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  1. M

    Question Making my old / first XPS 15 live

    I have first XPS 15 L502X which was launched in october 2010. It recently its screen was giving a lot of problem. So I opened it fully and cleaned it and put it back. It kept me giving 4 or 2 beep alerts which mean memory error. So, I tried several combinations of RAMs and slots. It did not...
  2. M

    Question Unable to open laptop XPS 15 L502X due to jammed screw

    My Dell XPS 15 L502X 2011 edition was working fine. Only issue is that if its screen blinks, it blinks a lot making it unusable. If it doesnt blink I can use it for as long as I dont restart / hibernate and turn on again. Earlier I was able to use it by connecting to external monitor over HDMI...
  3. guigui34

    Question Dell XPS 15 9570 - Advice whether I have to change my battery

    Hello everyone, I own a Dell XPS 15 9570 since October 2018, with a core I5 8th Gen, GTX 1050 and a battery with a capacity of 56k mWh. My actual problem is my battery capacity has been divided by 2 since the day I bought it. I do not really understand because I respected the normal time to...
  4. F

    Question XPS 15 9570 CPU throttles at 0.8GHz

    I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9570 second-hand and the warranty has expired, so unfortunately unable to get a replacement. The problem is that about two thirds of the time, the CPU clock speed throttles to 0.79GHz and the whole system grinds to a near-halt: even using file explorer or a single...
  5. C

    Wifi is fine! But a certain website I can't connect and log in to a specific game. Please Heeelp.

    My wifi connection is fine. But when trying to go to this specific game site using wifi on my Laptop it wouldn't load. Including my phone. But when I turn off wifi on my phone I could connect to that specific game site. Also trying to log onto this specific game in my laptop only leads me to a...
  6. T

    Compatibility of Build

    Wondering if my wishlist has all parts that will work together, no issues, thank you https://secure.newegg.com/Wishlist/MyWishlistDetail?ID=21182314
  7. M

    is my Motherboard or CPU the problem?

    i have just built a new pc but i cant seem to get it to boot. when i power up the fans all come on the drives spin but i get no power to my mouse or monitor have also tried monitor in on board and standalone card doesn't work with either. hopefully it is something simple im hoping its not the MB...
  8. C

    Time to upgrade, am I overlooking anything?

    Hello, This is going to be the first time I have upgraded my computer as a whole for a while and some of the components are quite old. My intention for upgrading is to get better graphics on modern games. Here is my current setup: Monitor: ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms Full HD Widescreen LCD...
  9. ThatPcBuildingKid

    ***Please im 13 and this is urgent!*** Answer!

    Si in my pc now i have a celeron g1610 I also have a 2500K laying around.... My question is can i just swap these processoers out *Take out the g1610 and then insert the 2500k* and just turn on my pc and use it???
  10. B

    [SOLVED] my Trash can won't open, can some one please give some ideas on why this is happening....

    i need to retrieve something accidentally put into the trash, but my trash can won't open...
  11. drugno5

    Psu for 80 hdds

    Just as the title says. If I wanted to power 80 2.5" hdds, from a single psu, what choices do I have?
  12. E

    Drive not being recognised

    I tried to put a old hard drive from an old computer to a new computer but it is saying there is no operating system. The hard drive does have an operating system (windows 7) I don't know why it is not working please help