM for new mobo

    Hello, i'm getting an EVGA Z370 mATX mobo, on their site they have a list of compatible ram but all those is 4 sticks. mATX only have 2 slots. I plan to get this : https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4vWrxr/gskill-memory-f42400c15d16gvr since it's somewhat cheaper to the others. Would it work...
  13. K

    6700k overheating after GPU change

    Hello, recently I have changed my old GPU to RTX 2080. After that change my CPU started to have temperature issues. In idle it has spikes going from 35 to 55C. One time it even reached 70 after launching browser. In games it's going up to 95C very quickly. I tried to change core voltage on CPU...
  14. J

    RAM OC Causing Windows 10 file corruption

    [Moderator note: edited post to break up "wall of text".] I had Corsair CMK8GX4M2B3000C15R Vengeance LPX 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4 3000 MHz RAM in my PC and recently ordered another of the exact same set so I could have 16gb RAM. My original 8gb of RAM ran fine at the advertised oc speed of...
  15. S

    Graphics issue with games

    Hi. I have an issue while playing games. Often when there is white color in the game said object in the game is fuzzy and has snow white patch/patches. For example a characters face will have half of face in a snow white color instead of the normal white color. Its not a overheating issue as it...
  16. G

    GPU Usage drops, (causing FPS drops) GTX980ti

    Hello, I know this question has been asked a lot, but I have checked and haven't found an answer that could apply to my case. I'm having problem when playing one particular game (escape from tarkov) which is very gpu demanding. the issue is that my gpu is at 99 ~ 100 % usage at all times when...
  17. V

    Will GT 710 2 GB passive silent will work on my optiplex 3010?

    I was there thinking of buying a new graphic card but don't know which one to buy.I searched on Google but all it said you will need a 16 PCIe and not too powerful card.
  18. MLG_No_Scope

    Refunding Ram with damaged package

    I'm going to ask a simple question with an example. So i ordered new ram and found out it was not compatible with the current mobo in the pc (here is a link to the thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3787085/ram-working.html). The reason was that it just was the wrong ram. okay...
  19. T

    Accidentally uninstalled display adapter

    Hi, I have an Acer Predator laptop running Windows 10, and I accidentally uninstalled the Display ADAPTER (not just the driver) from Device Manager. Now my computer can't see the GTX 1080 Graphics Card, and as I have no Display Adapter I can't upload the latest Nvidia driver. Have tried...
  20. S

    How do u turn on the wifi on a dell vostro labtop

    It has windows vista installed and has a white light for Wi-Fi that is displayed on the laptops front
  21. O

    I don't know where to put some cables.

    On my msi z370-a pro MB, there are some connectors that i dont know what cable to put in. The main fans in the case has 3-pin cables, that i dont know where to put. Do i put the cables in the SYS_FAN connectors? And what about PUMP_FAN? Is that only for water cooling?
  22. M

    Would CoDWW Run On My PC?

    Can Call of Duty World At War Run On My PC? Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo 8gb Ram DDR3 64mb of Graphics card ram Thanks for the help!
  23. dandelius

    Question about a little upgrade to my PC

    Greetings Reader Lately I've been enjoying the Battlefield V open beta, however this is the first game I've played that my PC can't fully handle on 1080p max settings. Fps drops occur when a lot of firing is happening and such things, as well as the fact that max settings will not give me...
  24. J

    Cheapest upgradeable laptop?

    Hello,I've been researching and i found out that building a laptop with the specs I require is cheaper than buying one,so after even more research I found out that I can save myself the price of:The shell/case,the motherboard,the screen,the mousepad,the keyboard,the speakers,and the CD drive,if...
  25. P

    New cpu chipset

    Anyone know what the new chipset will be for the 9th gen CPU?
  26. K

    Computer keeps rebooting.

    Hi my computer keeps on giving me a fit it has weird screen glitches and shuts and goes into a boot loop sometimes I have replaced my power supply and checked all my ram with windows but if I take out my graphics card and place it back in it runs fine for a bit and I can even stress test it but...
  27. O

    Potential bottle necking ?

    Hi everyone so i have Intel i5 8400 2.8ghz cpu and Gainward gtx 970 graphics card and in some games especially in World of warcraft it stutters like every maybe 10-15 seconds, for example while i am on 60 fps it drops to 25-35 fps. And also realized i was on call with my friend on discord and...
  28. C

    Laptop to external 144hz monitor

    Hey i own a msi GE63VR raider (1060 version).I was thinking of getting an external 144hz monitor for it since the laptop display is a bit too small for my liking.I am pretty newb at this and was going for a samsung monitor with a dp 1.2 and hdmi connectivity. The laptop only has a mDp so my...
  29. V

    Desktop Stuff Missing

    Hello. I just recently got a Skyworth 24' LED TV since I was told that it was possible to connect a laptop to a TV as a replacement monitor. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5437 and it's ribbon is broken, so no screen display. When I connected them, only the wallpaper, mouse and some Taskbar stuff...
  30. M

    g4400+h110 mobo overheating is it normal?

    system info: ssd 240 seasonic 520gb active 4g ram only stock fan gtx 750 ti graphics card but its not the problem the problem: not playing https://prnt.sc/kneutb when playing with bandicam https://prnt.sc/knf18p btw,im playing rules of survival and using bandicam PS: my b250m mobo with gtx...
  31. J

    All games stutter

    Hello everybody, I have one big problem for a year now,and I always thought it's something to do with games,but it happens with every game that is made after 2014. I experience stuttering and frame drops in second from 75 FPS to 40 FPS. I updated all drivers,I clean my PC,I lower game...